SSC Stenographer Skill Test

SSC Stenographer Skill Test is conducted by SSC for those candidates who qualify the Written Exam of SSC Stenographer Grade C and grade D.
The details of the Skill Test are as follows:

SSC Stenographer Admit Card Out!

SSC Stenographer Skill Test:

You will be given a dictation for 10 minutes in either Hindi or English at the speed of:

  • 80 words per minute (w.p.m.) for the post of Stenographer Grade D and
  • 100 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade C.

Your work will be to transcript the dictated passage.

SSC Stenographer Skill Test Stage 1:

In this stage, you will be provided with a paper, and you have to write the dictated words in it. The speed will be high there you are advised to use Shorthand technique. The text that you write on this paper will again be used in Stage 2 of the Skill Test.

SSC Stenographer Skill Test Stage 2:

In this stage, you will be provided with a Computer, and you have to type the dictated words. Here you will have to write it from the paper where you made the shorthand notes.

SSC Stenographer Skill Test Pattern

The pattern for Grade C and Grade D is as follows:

SSC Stenographer Grade C Skill Test Pattern:

  • English Skill Test: 40 minutes
  • Hindi Skill Test: 55 Minutes

SSC Stenographer Grade D Skill Test Pattern:

  • English Skill Test: 50 minutes
  • Hindi Skill Test: 65 Minutes

Admissible Error Limit In SSC Steno Skill Test:

  • UR(General): 5-7%
  • OBC: 6-8%
  • SC/ST: 7-10 %

Type of Errors In SSC Steno Skill Test:

Errors are  classified into two types:

Full Errors in SSC Steno Skill Test:

  • omission of a word or figure.
  • substitution of a wrong word or figure.
  • addition of a word or figure not occurring in the passage.
  • Handwritten additions/corrections/insertions.

Half Errors in SSC Steno Skill Test:

  • Spelling mistake.
  • Using singular for plural noun and vice versa.
  • Transposition of words/group of words in a sentence.
  • Improper use of capital letters at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Improper placement of the apostrophe in a word.
  • Improper spacing between the words or in middle of a single words.
  • Ambiguous over typing.
  • Arbitrary and unfamiliar abbreviations.

SSC Stenography Test Important Points:

  • The Skill Test is Qualifying in Nature only.
  • The default medium of SSC Stenographer Skill Test is english (unless otherwise mentioned in the application form)
  • The Stenography Test is mandatory for all categories.
  • For VH candidates, the criteria are somewhat relaxed and they will be specified at the time of SKIll Test.

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  1. It is mentioned in SSC steno notification that it is mandatory to complete Hindi skill test too while we r in the probation .what is if we fail to perform so?terminated?? I took 2016 steno written and qualified for looking forward to learn steno English..but worried about that HINDI too’ matter 🙁 anyone suggest if I have to start taking coaching or take it light?

  2. Sir, what type of matter usually they dictate and after dictating will we get time to transcribe it in long hand or we should type our shorthand notes directly? please help

  3. Hello sir,
    i have cwc stenography test when exactly i dont knw .
    i hav no idea about stenography .wat should i do ?should i learn now n wat will be the procedure….can i write n type in english……. plzz guide me if u dont mind

  4. Firstly, It is impossible to write down the whole passage (of say 800 or 1000 words in just 10 mins) in English language. Secondly, you will be clearly rejected if you write in any other form except ‘shorthand’, which is a language using signs and symbols. So you have to write it in shorthand only. If you don’t know shorthand, join a coaching class.

    There is no such ‘steno machines’ of which you mentioned about. The passage noted down in shorthand will have to be typed on a normal computer with general keypad in which there is no chance of any alphabet go missing .

    Hope you confusion is clear now.

  5. Sir, I have written the ssc c&d 2016 exam with the help of scribe because of cerebral palsy. How can I attend the forthcoming skill test But I can type test and can not write the text that will be dictated in the skill test. Please instruct me what can I do for that.Is it exemption for a applicant who is affected by cerebral palsy.

  6. I have qualified for ssc steno skill test 2015. I have attempted the dictation in normal way,not in shorthand. Is there any chance of rejecting ???

  7. While they dectating do i need to write each and every word ????? and also do they only say 1000 words only per 10 minutes ???? to noting down????????/ Even if i miss one word am i fail??????/ please help

  8. Sir, i can transcript the words without short hand in the given time. i am worried if there is different kind of key board other then we normally using. like Qwerty or different one.

  9. Hello sir, thanks for putting all this information. It is very helpful. I have two doubts regarding shorthand dictation. Is there an error to be counted for paragraph change or is there any rule of space for shorthand notes. I have read somewhere that there should be DOUBLE SPACE. Thanks in advance.

  10. hey what is the next step after the skill test for stenographer grade c please?
    some people say there is an interview, some people say there is another paper instead of interview and some people say there is direct appointment after skills test.
    please can someone correctly tell me what the next stage is? I don’t know.

  11. naveen
    It depends upon the exam conducting authorities.
    Still it is better that you have a basic knowledge of shorthand


  13. Gud mng sir.
    Sir I ve few doughts.

    First they will dictate one passage. V ve to note down that. (If v noted down that passage in general English then v r not eligible for the exam.)
    Then in which code language v ve to note down that passage.

    In skill test while typing the steno machine is not like computer keypad. Few letters r missing in that then how can v type.
    Plz help me. In solving this …
    I’m getting confusion a lot in this.. Full disturb. I’m plz.

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