Government Exams – They are often associated with long queues, filling long forms where a simple mistake could mean getting a new one, under the table transactions for getting them approved and once after appearing for the exam, checking every notification in the daily newspaper for result announcements. Basically they make you feel lost!

Offline government exams make you feel lost.

Well with the rise of online government exams forms can be filled up from the comfort of your home, there are absolutely no discrepancies in the way these exams are conducted and you get a notification on your email and phone as soon as the results are out.

Online exams make you happy

But as its often said, when you solve one problem, your create numerous others.

Online exams come with their fair share of problems for the candidates.  Giving an online exam is drastically different than a offline paper based test. There are many factors such as eye strain, body ache and habit of writing(scribbling) on  paper which result in lower marks. Most of the first time applicants end up performing at sub par levels although they had prepared exceptionally well. Some can’t match up the speed while others are unable to get used to looking at a computer screen continuously.

You cant focus on a computer screen for long


Online Mock Tests are the answer to all your problems and worries.

5 tips how Mock Tests boost your performance

1. Mock tests are designed in a way which simulates official exam scenario so that applicants experience the exam in real time and get acquainted about question navigation, different steps to be followed, common errors to avoid and most importantly pace the exam according to the given time. This subsequently leads to better performance in the original IBPS , SBI or other government exams.

Mock Tests make you brilliant

2.  Mock Tests help to figure out the kind of questions asked, paper pattern followed, topics covered, no. of questions per topic and gauge the difficulty level of the official IBPS, SBI or other government exams. This ensures the applicants can attempt maximum questions in the exam.

Mock tests help you know the exam pattern.

3. Mock Tests trigger studying and revision, they encourage earlier learning and space out learning, drastically improving retention. As per psychology instead of grasping everything at once you are more likely to retain something if you learn it separated over time.

Mock tests increase retention


4. While taking a Mock test can help you decide your position in the exam, it also helps reinforce the learning and enables you to retrieve the same information later. It’s a surprising fact that taking a mock test is actually better and more beneficial than wasting the same amount of time studying.


Giving a mock test is better than spending the same amount of time studying

5. Mock tests lets applicants encounter topics they have not mastered and encourages them to focus future learning on weak areas. They also helps applicants know which topics they have already mastered and it boosts up confidence big time.

Mock tests boost your confidence

Make Mock Tests your Armour, give as many as you can and never be scared of Online Exams anymore!

Do let us know how mock tests have helped you score better in your exams!

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