SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 30 August 2016

Dear Mockbankers, The Fourth day of the SSC CGL Tier I exam is completed. The level of the paper was somewhat easy.

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In this post we are sharing SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 30 August 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in today’s exam.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis and Decent Attempts

SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 30 August 2016

Morning Shift

1. Find Odd one? Agra, Darjeeling, Shimla, ooty

Ans. Agra

2. Euro Cup 2016 Winner is?

Ans. Portugal

3. When did french revolution begin?

Ans. 1789

4. Maximum thorium reserve in which country?

Ans. India

5. United Nations established in which year?

Ans. 24 October 1945

6. Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division?

7. First viceroy who died in India?

Ans. Lord Mayo

8. Which of the following range parallel to the Indian Coastline?

9. Who is called the blade runner?

Ans. Oscar Pistorius

10. Vande Mataram song has been taken from which Book?

Ans. Anandamath

11. What is the full form of WEP?

Ans. Wired Equivalent Privacy

12. Which county allows human euthanasia?

Ans. Netherlands

13. Unit of radioactive?

Ans. Curie

14. Father of Abul Fazal?

Ans. Shail Mubarak

15. Which is called quicklime ?

Ans. Cao (Calcium oxide)

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Evening Shift

  1. If no atmosphere than what is the colour of the sky? – Black
  2. The partition of congress was done in which session – Surat Session, 1907
  3. Ozone layer protects earth from which rays – Ultra Violet Radiation
  4. What is Residex? – Ans: In India, National Housing Bank completely owned by RBI, computes an index termed NHB RESIDEX for real estate related indexation.
  5. Constitutional Remedies fall under which of the following? – Fundamental Rights
  6. First woman president of Congress – Annie Besant
  7. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submit his reports to whom? – President and Governor
  8. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports? – Boxing
  9. Which country exited from European countries – Britain 
  10. Palk of strait separate which country – India & Sri Lanka
  11. What is Silica gel? – Desiccant
  12. In which body organ is HCl made? – Stomach
  13. Pt. Birju Maharaj is associated with which dance form – Kathak
  14. Western and Easter Ghats meet at? – Nilgiri Hills
  15. Where are Rhinoceros found in India – Kaziranga
  16. Which virus constantly keeps shifting to escape detection by antivirus – Trojan
  17. First council of Buddha – Rajgriha

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