Tips to Prepare and Crack General Awareness for Banking/recruitment examinations

In this article you will get, information about different topics of General Awareness, Tips on what to prepare in current affairs, banking awareness and static GK, questions asked in previous examinations related to General Awareness, Tips on How to prepare General Awareness.

Dear MockBankers

General Awareness section has become an essential section of majority of banking/recruitment examination conducted in India. This section enables the examiner to know the level of candidate’s awareness about national and international current affairs, economies, sports etc. Essentially it checks how much is the candidate keeping up with the happenings around the world. While most exams check only your general awareness, the same section in  banking exams incorporates questions with special reference to the banking industry.

The problems with General awareness section is the range of questions is exceptionally LONG. If you have a look at any of the syllabus of recent examination, you will find that atleast 12-15 topics ranging from Current affairs to person in news are mentioned in the syllabus, making it nearly impossible for the candidate to prepare and retain all the information. There is static GK, then there are banking terms, the RBI, the budget and so on. Add to this the fact that many questions are trivial in nature, making it really tough for the candidate to answer them.

We can often find Candidates asking: “HOW DO I PREPARE FOR GENERAL AWARENESS” , or “I always miss sectional cutoff for GA, what to do”, or “Duration of Current Affairs to be studied for this exam” etc. If you find yourself asking these questions often, then read on for the ultimate guide to preparing General Awareness for any banking/recruitment examination.


The goal is set – to prepare GA section. But there is one thing about goals.  “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

And we do not just wish to prepare for GA section, we want to infact conquer it. So here’s the secret recipe of the plan to conquer GA:

  1. First, we will take a look at topics asked in General Awareness section.
  2. Then we will checkout the TIPS on how what to prepare, followed by actual questions asked in previous examinations to get an idea about the topics.
  3. Tips to prepare general awareness (no its not just about reading newspapers.)

Topics asked in General Awareness

1. Current Affairs: The biggest, meanest and the baddest of all. Following are sub topics of Current Affairs:

  • National Current Affairs
  • International Current Affairs
  • Sports Current Affairs
  • Science, Technology, Space & Defense Current Affairs
  • Current Affairs Yearbook
  • Person in News/Awards
  • Economy current affairs

TIPS on What to Prepare in Current Affairs 

  1. National Current Affairs: Focus on the following sections
    • Union and State Elections
    • Government schemes announced
    • National news: announcements by different ministries, ideation and execution of pet projects of Union Ministry
    • States in news: major announcements, initiatives and schemes undertaken by state governments.
    • Safety operations launched by union or state gov. for various Yatras and calamities.
    • First in India: First Geo thermal power plant, first village to be 100% literate, first airport fully powered by solar energy etc.
    • Lists/Ranking announced.
    • Visits by PM Modi: Country, Capital and Head of states plus any major agreement signed.
    • Union Budget
    • Schemes announced by Union as well as State governments.
    • Census data
    • India’s ranking in different indices
    • Committees
    • Religion based Census Data
  2. International Current Affairs
    • New appointments in foreign countries.
    • International countries in News: ISIS in Syria, new constitution of Nepal, Information which may be useful in Indian context about other countries, Paris attacks.
    • Summits, Discussions happening in foreign countries: SAARC, DOHA, PARIS etc.
    • International Organizations in news: UNO, G-20, OECD, G4 etc.
    • International Calamities: hurricanes, attacks, earthquakes.
  3. Sports
    • News about Cricket, Tennis, Grand Prix, athletics, Football, Shooting, Badminton, Hockey, Golf, Wrestling, Archery, Kabaddi.
    • Venues of important sports events: 1 event Past/Future Olympics, World Cups, World Championships.
    • Sports Awards: Arjun , ballon d’or etc.
    • Grand Prix venues and winners for the current year.
    • All important ‘opens’ in tennis. viz., Wimbledon, Roland Garros  etc

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  4. Science, Technology, Space & Defense Current Affairs
    • Space Agencies : ISRO, NASA, SPACE X etc
    • Recent satellite launches by ISRO.
    • PSLV, GSLV, Falcon 9 launch vehicles
    • Defense news of India and the world: Air Force, Navy , Army, Navy Seals .
    • Defense Agreements
    • Defense Exercise of different countries with India.

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  5. Current Affairs Yearbook
    • Government Schemes
    • Government Departments and their functioning.
    • Execution of projects by government.

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  6. Person in News/ Awards
    • New National and International Appointments: Banks, organisations, committees, navratan companies heads, secretaries of ministries. Private Companies in the world, Head of states of countries.
    • Obituaries: important persons who died recently.
    • Books and Authors : Famous books this year and their authors. Preferably some award winner.
    • Awards : National(Military, Bravery, filmfare etc.), International (Nobel, Oscars)
    • Incumbents holding important designations: Head of states, Defense Chiefs.
    • Movie and Entertainment

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  7. Economy Current Affairs
    • Important organisations : SEBI, RBI
    • Credit rating Agencies: National & International
    • FDI limits in different sectors
    • Schemes launched by governments related to banking and finance
    • Export and Import Items
    • RBI Monetary Review
    • Announcements made by RBI and other banks
    • Business News: Mergers Acquisitions and Buyouts.

Some questions asked from Current Affairs in previous examinations.

  • What is the budget of Mars mission of India? – 450 Crore
  • Venue of Next SAARC summit? – Islamabad
  • Where is the venue of next Hockey world cup? – India
  • Venue of next G20 Summit – Turkey
  • Shanti swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Physical Sciences 2014 -Dr.Pratap Raychaudhuri
  • SAARC summit 2014- Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nobel Prize was given to May Britt Moser and Edward Moser in which field? – Medicine

2. Banking Awareness: Divided into following sections:

  1. Banking Theory
  2. Banking Awareness

TIPS on What to Prepare in Banking Theory and Awareness 

  1. History of Banking in India: Which was the first bank to be setup in Madras province etc. Nationalisation of Banks.
  2. Organizations:RBI; NABARD; Planning Commission; 5 year plans; Finance Commission; World Bank
  3. Reserve Bank of India’s role in Indian banking system.
  4. Economic/ Financial terms & concepts: GDP; GNP; PPP; HDI; Inflation; WPI; CPI; IIP; SLR; CRR; Repo rate; Reverse Repo; Bank rate; Mutual Funds, Open Market Operations; Money supply
  5. Foreign Exchange reserves of India.
  6. Different kind of accounts and corresponding interest rates
  7. Non Banking Financial companies: Definition, Difference from bank etc.
  9. Acts, Committees & legislation: Budget 2015; Economic Survey 2015, Railway Budget 2015; Companies Bill 2013
  10. Banking services: Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank; NEFT; RTGS; Banking Correspondence
    agents;Bancassurance; Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  11. BASEL norms
  12. Financial Inclusion and various initiatives for it.
  13. Types of Markets, Money and banking instruments
  14. Reverse Mortgage Loans.
  15. Priority Sector Lending.
  16. Banking Abbreviations, terms and concepts.
  17. Headquarters of Banks

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Banking theory questions:

  • Insurance regulator in India? – IRDA
  • In FEMA,M stands for- Management
  • Full form of EMV – EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa
  • In MICR middle 3 digits represent? – Bank
  • RTGS full-form – Real Time Gross Settlement
  • MMID full form – Mobile Money Identifier
  • CBS full form – Core Banking Solution
  • ULIP full form – Unit-linked insurance plan

Banking Current affairs questions:

  • Validity of Kishan vikas patra – 100 months
  • What is the new name of MCX? – Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd’, abbreviated as ‘mSXI’
  • Payment bank working capital – 100 Crore
  • Jandhan yojna’s objective? – Financial Inclusion
  • Share of state government in RRB – 15%
  • What is the exchange date for pre 2005 Notes? – 1st Jan 2015
  • Rupay card is developed by? – NPCI

3. Static GK:

  1. Agriculture Seasons and various crops produced in India
  2. Terrorist groups
  3. White Revolutions
  4. Wildlife Sanctuaries/Parks
  5. States, Capitals and CMs
  6. Dams in India
  7. Major Fault lines in the world
  8. Festivals around the world
  9. Important rivers and towns
  10. Important Days
  11. Currencies of different countries.
  12. Famous Sportspersons

Questions asked in Static GK:

  • Vishwanathan Anand is related to? – Chess
  • What is the capital of Austria? – Vienna
  • United Nations day? – 24th October
  • Capital of Afghanistan- Kabul
  • Currency of Bhutan- Ngultrum


Tips on how to prepare General Awareness

  1. Increase your reading speed. 
  2. Read Newspapers: Yeah, Yeah. I said it’s not all about newspapers, but they hold a fair amount of importance in your general awareness preparation. If you are weak in english, try reading two newspapers. one in your native language and one in English. For better utilization of time read Economic Times.  Reading newspapers also increases your Reading Speed.
  3. Watch news for 15 mins daily for all the current happenings of the world.
  4. Create your own notes for examination.
  5. Subscribe to Online Daily current affairs.
  6. Give Online quizzes and mocks.
  7. Read Partiyogita Darpan . You can also use any other current affairs magazine like CST, Chronicle or Wizard.
    a) Focus on the 5-6 most recent issues of the magazine
    b) Focus on the following topics within the magazine:

i) News & Events
ii) Current Affairs
iii) Vividha- Compendium

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Friends, this is it for tips on General Awareness preparation for banking/recruitment examination. Hope you liked them. Please leave your comments, suggestions in the comments section below.


  1. sir, please help me to understand, If my exams (PO/Clerk) starts in september 1st , from which month to which month i have to study gk, current affairs..

  2. i read newspaper daily but its very difficult to separate the important news from unimportant ones. kindly guide me.

  3. You need to revise them Regularly.
    Make Every Sunday, your Revision Day.
    Revise whatever you studied for the Entire Week.

  4. Sir how to remember these GA’s and what is the way to make notes.
    Because reading GA’s topic is not the big deal but when its comes to remember it , then it directs me in trouble, so please suggest the best way.

  5. Am from telangana and attempted 72 questions 20 apt,24 read n 28 eng with 90% from agriculture background… What r my chances to get qualified..I belong to gen category

  6. Sir…sbi clerk prelims are not yet out..before it was said that mains exam will be held on 24,25 … Will the mains exam date also be postponed even if prelims results will be out tmrw or day after??

  7. Under static gk…do I have to remember the important dates of all 12 months..?? Or just past 6 months?? Plzz tell me…

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