SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October Shift 2

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October Shift 2 – Topic-Wise Analysis Along With Questions

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis For 13th October 2020 2nd Shift: Here is the 2nd Shift Analysis for tier 1 SSC CHSL 2020 for conducted on 13th October. The overall analysis for Shift-2 exam was somewhere between Easy to Moderate level. The candidates can check the Topic-wise analysis, level of the question, subject-wise good attempt. We have also provided Questions of English And General Awareness Section to help the candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming shifts. The candidates can utilize their last-minute by reading the complete analysis to know what could be expected in the next shifts. The analysis is prepared after direct discussions from the aspirants who have left the Shift-2 exam. Stay tuned with us for the complete analysis of SSC CHSL Shift-2, 13th October. 

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020: 13th October, 2nd Shift

Check the section-wise difficulty level of the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam 13th October 01st shift in the below table:

Sections Difficulty Level
Reasoning Easy to Moderate
English Easy
Mathematics Easy to Moderate
General Awareness Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020: 2nd Shift Good Attempt

Sections No. of Questions Good Attempt
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 21-22
General Awareness 25 17-19
Quantitative Aptitude 25 21-22
English Comprehension 25 22-23
Total 100 71-86

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October: Subject Wise

Candidates can check the exam review of each subject of SSC CHSL 2020 Tier 1 2020. There are four sections in the exam, namely English, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness. Based on the memory of the students, data collected by our students, we are providing you with the section analysis of SSC CHSL Tier 1 2020. We will be updating the information from the feedback. Please go through the tables below to know the Exam analysis & review for each subject in Shift-2 SSC CHSL 2020.

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October: Reasoning

The Exam Analysis for the General Intelligence/ Reasoning section was of Easy to Moderate level for the Shift-2

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions
1 Analogy 02
2 Odd One Out 03
3 Series 02-03
4 Statement & Conclusions 01
5 Directions
6 Sequence 03
7 Coding-Decoding 02-03
8 Mathematical Operations 01
9 Dice 01
10 Blood Relation 01
11 Mirror Image 02
12 Venn Diagram & Syllogism 01
13 Paper Folding Image 01
14 Syllogism 01
15 Miscellaneous Ques 03-04
Total 25

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020: Quantitative Aptitude 13th October

Candidates can check the number of questions asked from each topic and the level of the question for these questions. The students have reviewed that the overall level of Maths exam was Easy to Moderate, and the questions based on calculations were very less and comparatively very easy.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions
1 Percentage 01
2 Average 01
3 Number System 01
4 Simplification 01
5 Time & Work 01
6 Speed & Distance [Train] 01
7 S.I. & C.I. 01
8 Profit & Loss 02
9 Algebra 03
10 Geometry 03
11 Mensuration 02
12 DI [Tabular] 03
13 DI [Bar Graph] 02
Total Questions 25

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October: English Language

The questions asked in the English Section are of easy and we have discussed some questions included in the exam.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions
1 Fill in the Blanks 02
2 Sentence Improvement 01
3 Error Detection 01
4 Sentence Rearrangement 02
5 Idioms and Phrases 02
6 Synonyms 02
7 Antonyms 02
8 Active Passive 02
9 Direct Indirect 01
10 Phrase Substitution 02
11 Spelling Correction 02
12 Cloze Test Passage 05
Total 25

Questions Asked in English Section (from different sets of the exam)

  • One-word Substitution: Fleet, Altruistic, Garrulous
  • Spellings- Intentions, Plague, Accommodate
  • Idiom: Hand to Bite & Fit as Fiddle
  • Synonyms: Diverse, Procrastinate, Prudent
  • Subject-verb and preposition errors
  • Cloze test- Technology & National Park

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020 13th October: General Awareness

Questions Asked for GA were more from January to September 2020 and the overall section was of Easy to Moderate level

Topics Asked No. of Questions
History 04
Polity 02
Static Awareness 03-04
Geography 03
Economy (Basic) 01
Science 03
Current Affairs 10

Questions Asked in GA

  • Chairman of TRAI- PD Vaghela
  • Who appoints CAG?- President
  • Who abolished Sati Pratha?- Lord William Bentick
  • Para Thyroid Gland- 4 glands to regulate calcium
  • Lazy Eye Disease- Amblyopia
  • Who gave title of Gangai Konda Chola?- Rajendra Chola I
  • The lifetime of RBC- 120 days
  • When did 1st election of Constitution Assembly happen? 16 May 1946
  • Where is the largest Film City?- Uttar Pradesh
  • Whose image is there on Rs. 2000 note?- Mangalyaan
  • Capital of Peru- Lima
  • Nobel Prize for Blood Group- Sir Karl Landsteiner
  • Who established Brideshwar temple?
  • Where is Hampi Temple situated?- Karnataka
  • Who won Ravindra Nath Literacy Price 2019?- Rana Das Gupta
  • Koneru Hampi belongs to Andhra Pradesh
  • Who did Ahmad Shah Abdali defeat?- Madhav Rao
  • Who told Political Horoscopes to Preamble? KM Munshi
  • Which state has changed its logo? Jharkhand
  • Satriya Dance belongs to- Assam
  • Emerging player of IPL 2019- Subhman Gill

Exam Shifts for SSC CHSL 2020

SSC CHSL Exam Date CHSL Tier I Shifts Shift Timings for Tier I
12th October to 26th October 2020 Shift 1 10 AM – 11 AM
Shift 2 1 PM – 2 PM
Shift 3 4 PM – 5 PM

COVID-19 Self Declaration Form Mandatory

Bring the Signed Copy of Self Declaration Form in the below Format:

I hereby declare that I haven’t been tested positive for Corona Virus or identified as a potential carrier of the COVID-19 virus and I am also not having any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Roll No.
  • Exam Name
  • Exam Date
  • Exam Shift
  • Exam Venue Name
  • Signature of Candidate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2020: Faq’s

Q 1. What are the Good Attempts for this exam?
Ans. The average number of good attempts can be considered from 71-86.

Q 2. Which section was difficult?
Ans. General Awareness section was easy to moderate, the Reasoning Section was easy to moderate, the English section was easy, and the Quantitative Aptitude section was easy to moderate level

Q 4. How many sections are there for CHSL Tier 1 2020?
Ans. There are 4 sections in SSC CGL Tier 1 2020 i.e  English Language, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness.

Q 3. When will the SSC CHSL 2020 Tier 1 Exam be conducted?
Ans. The Tier 1 test for SSC CHSL 2020 Recruitment for the left-out candidates is going to conducted from 12 to 26 October 2020.

Q. Which months current affairs have been asked in the exam?

Ans. Questions Asked for GA were more from January to September 2020.