UPSC Civil Services Prelims

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2016

UPSC Civil Services Prelims

Civil Services Exam , more popularly known as the IAS exam will be held on August 7, 2016. Here are last minute tips for aspirants that will prove beneficial to their overall performance.

Last Revision

By now , most of your revision must be over.  But in case there are still aspects of the syllabus that have not been revised (owing to the hefty syllabus), make sure to give them a thorough and focussed reading before the exam. Also , the parts of syllabus which are statistical and factual in nature like Economic Data, Various Indicators, Historical Dates, Organisations, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Parks, formulas (for paper 2) etc. need to be read one last time.

Paper I

A lot of aspirants indulge in the practice of keeping a pre-assumed cut off for themselves before the exam and stick to it while attempting the paper. Now this is not recommended. First of all, you’ll end up over attempting or under attempting questions in the exam owing to the ‘cutoff’ that you have kept for yourself. All you have to do is to concentrate, understand the questions really well, attempt the questions logically. All the questions you are 100% sure of, attempt them. The questions you’re 90% sure of , make informed guesses. The rest , leave them. Try and avoid negative marking as much as possible.

Paper II

Do not commit the mistake of practicing questions for General Studies Paper 2 at this hour. Memorizing of formulas for solving questions will do you more harm than good. Whatever has been prepared by you till now, stick to it. Enhance your performance in the exam by concentrating on the aspects that you’re good at and which will help you to score well.

Mock Papers

Do not practice any last minute mock tests and previous year papers at this crucial time. Practising from them and analysing your mistakes was expected to be stopped a month ago. At this point in time, just utilize your mental acumen in remembering all the things that you have been studying with so much dedication throughout your preparation.

Peace of Mind

The nature of Civil Services exam is such that it builds pressure on aspirants. Even the most calm individuals tend to lose their peace of mind a few days before the exam and start panicking. But you have got to remain composed. The composure before the exam will help you in focussing more in the exam. You will not only understand the questions well but also be able to attempt them in the given time i.e two hours. This will lead to a good performance over all and you’ll get closer to qualifying UPSC Civil Services Prelims.

Remember that no matter how many months you’ve invested in preparing for Civil Services, if you are unable to give your best in the two hours of the exam, it won’t be worth it. So remain confident and give your best.

All the best 🙂

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  1. I read that *only* “Black Pen” must be used to mark OMR sheet.
    Btw, I am first timer, Is it allowed to write on question paper? For Eg, can I mark answers (for my reference) on the question paper itself before dotting on OMR sheet?

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