Tips to Prepare and Crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam
Tips to Prepare and Crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam

In this article you will get information about Why Computer Knowledge Questions are asked in LIC AAO Exam, What topics you should prepare to crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam, Tips on How you should prepare to crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam

Tips to Prepare and Crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam

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There has been quite a buzz about sections like Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English etc.

Candidates devote all their time in preparation of the above sections. But what they do lack is the preparation of the computer Knowledge section.

They think that the weightage of the Computer knowledge section of LIC AAO exam is very less.

Definitely the weightage is less. But preparing for Computer knowledge takes only a fraction of time as compared to the Quantitative aptitude and The reasoning Section, Not only that, you can be sure that you can score very high marks in Computer Knowledge section in a very less time.

You can solve all 20 questions in approx 10 minutes. If we compare this much time, then in 10 minutes you may solve only 6-8 questions in tougher sections like Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning.

Most of the candidates think that they are not from a computer background and thus are always worried about the preparation of the computer knowledge section. it does not matter whether you are from computer background or  not, whether you like the computer knowledge section or simply hate it , you can score high marks with just a bit of preparation and following the tips given below.

Well before you start your preparation you must know as to why computer knowledge Section is so important

Why Computer Knowledge Question Are Asked in LIC AAO Exam?

As you all know that nowadays, all the offices are now computerised and the work is being done on computers. That means you need to know the basics of Computer to perform your duties in LIC. And that is the only purpose they ask questions on Computer Knowledge in the exam to check your basic knowledge of computer

What you Should Prepare to crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam?

As already said LIC expects their employees to have a basic computer knowledge. So that is what you should prepare.

Following are some of the topics that you should focus on-

  • Basic knowledge of Computer and its history.
  • A general Overview of Operating Systems, Input- output Devices, Software hardware devices.
  • MS Office and its various features like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.
  • The various latest technologies in Computer  related to banking and insurance industry.
  • Networks like LAN, MAN and WAN.
  • Security Terminologies like Antivirus, firewall, hackers etc.
  • The commonly used computer terminologies like full forms etc.

How you Should Prepare and Crack Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO Exam?

Well this is no rocket science. you just have concentrate on above topics

  • Take up a single topic everyday and study it for about 3-4 hours.
  • In this way you can complete this section within 10 days.
  • While studying that topic make notes for revision.
  • Revise those notes again and again.
  • Practise as many mock tests as possible.

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Friends, this is it for tips on Computer Knowledge Section of LIC AAO examination. Hope you liked them. Please leave your comments, suggestions in the comments section below.


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