This article will cover Assistant in AFHQ (as a part of SSC CGL) Job Description, Assistant in AFHQ  Work timing, Assistant in AFHQ Career Path, Assistant in AFHQ Salary, Assistant in AFHQ required qualification and Assistant in AFHQ stages of examination.


SSC CGL: Assistant in AFHQ Job Description, Career Path, Salary, Qualification and Stage of exam

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SSC CGL Job  – Assistant in AFHQ Job Description, Career Path, Salary, Qualification and Stages of exam

pan style="text-decoration: underline;">1. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Job Description/ Profile: 

Assistant in AFHQ, is an Assistant post offered through SSC CGL. If you are wondering about the full form of AFHQ, it is Armed Forces Head Quarters. In this job, you would work in AFHQ office which is under the ministry of defence.Your work profile will normally include clerical work like completing files and  making reports and putting them up to the higher authorities.

2. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Work Timing:

As an Assistant in Assistant in AFHQ, you will have a proper work schedule. Daily you will be going in the morning and coming back to your home in the evening, no extra work hours and working in shifts.

3. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Career path:

As an Assistant in AFHQ, you will have the following career path

  1.  Section Officers( in 7-8 years)
  2. Deputy Director
  3. Joint Director
  4. Director
  5. Principal Director

4. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Salary and allowancesASSISTANT IN AFHQ

Pay Scale
Grade Pay
Initial Pay
Total Pay (i) + (ii )

As an Assistant in AFHQ you will be entitled to the following major allowances:

  1. DA on Total Pay above (around 107 %)
  2. Transport Allowance
  3. House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters)
  4. Petrol allowance
  5. Limited bill for mobile
  6. In Addition to this, you will have access to canteen of Armed Forces

According to current pay scales, You would get a salary of around 40,000/- pm initially( can be varied a little as per place of posting)

5. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Qualification :

Degree from recognized university or equivalent.

6. SSC CGL Assistant in AFHQ Stages of Examination:

Two Tier Written Objective Exam, followed by Document Verification.

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