UIIC AO JOB PROFILE Salary Probation, Guarantee Bond

UIIC AO Job Profile and Salary

The AO exam of UIIC conducted by IBPS is around the corner and there have been many questions regarding UIIC AO Job Profile And Salary.

UIIC AO Job Profile And Salary

The major question among the aspirants is ‘What is the job profile/role of UIIC AO’. Before we give the answer to that we shall first know about UIIC as an organisation. This will help you get a better understanding of the role of UIIC Administrative Officer and also UIIC AO Job Profile And Salary.

United India Insurance as an Organisation:

  • United India Insurance Company (UIIC) has more than seven decades of experience in Non-life Insurance business.
  • It is headquartered at Chennai.
  • The Chairman and CEO of UIIC is Mr.Milind Kharat.
  • It has been in the forefront of designing and implementing complex covers to large customers like ONGC ,Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, Mumbai International Airport etc.
  • It has been also the pioneer in taking Insurance to rural masses with large level implementation of Universal Health Insurance Programs of Government.

UIIC AO Job Profile:

The Work of an UIIC AO is centered around executing administrative tasks such as:

  • Devising New schemes.
  • Inspecting various policies.
  • Interacting with Clients.
  • Filing and Management of Claims.
  • Inter-Department Communications w.r.t to schemes and policies.
  • Executing various intangible tasks as directed by Manager. (AO or BM).
  • If you are posted as AO Specialist, you would be posted in a specific department within the organization viz. Finance, Legal,Marketing, Sales, Claims etc as specified above.

UIIC AO Service Conditions

The service conditions in UIIC are as applicable to all government owned companies. The Posts are permanent in nature and you might be transferred to anywhere in India, as required by the company.

Probation Period

If selected for the post of Administrative Officer (Scale-I), you will under probation period for one year which may be extended twice by a further period of six months at a time stretching upto a maximum of one year. The probation period is the initial period of your employment, a “trial period”, during which the company carefully considers whether you are able to meet the standards and expectations of the job and if you should be retained by UIIC as a “regular” employee.

UIIC AO Guarantee Bond

Before you can join UIIC as an AO on probation, you will be required to give an undertaking to serve the Company for a minimum period of four years including probationary period. If you resign from UIIC during the probationary period, you shall be liable to pay the salary received by you during your entire service in UIIC in addition to an amount of Rs. 25000/- towards partial cost of training.

UIIC AO Salary: Monthly Emoluments

  • As an UIIC AO you will receive a basic pay of Rs 32795 per month.
  • The scale of pay is Rs.32795-1610(14)-55335-1745(4)-62315
  • You will be entitled to receive other admissible allowances as per rules.
  • The total emoluments after adding allowances at the minimum of the scale inclusive of House Rent Allowance & City Compensatory Allowance will be approximately Rs 48,000/- per month in Metro city.


The perks of being a UIIC AO are Defined Contributory Pension, Special Allowance for passing Actuarial Examination, Gratuity, LTC, Cash Medical Benefit, Group Mediclaim, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Insurance , Vehicle Loan (2- wheeler/4 wheeler) as per rules.

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Friends, this is it for UIIC AO Job Profile and Salary. If you have any queries regarding UIIC AO Job Profile, Salary, Guarantee Bond or Probation Period please drop them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.


  1. Sir, I am selected as assistant in UIIC and as clerk in UCO bank, and I’m confused between the two. Although I want to prepare for other exams after joining any of these but still in any case if I’m unable to clear any other exam in future, then which among these two will be better to join as in terms of promotions and work life balance.

  2. Role may vary as per the nature of posting you get.
    Interview will mainly focus on your personal profile and topics related to your field of engineering

  3. Sir, what would be the role of an electrical engineer in UIIC as AO (specialist).. How will be the interview? I mean what type of questions can we expect from the panel ? Thanks in advance

  4. Separate classroom training is only for a few weeks.
    Rest of the time, you will be posted in the normal UIIC Offices

  5. Hi, Is there separate training centers for newly recruited UIIC AOs during probation period OR newly recruited UIIC AOs get posted at any one of the UIIC offices in india during probation period?
    Thanks in advance.


  7. Thanks for the reply Sir, it was really helpful. Mockbank and you has always proved very helpful to the students like me. What I have understood from your reply is, “a person who has joined public enterprise, like Union Bank of India, and is serving the bond duration, can join any other central government/state government/quassi government/public enterprise, provided he will serve the remaining bond period in that new organisation.” Am I getting it right Sir. One more things which I wanted to ask is that can you provide any supporting document/reputed website link/case study regarding this. Because I think no organisation would like its employee leaving its organisation, hence they might not declare this provision, try to hide this provision, or may not abide by this provision, because they have spend on its employee and in return expect productivity of employee. So, as an employee how can we tackle such situation, on getting selected in better profile. Can we challenge them legally.

  8. Amandeep

    The bond executed by employees of the Public Enterprises, who have received scientific/technical training at the cost of Public Enterprises and have applied through proper channel during the currency of the bond join Central Govt./State Govt. services or take up employment under quasi-government organizations or any other public enterprise either on the basis of competition examinations/tests/interviews organized by those organizations or the Union Public Service Commission should not be enforced subject to the condition that a fresh bond is taken to ensure that the employee serves the new employer for the balance of the original bond period.

    Still better you confirm it with Union Bank as final decision will be on their discretion

  9. If one got selected in other gov organisation and he or she currently working In psu or gov organisation so will bond transfer in that case

  10. Sir, can you please explain this point of ‘bond transfer’. Actually I have been selected as an IT Officer Scale-I in Union Bank of India, in which I have to sign a bond amount of Rs. 2,50,000. So, if I got selected in UIIC as AO, or got selected in SSC CGL, don’t I have to pay any amount to UBI ?
    Please help me Sir with this issue.

  11. Shashank and Adesh
    Yes bonds are transferable if you switch between Govt. organizations and psu’

  12. suppose if i got selected in SBI clerk or PO or IAS officer or any other UPSC post , then my bond will going to be transfer or i have to pay ?

  13. Bonds are transferable if you switch between Govt. organizations and psu’s. So you have to pay nothing if you switch your job.

  14. If you resign from UIIC during the probationary period, you shall be liable to pay the salary received by you during your entire service in UIIC in addition to an amount of Rs. 25000/- towards partial cost of training.————– MATLAB AGAR MAIN 1 SAAL KAAM KIYA AUR MUJHE KOI AUR GOVT JOB LAG GAYI TOH MUJHE 1 SAL MAIN JITNA SALARY MILA HAI PLUS 25000 RUPESS PAY KARNA PADEGA THAT MEANS 4 LAKH 80 THOUSAND AND 25 THOUSAND EXTRA ? PLS LET ME KNOW

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