Winner's Curry

As per Wikipedia ” Curry is a dish originating in the cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The common feature is the incorporation of complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. ”

You must have seen Winner’s Curry when you visit our website and we can’t blame you for wondering why did Mockbank – your favorite institute in bank exam coaching decided to enter the food business? Well to be very clear we aren’t opening any restaurants any time soon. Winners Curry is not a dish for your stomach, on the quite contrary it is for your brain. Just like the original curry is a mixture of different spices to get your taste buds rocking, winners curry is composed of wonderful ingredients to keep your brain neurons sharp and like its name suggests, to make you a winner in various competitive/ bank exams.

So what Winner’s Curry is composed of:

Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, Computer Knowledge, Verbal Ability

Ingredient 1 : General Knowledge (GK) Updates


GK Updates, generally referred to as Current Affairs by our banking exam aficionados are the proteins of this curry. They juice up the brain, and they kick in when you have just 15 mins left in the exam. Just as a daily dose of proteins acts as building blocks for your muscles and fuel to function throughout the day, your daily dose of GK Updates help you attempt almost all the questions of General Knowledge section in a maximum of 10 minutes. Less time best result. Since we are always advised to take our proteins in the morning, our crispy and fresh breakfast GK updates will be the first thing in morning you’ll see and will keep you updated with the latest news and happenings in the following categories: Awards and Honours, Banking and Finance, Books and Authors, Business and Economy, Capitals and Currency, Days and Dates, Famous Personalities and Places, Films and Entertainment, Geography, Governance, History, National and International Affairs, Science and Technology and Sports. All the information relevant to your competitive exams, read them daily and be confident about scoring a lot of marks in gk section.

Ingredient 2: Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.


These are the carbohydrates of winner’s curry. Just like carbohydrates are known to provide the POWER to run our internal systems , Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning are the sections which provide you most of the marks in the main exam. They take the maximum amount of time but if you manage to answer them correctly  you clear the exam, its as simple as that. Now we generally take our carbohydrates in the afternoon. Hence we will present you our hot, spicy and loaded Quantitative/Reasoning questions and concepts in lunch update. One concept will be chosen daily and a variety of questions pertaining to that concept will be asked in the post. You will have to put your smart hat on, identify the problems, understand the concepts and finally solve them. It would be great if you comment your answers, check other candidates answers, ask any questions and see the solutions in video format by subject experts. In these posts we will strive to cover one concept daily which are asked in competitive exams to boost your confidence and take your exam preparation to the next level.

Ingredient 3:  Verbal Ability and Computer Knowledge


They are the Vitamins of Winners Curry. We all the know the importance of various vitamins to keep our different body systems running. In an exact same way Verbal Ability and Computer Knowledge sections are of vital importance to increase your rank in competitive exams. With regular practice they come become easy to master, take less time in the examination and solving them doesn’t messes up our brain systems. You’ll be provided with either of light, healthy Verbal ability and Computer Knowledge questions in our evening posts. Read them daily, increase your reading speed and knowledge , ask your fellow candidates their take on the questions and also checkout the solutions by english and computer experts.

These components of winner’s curry makes you the winner in any competitive exam you are attempting. Visit our bulletin daily or just leave your email with us to receive these posts in your inbox in the morning.

We have been taught to share our curry with friends and family. After all it increases the joy. So get the joy of sharing and good karma by sharing Winner’s Curry updates with everyone you know.