What to do a Day Before and the Day of the SSC CGL Exam

SSC CGL Exam Analysis and Decent Attempts

What to do a Day Before Exam and the Day of the SSC CGL Exam.

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What to do a Day Before Exam : SSC CGL Tier 1

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam will be held from 27th August 2016 onwards. Below is the plan of what you should be doing now before the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.

The Days before the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

Review, Don’t Cram. If you have been preparing and reviewing in the weeks before the exam, there’s no need to cram a few days before the exam. Cramming is likely to confuse you and make you nervous. Instead, schedule a relaxed review of all that you have learned.

Physical Activity

Get some exercise in the days preceding the test. You’ll send some extra oxygen to your brain and allow your thinking performance to peak on the day you take the test.

Balanced Diet

Like your body, your brain needs the proper nutrients to function well. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the days before the test.


Get plenty of sleep the nights before you take the test. Go to bed at a reasonable time, early enough to get the number of hours you need to function effectively.

Trial Run

At some point before you take the test, make a trial run to the testing center to see how long it takes you to get there.


Plan some sort of celebration—with family or friends, or just by yourself—for after the test. Make sure it’s something you’ll really look forward to and enjoy.

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What to do a Day on Exam Day: SSC CGL Tier 1

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Day

It’s finally here, the day of the big test. Set your alarm early enough to allow plenty of time to get to the testing center. Eat a good breakfast. Avoid anything that’s really high in sugar, such as donuts.

Take the Test One Question at a Time

Focus all your attention on the one question you’re answering.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Keep reminding yourself that you’re prepared. Tell yourself:

■ “I’m doing just fine.”

■ “I’ve prepared for this test.”.

If You Freeze 

Don’t worry about a question that stumps you even though you’re sure you know the answer.  If you freeze before you even begin the test, here’s what to do:

  • Do some deep breathing to help yourself relax and focus.
  • Remind yourself that you’re prepared.
  • Decide which ones are the easiest and start there.

Don’t Rush

Keep moving, but don’t rush. Think of your mind as a seesaw. On one side is your emotional energy. On the other side is your intellectual energy.

Check Yourself

Check yourself at the halfway mark. If you’re a little ahead, you know you’re on track and may even have a little time left to check your work.

Avoiding Errors

When you take the test, you want to make as few errors as possible in the questions you answer. Here are a few tactics to keep in mind.

Choosing the Right Answers by Process of Elimination 

Make sure you understand what the question is asking. If you’re not sure of what’s being asked, you’ll never know whether you’ve chosen the right answer.

Friends this is it for What to do a Day Before Exam and the Day of the SSC CGL Exam Tier 1 Exam. Feel free to ask us any queries or questions you have in the comments section below and we will have our expert answer them for you.

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