SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 29 August 2016

Dear Mockbankers,  In this post we are sharing SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 29 August 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in exam.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis and Decent Attempts

SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 29 August 2016

Morning Shift 

  1. Who is the Coach of Indian cricket team?

Ans. Anil Kumble

  1. When does President address a joint sitting of parliament?
  1. First women Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Sucheta Kriplani

  1. Another name of World Bank?

Ans. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

  1. Mission Indradhanush is related to?
  1. Playing it my way autobiography of?

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Why planets do not twinkle?

Ans. They are closer to earth

  1. Punjab draws water into canals from which river?

Ans. Sutlej River

  1. What is the purest form of Carbon?

Ans. Diamond

  1. When government expenditure exceeds its revenue then it is called?

Ans. Budget deficit

  1. First Indian to win Oscar award?

Ans. Bhanu Athaiya

  1. Silkworms eat which leaves?

Ans. Mulberry leaves

  1. What is the product formed when Sodium bicarbonate was heated?
  1. Wide entry of sea or ocean is called as?
  1. Properties of x-ray?

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Evening Shift 

1. The sum of a number and it’s reciprocal is 2. Find the number
Options : 1,0,-1, none
2. A train crosses a 50 m long platform in 14 seconds and a pole in 10 seconds find speed of train in Kmph
3. Two ships are sailing in a river on opposite side of a tower having height of 100 m. The angle of elevations for both the shifts are 30° and 60°. Find the distance between the ship. (Exact statement yaad nahi hai jo yaad hai bata diya)
4) 9x^2+16^y2=60
Find xy
5) Rs. 2000 amounts to Rs. 4000 in two years on CI. In how much time will it be Rs. 8000?.
6 years
8 years
4 years
6) x^2+1/x^2=2 find x-1/x
7) A completes work in 15 days and B In 20 days. They agree to do the work together for Rs. 450. Find share of A
8)In triangle ABC, AD is the median. O is a point on AD which is the centroid. Ratio AO:OD is?
9) Highest sex ratio state?
10) longest(praydipiy) river in india
11) 18:30::36:x
12) PM of NEPAL
13) sanctuaries ..correct spelling

14) Sex Ratio is females per how many males?
15. lowest birth rate among these
Ans- kerala
16. In how many languages Sahitya kala award is awarded?
17. In which product GST bill will be implemented
18. Which causes rainfall in North western part of india
Ans western disturbances
19. Who is the present prime minister of nepal?
20. On which principle do refrigerator works?
21. Cos@/(1+sin@)+sin@/(1-sin@)=4
Find @
Ans 60°
22. Avg salary of 19 employees is 40,000. If one more employee joins them the avg salary becomes 44000. Find that newly joined employee’s salary
23. If the CP of an article is decreased by 10%. How much should new CP be increased so that the profit remains same
24. Cost of a piece of cloth is Rs. 32 per metre. A shopkeeper announces 25% discount. If any customer wants to have benefit of Rs. 40 then what length of the cloth he should purchase?
25. Ratio of investments made by A and B is 1/3:1/5. They together invested Rs. 960. Find rhe share of each
23. Area of rectangle is 60 sq m and its perimeter is 34. Find the length of its diagonal
24. In a circle a chord AB is drawn O is the center of the circle. Radius of circle is 10 cm Length of Chord AB is 16 cm. Find length of OD, where OD is a perpendicular on the chord AB
25. Synonym of REVILE
26. antonym of SQUANDER
27. Idioms – Keep for
28. Pales in comparison to
29. In one voice
30. Higher the inflation, __________ the price
1. Higher
2. the higher
3. More
4. greater
31. Error spotting – A bird flap (A)/ its wings, flies (B)/ high in the sky and (C)/ returns / NO error (D)
32. Flower uses different textures to ____________ the insects
33. What will be the venn diagram
Men, rodent , living beings

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