Weekly GK Quiz

Weekly GK Quiz Capsule with PDF for helping you crack the general awareness section of all ongoing and upcoming competitive exams.

Weekly GK Quiz Capsule : May 29th – June 4th

  1. Who is the first Indian to win gold in International fencing tournament?
A.    Mamta Patel
B.     Sheetal Xaxa
C.     Naina Devi
D.    Sarah Jane
E.     C.A Bhavani Devi


  1. Where is World’s largest telescope being constructed?
A.    Chile
B.     India
C.     Japan
D.    USA
E.     Russia


  1. Which state celebrated two days annual summer yelagiri festival?
A.    Uttar Pradesh
B.     Tamil Naidu
C.     Rajasthan
D.    Gujarat
E.     Manipur


  1. Pench National Park is located in which state of India?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     Madhya Pradesh
C.     Uttar Pardesh
D.    Assam
E.     Kerala


  1. Which city has launched India’s first multi model electric vehicle project?
A.    Jodhpur
B.     Bangalore
C.     New Delhi
D.    Nagpur
E.     Jaipur


  1. Laura Biagiotti, the famous fashion designer, hailed from which country?
A.    Nauru
B.     Sweden
C.     Russia
D.    Italy
E.     China


  1. 2017 G Summit is being organized in which country?
A.    Italy
B.     Swden
C.      Norway
D.    India
E.     None of the Above


  1. Who is the Prime Minister of Mauritius?
A.    Shri Srinivasan
B.     Amul Thapar
C.     Pravind Kumar Jugnauth
D.    Anerood Jagunath
E.     Devesh Vyas


  1. Which Indian monument has made its place in the world’s top 10 TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice awards for Landmarks?
A.    Hawa Mahal
B.     Taj Mahal
C.     Kutub Minar
D.    Ajanta Caves
E.     Jodhpur Fort


  1. 2017 FICCI Smart Policing Award has been bagged by which city Police?
A.    Nagpur City Police
B.     Mumabi City Police
C.     Pune City Police
D.    Surat City Police
E.     Jaipur City Police


  1. Jitu Rai is associated with which sports?
A.    Swimming
B.     Squash
C.     Archery
D.    Football
E.     Shooting


  1. Which State tourism has bagged the ‘Best Destination for Romance’ at the Lonely Planet Magazine Indian Travel Awards 2017?
A.    Sikkim
B.     Kashmir
C.     Rajasthan
D.    Kerala
E.     Karnatka


  1. Which city is hosting The Indo Thailand HADR “Siam Bharat 17” ?
A.    Chiang Mai
B.     Bangkok
C.     Pai
D.    Surat Thani
E.     None of the Above


  1. 2017 Asian Junior Tennis Championship is being hosted by which state of India?
A.    Bihar
B.     Uttar Pradesh
C.     Maharashtra
D.    Haryana
E.     Madhya Pradesh


  1. World Street Food Congress (WSFC17) is being organized in which country?
A.    United States
B.     Afghanistan
C.     Indonesia
D.    Philippines
E.     Brail


  1. Who has been appointed as new Secretary of International Fertilizer Association?
A.    Anurag Tripathy
B.     Rakesh Kapoor
C.     Sania Nishtar
D.    Sameer Vasisth
E.     Rajan Verma


  1. KPS Gill, who was known for rooting out militancy from Punjab, was belonged to which state?
A.    Punjab
B.     Haryana
C.     Himachal Pradesh
D.    Rajasthan
E.     West Bengal


  1. When was European Southern Observatory established?
A.    1948
B.     1949
C.     1962
D.    1944
E.     1945


  1. Who is the author of the famous book “Mann Ki Baat: A Social Revolution on Radio”?
A.    Alexander Zverev
B.     Rajesh Jain
C.     Gerland Posner
D.    Deepak Nayyar
E.     Vikas Swarup


  1. India has signed ’Agreement on Maritime Security’ with which country?
A.    Canada
B.     Pakistan
C.     Mauritius
D.    Bangkok
E.     Egypt


  1. Who bagged the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix championship?
A.    Sebastian Vettel
B.     Kimi Raikkonen
C.     Jenson Button
D.    Fernando Alonso
E.     Daniel Ricciardo


  1. Gregg Allaman, who passed away recently, was a famous.
A.    Poet
B.     Musician
C.     Actor
D.    Athlete
E.     Director


  1. What is the name of Indian scholar who has been selected to represent India as young journalist at the global Football for Friendship (F4F) social programme?
A.    Ananya Kamboj
B.     Ena Pamecha
C.     Ritu Kalra
D.    Ishan Patel
E.     Harbi Mathew


  1. Who is representing India at the 2017 Little Miss Universe competition?
A.    Rajeshwari Singh
B.     Menka Kapoor
C.     Uttara Rishi
D.    Padmalaya Nanda
E.     Kriti Tak


  1. Which city is hosting the 2017 Little Miss Universe beauty pageant competition?
A.    Georgia
B.     Brazil
C.     New Delhi
D.    Bejing
E.     New York


  1. Which country is hosting the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships (WTTC)?
A.    Nauru
B.     Sweden
C.     Russia
D.    Germany
E.     China


  1. According to 2017 Asia Pacific Tax Complexity Survey conducted by Deloitte, which country has the most complex tax jurisdiction in Asia-Pacific, as per?
A.    South Africa
B.     Norway
C.      India
D.    China
E.     USA


  1. Who has been honoured with the 2016 Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar?
A.    Shri Srinivasan
B.     Amul Thapar
C.     Satyabrata Rout
D.    Ajay Mertia
E.     Devesh Vyas


  1. India’s GDP growth forecast for FY 18, as per World Bank (WB)’s latest report “India Development Report” is .
A.    7.3%
B.     7.2%
C.     8.2%
D.    8.3%
E.     7.1%


  1. When was International Day of UN peacemakers observed?
A.    May 30
B.     May 31
C.     May 29
D.    May 15
E.     May 20


31. Bhaichung Bhutia associated with which sports?


A.    Swimming
B.     Squash
C.     Archery
D.    Football
E.     Basketball


  1. 2017 Badminton Sudirman Cup has been bagged up by which country?
A.    Egypt
B.     India
C.     Belgium
D.    China
E.     South Korea


  1. Who won the 2016-17 German Cup Tournamnet?


A.    Christian Pulisic
B.     Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
C.     Ousmane Dembele
D.    Eintracht Frankfurt
E.     Borussia Dortmund


  1. Which village in Manipur has been declared as Biodiversity Heritage Site?
A.    Imphal East
B.     Dailong
C.     Chandel
D.    Senapati
E.     Thoubal


  1. New Glass frog species has been discovered in which country?
A.    Ecuador
B.     Afganistan
C.     Indonesia
D.    India
E.     Brazil


  1. Which app has been launched to fight against ragging ?
A.    Stop Ragging App
B.     No Ragging App
C.     Anti Ragging App
D.    Say No Ragging App
E.     Helpline App


  1. Which famous bollywood actor is leading the “Darwaza Band” campaign for promotion of toilet usage across the country?
A.    Vivek Oberoi
B.     Salman Khan
C.     Sushant Rajput
D.    Amitabh Bachan
E.     Abhishek Bachan


  1. Who is the mew Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia?
A.    MA Zaki
B.     Najma Heptulla
C.     Talat Ahmad
D.    Meeran Haider
E.     Rajak Haider


  1. Who is the author of the famous book “How Sachin Destroyed my Life”?
A.    Alexander Zverev
B.     Solomon Northup Pirates
C.     Gerland Posner
D.    Deepak Nayyar
E.     Vikram Sathaye


  1. Which Actress will be awarded Dada Sahib Phalke Award for ‘International Acclaimed Actress Award’ category?
A.    Katrina Kaif
B.     Priyanka Chopra
C.     Alia Bhatt
D.    Sushmita Sen
E.     Lara Dutta


  1. Love Raj Singh the first Indian to scale Mt. Everest 6 times belongs to which state?
A.    Zharkand
B.     Uttrakhand
C.     Rajasthan
D.    Arunachal Pradesh
E.     Bihar


  1. Which film has bagged the Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes film festival?
A.    The Square
B.     The River
C.     The Sand
D.    The Ocean
E.     Wind River


  1. “Soil to Soil” technology to manufacture bio fuel has been invented by scientist of which IIT?
A.    IIT Indore
B.     IIT Kharagpur
C.     IIT Mumbai
D.    IIT Jodhpur
E.     IIT Chennai


  1. Amul has signed MoU with which organization for fodder acreage assessment using satellite observation and space technology?
A.    ISRO
B.     NASA
C.     Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
D.    Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
E.     Satish Dhawan Space Centre



  1. Prasar Bharati has signed MoU with which country’s public broadcasting agency to step up cooperation in the broadcasting sector?
A.    USA
B.     Brazil
C.     Morocco
D.    Bejing
E.     Switzerland


  1. The first-ever women television channel “Zan TV” has launched in which country?
A.    Nauru
B.     Sweden
C.     Afganistan
D.    Germany
E.     China


  1. Which city will host the India Mobile Congress 2017 which is scheduled to hold in September?
A.    Mumbai
B.     Nagpur
C.     New Delhi
D.    Chennai
E.     Pune


  1. India signed 12 agreements with which nation on issues like trade, skill development, cyber security and terrorism?
A.    England
B.     China
C.     Japan
D.    Germany
E.     Norway


  1. RBI is all set to issue which denomination note?
A.    Re. 1
B.     Re.2
C.     Re.5
D.    Re.11
E.     None of the Above


  1. When is World Tobacco Day observed?
A.    May 30
B.     May 31
C.     May 29
D.    May 15
E.     May 20


51. Which state government has risen retirement age of doctors to 62?


A.    Bihar
B.     Uttar Pradesh
C.     Andhra Pradesh
D.    Haryana
E.     Rajasthan


  1. Which Indian cricketer has bagged a position in top 10 ICC ODI Rankings?
A.    M S Dhoni
B.     Shikhar Dhawan
C.     Rohit Sharma
D.    Virat Kohli
E.     Amit Mishra


  1. Who has been appointed as Vice-Chairman of National Commission for Minorities?


A.    Christian Pulisic
B.     George Kurian
C.     Sulekha Kumbhare
D.    Eintracht Frankfurt
E.     Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi


  1. Which state has banned use if plastic bags below 50 microns?
A.    Jodhpur
B.     Nagaland
C.     Goa
D.    Panji
E.     Mumbai


  1. India has signed a agreement on defence cooperation with which country?
A.    Ecuador
B.     Afganistan
C.     Indonesia
D.    India
E.     Fiji


  1. Which country has successfully tested its defence system against an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)?
A.    India
B.     USA
C.     China
D.    Fiji
E.     Finland


  1. Which city has launched bicycle patrolling for better policing?
A.    Indore
B.     Kharagpur
C.     New Delhi
D.    Udaipur
E.     Agra


  1. Which state cabinet has decided to bring in new law declaring all strikes and blockades as illegal?
A.    Haryana
B.     Uttar Pradesh
C.     Uttrakhand
D.    Manipur
E.     Rajasthan


  1. Dasari Narayana Rao the famous director belonged to which film industry of India?
A.    Gujarati Film Industry
B.     Tamil Film Industry
C.     Telgu Film Industry
D.    Hindi Film Industry
E.     Rajasthani Film Industry


  1. In which year was Space Application Centre established?
A.    1972
B.     1973
C.     1974
D.    1975
E.     1976


  1. Who among the following recently resigned from the post of BCCI administrator?
A.    Anurag Thakur
B.     Ramachandra Ghua
C.     Vinod Rai
D.    Vikram Limaye
E.     Diana Edulji


  1. Union Ministry of Earth Sciences will launch its “Deep Ocean Mission” by which year?
A.    2017
B.     2019
C.     2018
D.    2020
E.     2021


  1. GSLV-Mk III will be launched by ISRO on which date?
A.    June 2
B.     June 3
C.     June 4
D.    June 5
E.     June 1


  1. What is India’s growth percentage in 2016-17 according to Ministry of Statistics?
A.    7.1%
B.     8.1%
C.     7.2%
D.    8.2%
E.     7.3%



  1. Konstantinos Mitsotakis was the former Prime Minister of which country
A.    USA
B.     Brazil
C.     Greece
D.    Bejing
E.     Switzerland


  1. Asian Development Bank has given a $ 100 million loan to which Indian bank to Finance solar roof top projects in India?
A.    HDFC
B.     ICICI
C.     SBI
D.    PNB
E.     BoB


  1. Who is the author of book Beren and Lúthie?
A.    JRR Tolkein
B.     Alan Lee
C.     Christopher Tolkien
D.    Peter Jackson
E.     Garth


  1. Which country has launched “Michibiki No 2” satellite to build a home-grown précised GPS system?
A.    England
B.     China
C.     Japan
D.    Germany
E.     Norway


  1. G Parmeshwara resigned from the dsignation of home minister of which state?
A.    Telangana
B.     Kerala
C.     Maharashtra
D.    Manipur
E.     Karnataka


  1. Who has been appointed as a public policy fellow to a Washington-based think-tank?
A.    Nandita Dutta
B.     Arundhati Roy
C.     Nirupama Rao
D.    Megha Pathkar
E.     Barkha Dutt


71. “Mahaswayam portal” has been launched by which state to help job seekers and employers?


A.    Bihar
B.     Uttar Pradesh
C.     Andhra Pradesh
D.    Maharashtra
E.     Rajasthan


  1. When is Global Day of Parents observed?
F.      May 31
G.    June 1
H.    June 2
I.       June 5
J.       May 30


  1. “Himachal Pradesh Public Financial Management Capacity Building Program”will be developed at an expense of


A.    USD 30 Million
B.     USD 35 Million
C.     USD 36 Million
D.    USD 40 Million
E.     USD 38 Million


  1. Which famous cricket player nation has not qualified for the ICC Champions trophy 2017?
A.    West Indies
B.     Australia
C.     South Africa
D.    Pakistan
E.     Bangladesh


  1. SEBI has approved which two telecom companies’ merger?
A.    Airtel & Vodafone
B.     Airtel & Telenor
C.     Hutch & Vodafone
D.    Tata Docomo & Airtel
E.     None of the above


  1. Which country is hosting the 2017 SCO summit scheduled to hold in June?
A.    India
B.     USA
C.     China
D.    Kazakhstan
E.     Finland


  1. Which state of India will have country’s first Early Warning Dissemination System for disasters?
A.    Madhya Pradesh
B.     Odisha
C.     New Delhi
D.    Rajasthan
E.     Chennai


  1. Which state has launched “T-Wallet” for people to make public and private financial transactions?
A.    Haryana
B.     Uttar Pradesh
C.     Uttrakhand
D.    Telangana
E.     Rajasthan


  1. Who has been appointed as new economic affairs secretary?
A.    Tapan Ray
B.     Shaktikanta Das
C.     Ravi Shankar
D.    Sandeepan Das
E.     Vijay Kumar


  1. In which year was Securities and Exchange Board of India established?
A.    1972
B.     1973
C.     1974
D.    1975
E.     1988


  1. Manika Batra and Mouma Das are famous for which sport?
A.    Cricket
B.     Swimming
C.     Badminton
D.    Table Tennis
E.     Lawn Tennis


  1. What is the name of Indian American student who won the 90th Spelling Bee contest?
A.    Ananya Vinay
B.     Rohan Rajeev
C.     Ruhi Jain
D.    Shelja Shri
E.     None of them


  1. Which Indian company bagged the 2017 Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Award?
A.    Indian trade promotion organization
B.     Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
C.     Indian Space Research Organization
D.    National Assessment and Accreditation Council
E.     Babha Atomic Research Centre


  1. Who is the new President of Serbia?
A.    Aleksandar Vucic
B.     Tomislav Nikolic
C.     Lucia Vucic
D.    Aleksander Nikolic
E.     Dragon Vinci



  1. Which nation has announced to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Accord?
A.    USA
B.     Brazil
C.     Greece
D.    Bejing
E.     Switzerland


  1. What is the India’s place in the 2017 Global Peace Index, as per global think tank Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)?
A.    111
B.     141
C.     181
D.    137
E.     130


  1. Punjab government has decided to tie up with which UN organization to intensify Anti Drug movement?
A.    World Health Organization
B.     International Development Organization
C.     United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
D.    Food and Agriculture Organization
E.     Former Specialized Agencies


  1. India has inked an agreement on cultural exchange for a period of 2017-19 with which country??
A.    England
B.     China
C.     Japan
D.    Germany
E.     Russia


  1. Where is headquarter of National Assessment and Accreditation Council situated ?
A.    Mumbai
B.     Chennai
C.     Pune
D.    Sikkim
E.     Bangalore


  1. Parvathama Rajkumar was the famous personality of which stream?
A.    Sports
B.     Music
C.     Films
D.    Politics
E.     Dance


91. S. Abdul Rahman, was the famous poet of which language?

A.    Tamil
B.     Hindi
C.     Telgu
D.    Kannad
E.     Rajasthani


  1. When was World Milk Day Observed?
A.    May 31
B.     June 1
C.     June 2
D.    June 5
E.     May 30


  1. Miroslav Lajcak hails from which country?
A.    Fiji
B.     Norway
C.     Slovakia
D.    Japan
E.     China


  1. Which nation has announced to launch T20 Global League?
A.    West Indies
B.     Australia
C.     South Africa
D.    Pakistan
E.     Bangladesh


  1. What is the name of upgraded version of INAM-Pro web portal?
A.    INAM – ++
B.     INAM –Pro-+
C.     INAM-Pro ++
D.    INAM-Pro Advance
E.     None of the above


  1. Haryana Government has approved extension of Delhi Metro from Delhi to which city?
A.    Sonepat
B.     Ambala
C.     Hisar
D.    Jind
E.     Jhajjar


  1. ICMR stands for?
A.    Indian Centre of Medical Research
B.     International Council of Medical Research
C.     Indian Council of Massice Research
D.    International Council of Medical Research
E.     Indian Council of Medical Research


  1. Who is the author of famous book “The New World”?
A.    Vikram Seth
B.     Amrita Pritam
C.     Chetan Bhagat
D.    Amit Chaudhri
E.     E M Foster


  1. What is the name of newly appointed Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India?
A.    Tapan Ray
B.     S Ganesh Kumar
C.     Ravi Shankar
D.    Sandeepan Das
E.     Vijay Kumar


  1. In which year was Bombay Stock Exchange established?
A.    1872
B.     1873
C.     1874
D.    1875
E.     1888

Weekly GK Quiz: Answers and Explanations

Explanation Answers
India’s C.A Bhavani Devi has become first Indian to win a Gold Medal in an international fencing tournament. She has won the gold medal in the sabre event of the Turnoi Satellite Fencing Championship held at Reykjavik in Iceland. 1.      E
Construction works for building Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) has commenced in Chile. After completion, the Extremely Large Telescope will become the world’s largest optical telescope which will be five times larger than the top observing instruments that are in use today. 2.      A
The two-day annual Yelagiri Summer Festival was celebrated  in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. The festival was marked by cultural programmes by students as well as professional artists. 3.      B
Pench National Park is also known as “Mowgli Land”. It is located in Madhya Pradesh. Tigers are the most dominant species of this park, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Barking Deer are some of the other attractions. With more than 170 species of birds, this park has also become one of the best places for birdwatchers. 4.      B
India’s first multi-modal electric vehicle project has been inaugurated at the Nagpur Airport Complex to promote eco-friendly transport. With this, Nagpur became the first city in India to have electric mass mobility system with a fleet of 200 electric vehicles, including taxis, buses, e-rickshaw and autos. 5.      D
Laura Biagiotti was an Italian fashion designer who conquered global markets. She passed away recently in Rome, Italy.She was the first Italian designer to put on a fashion show in China, presenting dresses and blouses in silk and cashmere. 6.      D
The 43rd edition of G7 summit was organised at Taorminain Sicily, Italy . The 2017 G7 summit was the first summit for British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and U.S. President Donald Trump. The G7 members are Italy, Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. 7.      A
Pravind Kumar Jugnauth MP Esq. is a Mauritian politician who is Prime Minister of Mauritius, in office since 2017, and also holds another portfolio as Minister of Finance. 8.      C
Taj Mahal has been ranked as the 5th most popular landmark in the world and 2nd in Asia, according to the online travel portal TripAdvisor’s ‘Travellers’ Choice Awards for Landmarks. 9.      B
The Pune city police have won the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) Smart Police Award for the year 2017 for their initiatives on women and cyber security. 10.  C
Jitu Rai is an Indian shooter of Indian Gorkha ethnic group who competes in the 10 metre air pistol and 50 metre pistol events. Government of India announced Khel Ratna Award for him in 2016 11.  E
The Kerala Tourism has won the ‘Best Destination for Romance’ for Munnar hill station by the magazine ‘Lonely Planet’ at its 6th edition of ‘India Travel Award 2017’ in Mumbai on May 25. The hilly Munnar town in Idukki district is famous for its romantic cottages, cloudy mountains, lively tea gardens, green valleys and the soothing background sound of waterfalls. 12.  D
The Indo-Thailand Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) “Siam Bharat 17” table top exercise has held at Chiang Mai, Thailand from May 22 to 26 May 2017 between the Indian Air Force and Royal Thailand Air Force (RTAF). 13.  A
The 2017 HCL Asian Junior Tennis Championship will be hosted by Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune, Maharashtra from May 29. The tournament is the most reputed tennis championship in the Asian circuit for the under 18 category. The championship is being held in association with the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association and under the aegis of the International Tennis Federation (ITF); Asian Tennis Federation (ATF); and All India Tennis Association (AITA). 14.  C
The 2017 World Street Food Congress (WSFC) will be held in Manila, Philippines from May 31 to June 4, 2017 with theme “Re-Imagine Possibilities”. In the fest industry’s global movers and shakers, leaders and innovators, entrepreneurs, chefs, street vendors, and food aficionados come together to share ideas, development and opportunities in a collaborative environment. The Bihari delicacy litti choka will represent India in the international food festival. Litti Choka is a two-dish combination which is wheat baked balls stuffed with roasted spices and Chokha a mixture of roasted potato tomatoes onions with garlic chillies among others. 15.  D
Rakesh Kapur, Joint Managing Director of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has been elected as the new Chairman of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) at the 2017 IFA annual conference in Marrakech, Morocco. 16.  B
Kanwar Pal Singh Gill (82), the former Director General of Police (DGP) of Punjab, has recently passed away in Delhi on May 26, 2017. He was known for rooting out Sikh militancy from Punjab. During Indira Gandhi tenure, Gill mounted ‘Operation Black Thunder’, a critical success in the war against terrorism. 17.  A
Established in 1962, European Southern Observatory is a 16 nation intergovernmental research organization for ground based astronomy. Its observatories are situated in Chile. It has built and operated many technologically advanced telescopes like New Technology Telescope. 18.  C
The book “Mann Ki Baat: a social revolution on radio” is a compilation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s addresses to the nation on radio every month under the programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’. It contains a comprehensive, qualitative and academic analysis of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ – the themes, the choice of topics, the salient features. 19.  B
India and Mauritius have signed four agreements after delegation-level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Kumar Jugnauth in New Delhi.Both the countries have agreed that effective management of conventional and non-conventional threats in Indian Ocean is sine qua non for pursuing economic opportunities. India and Mauritius agreed to keep a vigil against piracy, humans and drugs trafficking as well as illegal fishing and other forms of illegal exploitation of marine resources. 20.  C


The above Weekly GK Quiz has been compiled by Sagrika Mehta.

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