SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 1 September 2016

Dear Mockbankers, The Sixth day of the SSC CGL Tier I exam is completed. The level of the paper was somewhat easy.

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In this post we are sharing SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 1 September 2016. Here are some of the Questions asked in today’s exam.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis and Decent Attempts

SSC CGL Exam Questions Asked on 1 September 2016

Morning Shift:

  1. Which gas is used as a coolant in refrigerator – (Confusing options, Ammonia and Freon both are correct).
  2. Rio Summit is done for – Environment and Development
  3. Which gas is responsible for the ozone depletion – Chlorofluorocarbons
  4. Transistor is used for  – Amplify or switch electronic signal
  5. Talikota war in which empire – Vijayanagara Empire and the Deccan sultanates
  6. Largest island of world – Greenland
  7. Who was the Guru of Mahatma Gandhi? – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  8. Dilwara famous temple belongs to which religion – Jain
  9. Right to education came in through which amendment – 86th Amendment
  10. Who died while playing polo – Qutb-ud-din Aibak
  11. Guru of Mahatma Gandhi – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  12. Jawhar Lal Nehru award is given for – International Understanding
  13. Gas produced in bleaching powder – Chlorine Gas
  14. Sariska and Ranthambore are famous for which animal? – Tigers
  15. What is the meaning of IC – Integrated Circuits
  16. Which gas is used as a coolant in refrigerator? –

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

Afternoon Shift:

  1. Which of the following is a Dwarf planet? – Pluto, Eris.
  2. Glittering of soap bubbles is due to which phenomenon – Interference.
  3. Andaman and Nicobar is separated by which degree channel? – Ten-degree channel.
  4. What is the other name of Vinegar? – Acetic acid.
  5. Rajya Sabha Member are elected by? – Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories.
  6. What are also called as Suicidal bags? – Lysosome.
  7. Optical fiber works on the principle of? – Total internal refraction (TIR).
  8. Which city is called as the City of Palace? – Kolkata.
  9. Jallikattu is related to which festival? – Pongal.
  10. The first inscriptional evidence of the Sati System in India has been found from? – Eran District (Madhya Pradesh).
  11. Which of the following is the 1st Green corridor of Indian Railways? – Manamadurai-Rameswaram rail track.
  12. Indian Railways issues insurance cover for how much money? – Rs. 1 (Cover of 10 lakh).
  13. Ghatampur Thermal Power project is related to which state? – Uttar Pradesh.
  14. Special Drawing Right (SDR) is created by? – International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  15. Which space shuttle carried Sunita Williams beyond the Earth? – Soyuz (Russian).
  16. Why is Argon gas used in the Welding? – It is cheaper and produces a more stable electric arc because it is heavier than air (Not sure what the options were).

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

Evening Shift:

  1. The term “Bully” related to which game? – Hockey
  2. Who are Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardee in boxing?- Mary Kom and Vijender Singh
  3. Who is Sunita Williams? – Astronaut
  4. Where is the National Rail Museum is located? –  Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
  5. Which river is also referred as Dakshin Ganga? – Godavari
  6. Who was the first english/british man to visit Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s court? – Thomas Roe
  7. Who founded the Arya Samaj? – Dayananda Saraswati
  8. Narmada Dam Water Dispute is between which Indian States –  Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat and Narmada Sagar in Madhya Pradesh
  9. Which element is the heaviest metal on the periodic table of elements? – Osmium.
  10. Why does the setting/rising sun appear red?- Refraction

SSC CGL Result 2016? Expected Date of Tier 1 Result Declaration

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  1. Sir if options given in the questions are wrong…then what will happen? We can get the marks or it will be negative?

  2. I have attempted 85 questions and I think about 10 will be wrong. But as you have said, only results will show the clear picture. All the best buddy.

  3. no options related to chinese people friend. The above option is 100% correct. attempted 80 questions, in that one i was given wrong remaining all are correct till my knowledge. I didn’t give any expected answer but have to wait for the result. It may change because as we expected are not correct at all time. What about you friend.

  4. Do you remeber if there was any option related to Chinese people?
    Also, How much marks are you expecting to score?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello
    Even I do not remember the options clearly.
    But there was one which was something like:
    Japan is the Easternmost country and due to this the sun rises there first.

    Can that be the answer?

    Actually I googled the question and found out that the reason was something related to the Chinese people. That os why I am a little confused.

  6. Sun first rises in japan means sun rising starts from japan. I know there were no options like this. But i am also not remember options if you provide the options i will tell you my friend.

  7. Hello
    What were the answers to the questions:

    1. Why is Japan called the ‘land of rising sun’?

    2.In which layer of atmosphere, the altitude has no effect over temperature?

  8. Hello
    What were the answers to the questions:

    1. Why is Japan called the ‘land of rising sun’?

    2.In which layer of atmosphere, the altitude has no effect over temperature?

  9. Yes my dear friend you are absolutely correct. Why mock bank was given incorrect question. I was surprised while seeing questions and i was shocked because i also write the exam in same shift and i am very afraid after seeing that because i feel i am only overlook the questions. But most of the questions posted is different from the questions given in the exam. For question number 3 sushil kumar also got khel ratna and he was asking in question itself from wrestling. So my sincere request to mock bank please post the correct questions. If there is doubt in question better don’t post that question aspirants may get confused. If my words hurt any one of you, i am very sorry.

  10. 1st September Evening Shift questions:

    1) Who is Sunita Williams?
    2) Why does Sun appear red at sunset?
    3) Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardee Sports Personality(not mentioned as to from which Sport)
    4) Most Common Anesthesia?
    options: A) N2O
    B) N2
    C) CH4
    D) CO2
    5) Term Bully is associated with which sport?
    6) What is Dakshin Gangotri (It was not Dakshin Ganga, but instead Dakshin Gangotri)?
    7) Who founded Arya Samaj?
    8) Which English Captain visited the Court of Mughal Emperor jahangir?
    9) Why is Japan called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ ?
    10) Which element is the heaviest out of the following? (not in entire Periodic Table) ?
    options: A) Gold
    B) Silver
    C) Iron
    D) Copper
    11) Where is National Rail Museum located?
    12) Narmada Water Tribunal looks into the Narmada Water Dispute between which States?
    13) In which layer of atmosphere,the altitude has no effect over temperature?
    options: A) Ionosphere
    B) Stratosphere
    C) troposphere
    D) Exosphere
    14) At hill station, the boling point of water?
    options: A) is less than at sea level
    B) greater than at sea level
    C) is equal to B.P at sea level
    D) is equal to Melting Point of water at sea level.
    15) What is population Density?
    options: A) no of persons per kilometer.
    B) no of persons per square kilometer.
    C) Forgot rest options, anyway you found your answer.

  11. kindly update with the ACTUAL questions and analysis of exam with expected cut off. This is not a joke that you guys are updating with same questions daily, and increasing your ‘site visits’ only. If you don’t have the questions then atleast don’t update false info.

  12. They are shamelessly posting same questions daily and think we guys are fool..unsubscribing mail alerts…change ur name from mockbank to mockerybank

  13. I just wonder, every day SSC asks the same questions , is this you want to convey us??? Stop fooling us.. Such a SHAM u guys are

  14. All are fake questions that was not asked in 1september cgl exam…so mock bank is totally a fake competition site…

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