SSC CHSL Question Asked 4 July 2019

SSC CHSL Question Asked 4 July 2019 – All Shift!

SSC CHSL Question Asked 4 July 2019: Today is the fourth day of SSC CHSL 2019 Exam and we are here to share the Question Asked of the first shift of the fourth consecutive day.  In this article, we will discuss the exam pattern and the level of difficulty of the exam. The exam started at 10:00 AM and ended at 11:00 AM. The duration of the examination was 60 minutes.

Get More Detail SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4 July 2019

Lakhs and Lakhs of aspirants have applied for SSC CHSL Prelims Exam 2019. Today is the fourth day of SSC CHSL Tier I Exam. So, all the applicants are eagerly waiting to check the Question Asked and Exam Analysis. From the Question Asked, 2019 aspirants can get to know the difficulty of the exam and number of questions asked in the Tier I Exam. To know further information about the SSC CHSL Question Asked 4 July 2019, applicants can check the details from the below link.

SSC CHSL Tier I Exam Overview

Mode Online
Total Questions/Marks 100/200
Total Duration 60 minutes
Sections 4
Sectional Cut Off No
Sectional Time no
Negative Marking 0.50 marks

SSC CHSL Prelims – Exam Pattern

All the aspirants who are going to appear for the SSC CHSL Tier I Exam will get the question as per the below-given pattern. The exam for the SSC CHSL Prelims Exam will be as per the given pattern. Also, candidates can prepare accordingly.

Sections Number of Questions / Maximum Marks
English Language 25/50
General Intelligence 25/50
Quantitative Aptitude 25/50
General Awareness 25/50
Total 100/200

SSC CHSL Question Asked 4 July 2019 – Good Attempts & Difficulty

Subject  No. of Qs   Shift 1st
 Difficulty Level Good Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude 25 Moderate 18-22
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 Easy to Moderate 20-22
General Awareness Section 25 Moderate-Difficult 15-17
English Language & Comprehension 25 Easy 20-24
Total 100 Moderate-Difficult 75-77

SSC CHSL Questions Asked: 4th July

Below is the SSC CHSL Tier I questions asked in today’s exam. We will provide the questions based on the reviews given by the students. Stay tuned for GA questions asked in the exam along with other subjects.

SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions (Moderate-Difficult)

  • President will give his resignation to whom?
  • Periyar river flows in?
  • Smriti Irani is the minister of which department?
  • Where is Indra Sagar dam located?
  • Dolomite is the ore of which of the following?
  • India won the 2nd world cup in which year?
  • Melbourne Cricket Club added which of the following?
  • Who climbed mount Everest maximum number of times?
  • Who wrote the book ”Playing it in my way”?
  • India cricketer make a century in the debut test match?
  • Which of the following is the Southernmost river?
  • What is the SI unit of pressure?
  • Mountains that touches Myanmar?
  • Who was the First health minister?
  • Who is the winner of Asia cup 2018?
  • Where is Nanda Devi?
  • World environment index of India?
  • Which of the following is the currency of Qatar?
  • Who is the President of Ukraine?
  • Who is the Current Finance Commissioner?
  • Who won fifa 2018 world cup ?
  • Who is the chairman of 15th Finance commission
  • Who is the CEO of BCCI?
  • Who write the “Theory of Justice”?
  • ICAI established in which year?
  • How much amount was imported to increase the liquidity before elections?
  • One ques regarding 123rd amendment
  • The computer used in hospitals to measure the heart rate of patients…
  • Options: main frame computer, digital, analog etc
  • malaria free country
  • Rafael nadal hails from which country?
  • 3-4 questions from Bank.
  • Pulitzer prize 2019 is given to whom?
  • UEFA championship won by?
  • Kalashram created by? Options birju maharaj, lachhu mahraj erc
  • UN general Assembly recently appointment head/ general
  • Up border shared by how many states/UTs?
  • International dance day?
  • Tsuang visited the court of which ruler
  • Kolleru lake situated in?
  • Which book was given the booker prize 2019
  • According to peace index, most peaceful country is?
  • Bugyal tribe is from which state?

SSC CHSL English Language & Comprehension Questions

  • Idioms & phrases- To be an old hat
  • Spelling Correction-> Nightingale
  • Antonym-> meagre
  • Idioms & phrases-> green thumb
  • One word substitution-> cannot be heard: inaudible

SSC CHSL General Intelligence and Reasoning Questions

  • Venn Diagram – Cucumber, Food, Species
  • Fossil : Paleontology :: ? : ?
  • Question on arrangement-> Vacancy, application, job offer, joining
  • Odd one out – Options-> farmer, carpenter, tailer, worker
  • Waiter: serve:: select the appropriate from options

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Questions

  • A gives 11 rupees to C ,A and b has equal amount of money,A+C=245 then what’s the value of B?
  • One question on x3+y3+z3-3xyz
  • If CosecA=1.25 , then find the value of 3secA + 4cosA
  • If tanx = cot(60+6x), then find the value of x?
  • One question on 2sin^2A =3cos^2A
  • CP of 2 products 2650 one sold at 10% profit another at 5% find total profit?
  • 1 comodity of 314 rs. 25%disc already. a lady shop that bag and get 12% disc because she pays in cash what will b the profit percent?
  • DI based on 5 years passed and failed students…bar graph
  • ABCD can work in 12 13 14 15 days respectively. A alone can do that work in A, B and C can do a work in 10, 20, 60 days respectively, in how much time will they do the work together?
  • x+y+z=3and xy+yz+zx=-18 then x^3+y^3+z^3-3xyz
  • A gives 11 rupees to C , A and B has an equal amount of money, A+C=245 then what’s the value of B?