SSC CHSL Question Asked 5 July 2019

SSC CHSL Question Asked 5 July 2019 – All Shift!

SSC CHSL Question Asked 5 July 2019: Today is the fifth day of SSC CHSL 2019 Exam and we are here to share the Question Asked of the first shift of the 5th consecutive day.  In this article, we will discuss the exam pattern and the level of difficulty of the exam. The exam started at 10:00 AM and ended at 11:00 AM. The duration of the examination was 60 minutes.

Get More Detail SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4 July 2019

Get More Detail SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 5 July 2019

Lakhs and Lakhs of aspirants have applied for SSC CHSL Prelims Exam 2019. Today is the 5th day of SSC CHSL Tier I Exam. So, all the applicants are eagerly waiting to check the Question Asked and Exam Analysis. From the Question Asked, 2019 aspirants can get to know the difficulty of the exam and number of questions asked in the Tier I Exam. To know further information about the SSC CHSL Question Asked 5 July 2019, applicants can check the details from the below link.

SSC CHSL Tier I Exam Overview

Mode Online
Total Questions/Marks 100/200
Total Duration 60 minutes
Sections 4
Sectional Cut Off No
Sectional Time no
Negative Marking 0.50 marks

SSC CHSL Prelims – Exam Pattern

All the aspirants who are going to appear for the SSC CHSL Tier I Exam will get the question as per the below-given pattern. The exam for the SSC CHSL Prelims Exam will be as per the given pattern. Also, candidates can prepare accordingly.

Sections Number of Questions / Maximum Marks
English Language 25/50
General Intelligence 25/50
Quantitative Aptitude 25/50
General Awareness 25/50
Total 100/200

SSC CHSL Question Asked 5 July 2019 – Good Attempts & Difficulty

Subject  No. of Qs   Shift 1st
 Difficulty Level Good Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude 25 Moderate 17-18
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 Easy to Moderate 19-20
General Awareness Section 25 Moderate 14-16
English Language & Comprehension 25 Easy to Moderate 20-21
Total 100 Easy to Moderate 70-75

SSC CHSL Questions Asked: 5th July

Below is the SSC CHSL Tier I questions asked in today’s exam. We will provide the questions based on the reviews given by the students. Stay tuned for GA questions asked in the exam along with other subjects.

SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions (Moderate)

  • Ternater celebrated in which state.
  • Who is Cricket under 19 coach?
  • Who is the first Education Minister
  • PDF full form
  • ​the largest producer of jute in India
  • Article 213
  • SI unit of resistance
  • first independent female director of icc- ans Nita Ambani
  • world thyroid day is celebrated on which date?
  • 42nd amendment related to which?
  • There is no question from book & author.
  • What is the SI unit of Internal resistance?
  • There is no question from Dam.
  • There are 2 questions asked from temple
  • There is no question from election.
  • Who got the Best Actress Award?
  • The grand old man of india?
  • Article 243v
  • world thyroid day?
  • Where is kamakhya mandir?
  • Who is the chairman of NDSA?
  • Emergency due to External war or aggression comes under which article?
  • Who defeated Harshvardhan?
  • Which of the following is the largest coal mine?
  • Which of the following countries won the maximum number of gold medals in Men’s Hockey?
  • one question on Rojer federer
  • Who won Women’s Australian open 2019?
  • Which of the following is not an operating system?
  • Who won the Pulitzer price 2019 in poetry?
  • National Science day is celebrated on which date?
  • Who got the title “Kesari Hind”
  • One ques related to Mission Shakti
  • Which airport got first ranking 7th times in a row
  • What is the age for Panchayat election
  • Largest coalfield in India?
  • News broadcasting standard authority chairman?
  • Art 352
  • India’s smallest neighboring country in population(Maldive,nepal,afganistan)
  • When did Alexander attack India?
  • largest Man-made lake of India?
  • JAB is related to which sport?
  • one ques from book/author
  • Ellora caves situated in?
  • one question related to Japan elections
  • Joint session handle by whom?
  • Neeraj chopra related to which sport?
  • Who is the author of “Change in India” Ans- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • There is no question from science section.
  • One question from award.
  • One question related to Dam.

SSC CHSL English Language & Comprehension Questions

  • Spelling Correction- Option-> January , February , December, October
  • Idioms & phrases-> take the bull by the horns
  • Error detection-> Despite of
  • Cloze test- Based on Japan invade china
  • synonym of Censor
  • SYNONYM-handy.
  • Antonym-Thwart
  • Idioms & phrses – take to task
  • Synonyms- deprave
  • Antonyms- Desperate
  • Spelling correction – separate
  • Cloze test- Based on France’s Artist
  • temperate- synonym
  • error- No sooner than
  • Repeated questions in english
  • Idioms- In one’s hand
  • Synonyms & antonyms were easy.
  • Spelling Correction- Quite

SSC CHSL General Intelligence and Reasoning Questions

  • Kidney : Excretion :: Heart :
  • Venn Diagram-> Diesel, Liquid , Fuel
  • 68:100::45:?
  • 3,37,34,?
  • 5,25,625,?
  • 1,10,28,91,370,?
  • 2-3 were based on Alphabetical series completion.
  • Blood relation was based on numerical symbol.
  • Figure completion based on triangle.
  • Venn Diagram of Mango, Liquid, Eatable Things

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Quantitative Aptitude Shift 1 Questions

1. 1/2:1/3:1/4 fraction

2. questions asked from Incircle circumcircle

3. 9 years ago , average of 3 person is 33 years, 3 person added whose age difference consecutive is 8 years, and at present their average remains same . Find the age of elders among three person ?

4. A train 25 Km distance with uniform speed, if speed is increased by 1 km/h then it would take 1 hour less to cover the distance, Find the speed of train ?

5. If (a+1)/a=7, then find the value of a3+1/a3 =?

6. Cosec2 θ = cot 90 – θ

7. 1 men can do work in Rs. 440 & 4 women can do the same work in Rs. 356, What Rs. will be given to complete the work by 3 men and 7 women ?

8. A take Rs.5 from C, If A=B, and sum of Rupees A and B is 76, Find  value of money of B ?

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Quantitative Aptitude Shift 2 Questions

1. Average age of four man is 15 years, if their father is also included then average is increased by 4 years, Find the age of father ?

2. Ratio of height and area of Two same triangle was given , we have to calculate the ratio of their base ?

3. Question related to 3-d Cube

4. Ratio of speed of two train was given, details about first train was given, we have to find out detail of other train.

5. If x+1/x= 77, Then find the value of x3+1/x3

6. Ratio of height and area of two triangle ABC and POR is 3:5 and 5:3, Find the ratio of base of triangle ABC and POR ?