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Civil Services Mains Preparation

Civil Services Mains Preparation Strategy

Civil Services Mains Preparation should be methodical in order to score well in the exam. Civil Services Mains Preparation Weightage of Papers Once an aspirant qualifies the Prelims,...
UPSC Civil Services Prelims

UPSC Civil Services Prelims: Last Minute Tips

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2016 UPSC Civil Services Prelims Civil Services Exam , more popularly known as the IAS exam will be held on August 7,...
Civil Service Exam

Civil Service Exam Preparation: Reading the Economic Survey

Having a thorough knowledge of the Economic Survey is extremely important when it comes to Civil Service exam both for Prelims as well as...
Civil Services Preparation

Civil Services Preparation Without Coaching ?

Civil Services Preparation at home is very much possible. Coaching is neither required nor should be desired and I say this as a successful ex...
IAS Preparation

IAS Preparation : Most Popular Optionals

Choosing the most appropriate optional goes a long way in IAS preparation and in helping you score well overall. IAS Preparation The basis for the selection...
IAS Syllabus

IAS Syllabus, Pattern, Recommended Books

IAS Exam 2016 - IAS Syllabus IAS Exam is one of the most competitive exams of the country. To crack one of the toughest exams , you...