Vocaublary words for today: 5 words,Vocabulary Words for English Language/Verbal section,

Vocabulary Words for English Language/Verbal section

  • We have started posting a video of 5 vocabulary words along with their meaning and pronunciation.
  • your task would be to checkout those words, pronounce them correctly, understand their meaning and finally come up with sentences and statements which contains those words and convey their meaning.
  • Comment your original sentences in the comments section below.
  • The reason we are encouraging you to do that is because the key to improving vocabulary is using new and difficult words in your own sentences as you tend to remember the meaning once you have used it.
  • You can also see how other candidates have used those words in their sentences and improve your word recall.
  • After this you should use these sentences and words while talking to people. Even if you use the word once while talking to a person, you would realize that your vocabulary is increasing swiftly.


  • Don’t forget to use at least 5-7  words from the above list in sentences of your own and write them in the comments section below. It will also help us evaluate whether you have used the words properly or not.
  • Folks, if you are really serious about improving your English, you start here. Don’t be afraid or shy in writing the sentences because of your fear of not writing proper English. Its good to commit mistakes now rather than in the exam. Always remember