SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 28 August 2016

Dear Mockbankers, The second day of the SSC CGL Tier I exam is over now. The level of the paper was somewhat easy.

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In this post we are sharing SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 28 August 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in today’s exam.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis and Decent Attempts

SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 28 August 2016

1) Which part of Brain is called “Small Brain” ?

Ans Mid Brain

2) Recently, Government Launches “HRIDAY” Scheme, which is meant for ?

Ans Infrastructure Projects

3) What is Public Litigation ?

Ans Litigation for Protecting the Public Interest. 

4) The title of Mahatma / Father of Nation to Gandhiji was given by ?

Ans Netaji Subash Chander Bose
5) What are the main causes of “Sepoy Mutiny” ?

Ans Hurting the Religious sentiments of Sepoys

6) Study of Human Mind is called ?

Ans Neuroscience

7) In which city, Ellora case are situated ?

Ans Aurangabad in Maharashtra

8) A Place, where soldiers live is called ?

Ans Fort/Battalion

9) Excise Duty is applied on ?

Ans Manufacturing Product

10) Who introduced “Doctrine of Lapse ” ?

Ans Lord Dalhousie

11) What do you mean by “Net Neutrality “?

12) Golden Revolution is associated with ?

Ans Horticulture Development

13) US Parliament is better known by which name ?

Ans Parliament: Congress and Upper House: Senate 

14) Why the color of ocean appears blue ?

Ans Due to scattering of light.

15) To which field is Charles Correa related to ?

Ans Architect.

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Questions from English Section 

16 ) Synonym of Copious

17) Antonym of Extraneous

18) Spell Check ( Discrepancy)

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  1. thankyou @disqus_8op6A1eq5e:disqus MB for your efforts to bring this vital list of questions for us candidates, everywhere else they are worried about making money through ads and waste our time but here on your website i did not have to surf for long to get what i wanted.
    thankyou very much
    and i hope you keep this good work going.

  2. Hello sir , My exam was on 28 Aug (1st shift). I attempted 86 [ reasoning- 24 (100% accuracy), Maths 22 (100% accuracy), Gk -18 (got 4 mistakes till now) & English 22 (80% accuracy) ]. Should i start preparation 4 mains? & important thing is that, marks of tier-1 would further add 2 tier-2 score?

  3. my exam is on 7th. i’m bit tensed about GK and English! who ever attempted.. please share me your experience with GK and Eng. are they ok? or should i prep even better?

  4. The title of Mahatma / Father of Nation to Gandhiji was given by ?
    ans: Tagore not Subash Chandra bose

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