SSC CGL Free Mock Test Series of 5 : Exclusively for Dedicated Aspirants

SSC CGL Free Mock Test

SSC CGL Free Mock Test 2017 series of five has been prepared exclusively for the aspirants of Common Graduate Level (CGL) examination conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC). Enhance your chances to qualify the exam significantly by attempting the SSC CGL free mock test series of five. Our team , along with successful ex aspirants and SSC experts have come with these Free SSC CGL mock test series of 5 for the benefit of all candidates. These mock tests are 100% free of cost. Make sure you attempt them sincerely and evaluate your performance. We will be assisting you throughout your preparation including a mentorship call from an expert. Kindly see the details of mentorship call in the article below.


  • 5 Mock Tests based on the latest SSC CGL Tier I pattern.
  • Absolutely free of cost. No hidden costs involved.
  • Increase your chances by 49% by enrolling for SSC CGL free mock test series of 5.


SSC CGL Free Mock Tests Series of 5 : Description

SSC CGL Tier 1 – Mock Test Series of 5 gives you a set of 5 updated mock tests for SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 Exam. These tests are based on the latest SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam pattern. These tests are designed to give you a sense of the kind of questions, you can expect in the actual exam. These tests are designed by expert faculty.This test series is designed for the students who have already prepared for the exam and now want to check his/ her preparation and leave no chances. This test series will increase your chances of selection exponentially.

SSC CGL Free Mock Test Series of 5: Will Prove Most Useful

Same Web Interface Our web interface is exactly on the lines of actual SSC CGL exam. So by taking the SSC CGL Free Mock Test , you’ll feel one step closer to the exam.
Latest Exam Pattern Mockbank’s SSC CGL Free Mock Test is based on the latest pattern notified by Staff Selection Commission
Evaluate Yourself Review your Complete performance and understand where you stand after attempting SSC CGL Free Mock Test.
Detailed Analysis and Performance Review Get answers and solutions to all questions of the paper along with detailed analysis of your performance after the exam.


Mentorship Call for Rs. 99/-

After attempting the SSC CGL free mock test series of 5, if you wish to speak with our experts via a mentorship call you can do so for a mere Rs. 99. The expert will let you know the details about your performance and will analyse your attempt.

It is important to point out here that the SSC CGL free mock test series of 5 are absolutely FREE of cost. There will no hidden costs whatsoever.

You will have to pay Rs. 99/- only if wish you receive a mentorship call from our experts.

SSC CGL Free Mock Test: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of taking the SSC CGL Free Mock Test?  Ans 1. Attempting the SSC CGL free mock test will help you understand the nature of exam, be mentally prepared to attempt an online exam and most importantly, let you evaluate your performance before SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.
Q2. Who has designed the SSC CGL Free Mock Test ?  Ans 2. The SSC CGL Free Mock Test has been designed by experts, banking faculty at Mockbank and previously successful candidates of SSC CGL Examination.
Q3. Does the SSC CGL Free Mock Test  increase the overall chances of qualifying the exam ?  Ans 3. Yes. The SSC CGL free mock test   will help you immensely. Past records show that a candidate who performs well taking this test enhances his/her chances by 49% in the actual examination.
Q4. Is there any hidden cost for attempting SSC CGL  Free Mock Test ?  Ans 4. No. SSC CGL Free Mock Test 100% free of cost. Our users matter to us more than the money. This test has been designed solely for your practice.
Q5. Does enrolling in paid mock tests help once an aspirant attempts the SSC CGL Free Mock Test ?  Ans 5. Absolutely. Once an aspirant feels that Mockbank’s free tests were good enough, he/she can immediately enroll for our paid mock tests. It is worth mentioning here that there will a 100% refund in case an aspirant is not satisfied with the quality of our mock tests.

Benefits of Attempting SSC CGL Free Mock Test Series of 5

1. Nature of SSC CGL 2017 By attempting the SSC CGL Free Mock Test, you will understand completely the nature of the exam this year. You will be mentally prepared to sit in the actual examination.
2. Familiarity Once you appear for the SSC CGL Free Mock Test, you will be completely familiar with the the actual preliminary examination. Additionally, you will know in advance any technical/interface issues that might occur. You will get a grip over the entire online process of attempting the SSC CGL examination.
3. Evaluation Receiving all India Ranks will help you know the level of competition in the exam. You will be able to evaluate your performance at a national level. Any mistakes committed by you in the All India Rankers Test can be done away with in the actual examination.

SSC CGL Free Mock Test: Grievance Redressal

In case you have questions pertaining to the SSC CGL free mock test that have not been answered in the current post or have additional queries related to any aspect of the SSC Common Graduate Level Exam 2017 or face problems with attempting the All India Rankers Test, feel free to post your doubts in the comments section. You can also reach out to us via phone. We are available from 9:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m to solve your queries.


SSC CGL Mock Tests

If you feel that our series of 5  free mock tests for SSC CGL Exam is good enough for you and practicing more such tests would guarantee your selection, do enroll for our paid mock tests. We will be ensure you crack SSC CGL 2017.

  • Sneha

    Hello team

    can we give test only once ?

    • Yes Sneha.

      It is an All India’s Rankers Test so yes to get a genuine rank you can attempt it only once.

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    • Its meant to be absolutely free. I’m sensing a technical glitch here. Let me just check with the team and get back. In case you’ve been charged, your money will be refunded at the earliest.

      • Manikant Sai

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        • Thank you Manikant for pointing out.

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    • Let me get back to the team and get it rectified immediately. Did your money get charged ??

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        • Not access as in ?

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    • It’s right on the top in yellow.

      Let me forward it to you once more –

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        hii there..i have a query regarding to the the application registration form for nicl ao exam,, i kinda lost it…i know!! clumsy me!!! is there any way for me to get it reprinted

        • Hi Priyanka,

          When you registered , NICL must have sent you an email for confirmation along with the registration number. Check that email, enter the registration number or the applicable credentials on the website and get the form reprinted.

          • priya makhija

            yeah about that,,, the page says that the reprint date is over…so what i would like to know is that if they are going to let the candidates get a reprint around the time of interviews/appointments? please let me know if you have any information. thanks.

          • Usually, in banking exams that procedure is followed. I’m not sure whether SSC follows the same. But in case I get a lead on that, will let you know.

          • priya makhija

            ok..thanks..that would be great.

          • priya makhija

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