SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August

SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August, 2017 have been compiled by us. The SSC CGL questions asked have been asked after receiving inputs from aspirants who attempted the exam. SSC CGL questions asked from all shifts of the day will be included in the current article. It is recommended that you go through all the SSC CGL questions asked and understand the type of questions being asked this year.



We have made sure that we post accurate SSC CGL questions asked only. All care as been taken to compile maximum questions across sections. We will keep updating more questions as and when we keep receiving and confirm the accuracy of the same.


SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August 2017 Tier I Exam

SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August, 2017: SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 16th August 2017 Slot 1:- SSC CGL is taken by lakhs of candidates every year. In 2017 alone there were 30 lakh candidates for SSC CGL. SSC CGL is abbreviated as Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate level. SSC CGL is a highly respected post and candidates.

The SSC CGL 2017 or SSC Combined Graduate Level exam every year for recruitment to non-technical Group B and Group C non-gazetted posts in various departments and ministries of the Government of India.

SSC CGL Exam Pattern: SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August 2017

Subject No. of Question/ Max Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25/ 25
General Knowledge 25/ 25
Quantitative Aptitude 25/ 25
English Comprehension 25/ 25
4 Sections 100/ 100

No. of Shifts & Time: SSC CGL Questions Asked on August 16

  • Shift I:
    10:00 –
    11:00 am
  • Shift II:
    1:45 –
    2:45 pm
  • Shift II:
    4:45 –
    5:45 pm

SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August 2017: Tier 1 (SHIFT 1 /SLOT 1)

SSC CGL Memory Based Questions – Section Wise


  1. Idioms and phrases: To wrangle on ass’s shadow
  2. One word Substitution: One who study cancer
  3. Topic of Cloze Test: Indian Religions
  4. Synonyms of: Nincompoop 
  5. Antonyms of: Pellucid
  6. Antonym: Adamant
  7. Cloze Test: Based on Indian Religion.


  1. If the length of in centre of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm , find the length of the circumradius of the same triangle.
  2. If x+1/x =5 then x-1/x=?
  3. An object was in d ratio 8:9:15.,it was reduced by 20%, 33.33%, 25 % respective Ratio of remaining?
  4. A man bought 50 ltr milk 40rs/ ltr.if add 5 ltr of water and sold it 42rs/ltr find the profit.
  5. 45 men or 60 boy can do a piece of work in 20 days. in how many days 15 men and 20 boy will complete d work?
  6. 27^x + 27^(x-1/3) =972 find x
  7. If the length of incentre of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm , find the length of the circumradius of the same triangle.
  8. If height of the tower is 20 root 3 , the angle of the boat changes from 30 degree to 60 degree in 10 sec. Find the time the boat will take to reach the tower from the initial position (30 degree)
  9. Data Interpretation – Pie Chart (Runs scored by Pujara against various countries were given in percentage).
  10. In a triangle ABC, AD is an angle bisector, AB : AC = 3:4. If area of the triangle is 350 square cm, find the area of triangle ADC.
  11. How many spheres of radius 1cm can be made if a hemisphere of radius 6 cm is melted ?
  12. If x = 5 – 2√6 then find the value of √x + 1√x
  13. If the ratio between boys and girls is 2:3 and average of their age is 18 and 21 then find the overall average?
  14. If cosec A = 1/4x + x then find the value of cosec A + cot A ?
  15. Marked price of an article is Rs 1280 and it was sold at Rs 900. Then find the discount percentage?
  16. A amount becomes 7727.104 after 3 years compounded annually at 12 % rate of interest. Then find the principle?
  17. If radius of incircle of equilateral triangle is 10 cm. Find circumradius?


  1. Find the next number in the series: 13, 27, 56, 115, ?
  2. A figure was shown & you have to find the number of possible triangle.
  3. Find odd one out:
    • i) Tree
    • ii) Fruit
    • iii) Stem
    • iv) Root


  1. Who is the author of “Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl”?
  2. Who killed John Saunders in 1927 ?
  3. “Quensburry Rule” related to which sport?
  4. “Dulari Kanya” scheme started by which state?
  5. Theory of Relativity given by?
  6. Who among the  following is a Painter ? Ans Amrita Shergill.
  7. Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel started which movement ? Ans – Bardoli Satyagraha
  8. Who killed John Saunders in 1927 ?
  9. “Quensburry Rules ” related to which sport ? BOXING
  10. Right portion of heart receives what kind of blood

i) pure                        ii) impure                          iii) mixed                      iv) none

  1. How many times a person can participate in president elections?
  2. What is indifference curve?
  3. Bronze is an alloy of?
  4. SAARC summit 2016 was postponed, where was it to be held?
  5. Rail link was laid from China on 10th April 2017 to which country?
  6. Night blindness caused due to deficiency of?
  7. Which hockey player was awarded Padma Shri award this year? P.J Shreejesh 
  8. What does I mean in MICR? Ink
  9. Judicial Review is taken from                  ?
  10. Name the largest gland in the human body? Liver
  11. Match of the following? White revolution, Green revolution and Blue revolution with their leaders.
  12. How many times can a person be a President of India?
  13. The first supercomputer in the world? Cray CDC 6600
  14. What is Direct transformation from solid to gas is called? – Sublimation
  15. Which of the following has the maximum difference in temperature in Day- Night?
  16. Hydraulic lift works on which principle? Pascal’s principle
  17. Study of brain tumor is called?  Neurology

SSC CGL Questions Asked on 16th August 2017: Tier 1 (SHIFT 2 /SLOT 2)

SSC CGL Memory Based Questions – Section Wise


  1. Meaning of “Damp Squib”
  2. Synonyms of “Jeopardy” ? Ans -Risk 
  3. Passive Voice : Karnataka grows coffee
  4. Synonyms of : Exorbitant.


  1. What will be the value of X in a number 211x so that it becomes perfect square?
  2. Simple Interest was 500 more than Principal. Rate of interest = 10%, Time = 20 years. Find the Principal?
  3. Pie Chart: Total number of runs of a player was given against different countries in percentages.
    • (i) The difference of runs for two countries.
    • (ii) The number of runs for a particular country.
  4. Marked price was 40% more than cost price. The discount was given as 15%. Find the profit percentage?
  5. A man invested at a rate of interest of 10% for a period of 20 years. The simple interest was 500 more than principle. Find the Principal?
  6. 2A = 3B = 12C. Find the ratio A:B:C?
  7. Find the value of a3 + b3 + c3 – 3abc, if a = 73, b = 74, c = 75.
  8. Two trains were moving in opposite direction at the speed of 30 and 45 km/hr respectively. The length of trains are 450m & 550m respectively. Find the time in which they will cross each other?
  9. Data Interpretation – Pie Chart based on total number of runs scored by the player of different countries given in percentages.


Find odd one out

  • Tree
  • Fruit
  • Stem
  • Root    (Answer -Tree)


  1. First Supercomputer in World ?
  2. Where was BRICS Summit 2017 held? Xiamen
  3. Recently who got Filmfare lifetime achievement award? Shatrughan Sinha
  4. Match the following question:-
  5. Trade monopoly of East India Company was ended due to which act?
  6. One question from plant cell….options were lipids, cellulose
  7. No. of possible triangle in geometry
  8. Ginger is stem or root? Stem
  9. Trade monopoly of East India Company was ended due to which act?
  10. Who is the Author of “The windfall”?
  11. Name the article which is heart and soul of Indian Constitution? – Article 32 of the Indian Constitution i.e. Right to Constitutional Remedies
  12. What is the SI unit of power? – Watt
  13. The rolling plan introduced after which 5-year plan? –  Fifth five year plan (1977-78)
  14. The chemical formula of quick lime? – CaO
  15. Serena Williams defeated her sister to win which record? – Record 23rd Slam Title

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