SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 2 September 2016

Dear Mockbankers, The Seventh day of the SSC CGL Tier I exam is completed. The level of the paper was somewhat easy.

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In this post we are sharing SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 2 September 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in today’s exam.

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration


SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 2 September 2016

Morning Shift

  1. What is Nitrification? Ans: Ammonia is converted to nitrites

2. In which Asbestos found maximum in which country? Ans: Russia

3. Three-month state emergency in which country? Ans: Turkey

4. Beighton cup is related to which sports? Ans: Hockey

5. Which Indian city is known as the ‘Manchester of South India’? Ans: Coimbatore

6. Who was the flag-bearer of India at Rio Olympic? Ans: Abhinav Bindra

7. Who becomes first cricketer to score 1000 runs in an innings? Ans: Pranav Dhanawade

8. Which is the largest irrigation plant in India? Ans: Indira Gandhi canal

9. What kind of mountains are the Himalayan mountains? Ans: Fold Mountain

10. Kerala Soil is rich in? Ans: Phosphorus

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

Afternoon Shift

  1. Who is known as frontier Gandhi – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  2. Paper publish by Gandhi in Africa –The Indian Opinion
  3. Which of the following is the least polluting – Kerosene, Diesel, Coal or Hydrogen – Hydrogen
  4. Group of interconnected islands – Archipelago
  5. Why treaty of Purandhar was signed- Treaty was signed between Jaisingh and Chhatrapati Shivaji
  6. Lines joining the same slope on earth- Contour lines
  7. Where is Sun temple located – Konark, Odisha
  8. Vinegar is known as – Acetic acid
  9. Which of these temples was damaged due to fire in Kerala – Paravur temple at Kollam
  10. White elephants are found in – Thailand

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

Evening Shift

  1. Encryption on Ashoka pillars written in – Magadhi Prakrit, using Brahmi script
  2. Indian Army Artillery school at? – Deolali
  3. First Indian to make a 7th appearance at the OlympicsLeander Paes
  4. How many rings are there in Olympic flag- 5
  5. Potassium permanganate is used as- Oxidant,
  6. Not an official language of UN – Japanese.
  7. When is Kharif crop harvested? – October
  8. Where was ‘Skill India’ launched? – New Delhi
  9. The demand of what type of goods increases with income? – Normal Goods
  10. Equality and  Fraternity have been taken from? –French Revolution
  11. Major Energy generation in India is from – Coal
  12. Same atomic number , but different mass numbers – Isotopes 

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

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  1. SSC CGL 2016 – 3 September Afternoon shift
    1. Tenure of governor
    2. Question about Rio Olympic
    3. Many questions over geometry so please be prepared.
    4. Comprehension was easy , automym and synonym were difficult, try to avoid solving find an error questions ( if you are master in it then must go) , spelling correction was there very easy , fill in the blanks there ( easy to moderate level attempt them)
    5 . Reasoning was easy to moderate level . Regular contemporary questions like blood relation , change of mathematical sign , one question of syllogism very easy one , series of number easy one.
    6. Transformer convert from what to what?
    I’ll post more as I remember.

  2. after 100 year which game was added in RIYO Ans GOLF
    In myopia
    definition of inflation and Net congestion
    one Matching question from indus Civilisation as Lothal DOCKYARD

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