Assistant Audit Officer SSC CGL AAO Job Profile Salary Career Path Eligibility Selection

This article will cover Assistant Audit Officer Job Description/Profile, Salary, Work timing, Career Path, required qualification and Assistant Audit Officer stages of examination.[no_toc]

In order to assist candidates to select the job profile that suits their nature, we will do a series of posts on different job profiles mentioned in SSC CGL official notification.

SSC CGL Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) Job Profile, Career Path & Salary

What is AAO Full Form?

The full form of AAO is Assistant Audit Officer.

AAO Job Description:

The full form of AAO is Assistant Audit Officer. It is a newly added post in SSC CGL, and also one of the most sought after too (because of highest grade pay).

You will be posted under The Indian Audit & Accounts department, the organization responsible for auditing the accounts of Central/State governments and Public sector companies. Your work profile, in general, will be to assist the Audit Officer and Sr. Audit officer in conducting various departmental audits. The audits may involve financial, performance, compliance aspects. It is a gazetted officer post and most of the times, you will be taking decisions at the section level and reporting it to the higher authorities.

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Assistant Audit Officer Work Timings:

In Assistant Auditor Officer, you will have a proper work schedule. Daily you will be going in the morning and coming back to your home in the evening, no extra work hours and working in shifts.At certain times, it may also involve some traveling during the inspection.

SSC CGL AAO Career Path:SSC CGL AAO Job Profile Salary Career Path Eligibility Selection

As an Assistant Audit Officer, you will have the following career path

  1.  Audit officer, in around 6-10 years.
  2. Sr. Audit officer, after 2-4 years of becoming an Audit Officer.
  3. DAG.
  4. Sr. DAG.

SSC CGL AAO Salary And Allowances

Pay Scale
Grade Pay
Initial Pay
Total Pay (i) + (ii )

As an Income tax Inspector you will be entitled to the following major allowances:

  1. DA on Total Pay above (around 107 %).
  2. Transport Allowance.
  3. House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters).
  4. Petrol allowance.
  5. Limited bill for mobile.

According to current pay scales, an AAO would get a salary of around 42,000/- pm initially( can be varied a little as per place of posting)

Assistant Audit Officer Required Qualification:

You need to have a degree from a recognized university or equivalent.

SSC CGL AAO Stages of Examination:

Two Tier Written Objective Exam, followed by Tier 3 (Descriptive). After that, there will be Document Verification (and preferably an interview as well)

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Please let us know what is your preference for the SSC CGL in the comments section below. So, Friends, this is it for the Assistant Audit Officer Job Profile, Salary, Career Path, and other details. If you have any queries please ask them in the comments section below.

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  1. Sir , PLEASE TELL ME NO OF VACANCIES IN STATES THROUGH SSC CGL 2016 IF U CAN AND PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT EXTRA FAVOUR, HOW MUCH…????if u can…..if u cannt discuss this here then please msg me on 9716865487 my watsapp no. Sir i m also selected this year for AAO thatsy i am asking all this

  2. i have applied for SSC CGL 2017 Audit officer post and some other posts also if i qualify for paper I & II but disqualify in paper IV in Tire – II will they consider my profile for other post which i have applied or not rply please

  3. please reply fast before 18th-6-2017,
    d) WHEREVER YOU WANT ie. can get in your city vadodara

  4. what does EQ means ? i have confussion regarding this? please do me a favour so that i can fill the choice?
    thank you

  5. if i can not qualify the finance accounting paper for A group ssc cgl job for ABCD prefred prefrence order then what will happen

  6. hello sir
    if i apply for AAo post n fill EQ as yes n not clear paper 4th than would i be considered for other post ??/ plz reply sir asap bcz i dont fill the form as i have lot of confusion related to posts

  7. Sir, i am pursuing mba ( finance & banking ) 2nd year, and it will be completed on april 2018. So i want to know the information, whether i am eligible or not to apply for the post of AAO ( ASISTANT AUDIT OFFICER) in ssc cgl notification 2017.

  8. No they are not must. But there is paper 4 in tier 2, commerce related,you should score well in that to get through.

  9. Sir, My score of tier 1 and paper 1,2and 4 of tier 2 taken together for the post of Assistant Audit Officer is 601. What are my chances to get selected?
    Do we have to appear for tier 4 that is CPT and DEST for the same post?

  10. Does anyone know about the eligibility criteria for AAO post? I mean whether desired qualifications asked by ssc are must or not?

  11. So, after Sr. DAG, there is no promotion?….How much time can it take to be DAG from Sr.Audit officer & Sr. DAG from DAG?

  12. Sir I have qualified for cgl tier 2 paper 1,2 and 4.
    I opted AAO as 3rd prefernence.
    But I don’t have any knowledge regarding finance and accounts.
    So not interested to attend paper 4.
    what will happen if I didn’t attend paper 4
    will it create any problem?

  13. Sir I have applied for aao post but by mistake select no when they asked specifically in the registration I want to know whether I am eligible for this post or not..

  14. sir suppose someone gives the extra paper for aao and clears that and then tier 3…will he still be eligible for remaining posts involving paper 1 and 2 or only eligible for aao selection

  15. When will be the paper for aao held?
    Will it be along with tier 2 papers of maths and English ??
    What are the suggested books for the same?
    Pls reply

  16. I have ticked yes for the option “have you applied for aao” but due to misunderstanding about what EQ means i ticked no for “do you possess EQ for aao”. Will i be able to give examination for AAO?

  17. SSC staff have no clarification regarding this….they just dont reply to my emails and call center staff dont have such level of knowledge about it….

  18. AAO job involves a lot of travel.
    You may be posted at the head office, and have to travel across the state

  19. i m from chattisgardh raipur sir pls tell me aao posting area
    is they give me posting in my city or state pls tell me

  20. It is your wish.
    Even if you do not give paper 4, you will still be eligible for all other posts

  21. If you have typed no, you will not be eligible for paper.
    Even if they allow you and you fail, it will not be any issues

  22. sir , i have selected AAO as my first preference by mistake . and typed no in questions . like are you applying for the post of AAO and do you posses qualifications for Aao . i typed no .. if i dont clear paper 4 . what will happen ? second post ko first preference dia jaaega ? plz reply soon sir

  23. sir , by mistake maine AAO ke check box mein yes kar diya .kya mujhe paper 4 ka exam dena hoga kya

  24. Actually, the job an audit officer is not fixed and thus you may have head quarter at Delhi, but you have to relocate and travel a lot because of your nature of work

  25. Sir, do you think that one can get delhi posting in AAO? Is it possible to get delhi posting in AAO?

  26. Sir
    I wanna ask u one thing
    I mistakenly gave aao in post preferences
    But in the option I chose no for aao
    So will I have any problem in future at the time of final selection?
    Pls help me..

  27. sir, i have not filed the post at any choice. and i filled NO in the disirable qualification option as a dont posses the same as im a btech.

  28. have you filled this post at any of your choice.
    What did you answer for the Questions regharding AAO asked in the application form

  29. sir have not filled this post in the preference list. now i want get this job.
    1.will i be still eligible to give paper 4 in tier 2.
    2.if allowed will ssc ask for post preference at the time of document verification.

  30. sir, currently i am working as customs and excise inspector in delhi…i belong to jaipur…i want to know if this job is transferable or not…for instance if i get jaipur then would i be transferred to any other place or will i continue to serve in one location just like auditor…

  31. Nupur
    Mostly it will be of advanced level.
    Final score can be predicted only after the exam is conducted

  32. Sir, what would be the level of questions in paper-4 of tier 2? As in, 10th, 10+2 or graduate level?
    Also, what should be the final selection score for AAO?

  33. Sir if a person is applying for aao and other posts too. If got rejected in interview. Will he be considered for other posts as allotment of seats for other post would have done till then.

  34. Aspirant
    It might happen that they may not consider you for AAO post.
    Kindly contact them and clarify it

  35. sir i have applied for AAO as my 6th preference but mistakingly typed NO in questions :
    Are you applying for the Posts of AAO &
    Do you possess EQ for the Posts of AAO

    so will it create any major problem

  36. We can use CA as bachelor degree as even premier institutes like IIMs,XLRI consider it for their various programs including FPM.(Phd.),
    But can’t say anything about ssc

  37. CA Vijay Sharma
    It might help you at the time of interview (Most probably AAO will be having interview)

  38. CA is neither graduation degree nor a pg degree…it is a professional degree…hence not coming under the essential qualification…I am asking is essential qualification compulsory and desirable is just for prefence basis above graduation?

  39. Bhai mere CA apne aap me graduation h, same as b.tec, its a master’s degree so they put it in desirable qualificatio

  40. Sir in my 10 th marksheet my name is anil meena and..all other document name is anil kuumar meena but 10 markshet is importnt for date of birth verification…is create any problm in future in cgl 2016… what to do..suggest me plz..mail me answer sir at

  41. Sir in my 10 th marksheet my name is anil meena and..all other document name is anil kuumar meena but 10 markshet is importnt for date of birth verification…is create any problm in future in cgl 2016… what to do..suggest me plz..mail me suggestion plz sir

  42. Debapriyo
    It is optional
    If you don’t give Paper 4, you will not get AAO then, but you will be eligible for all other posts

  43. Ankit
    Better you contact SSC then,
    They can guide you better

    (i) SSC(NR), New Delhi-01164715222,01165021888, 01124363343,01124360840

    (ii) SSC(CR), Allahabad – 05322460511, 09452424060

    (iii) SSC(SR), Chennai – 09445195946, 04428251139

    (iv) SSC(WR), Mumbai – 09869730700, 07738422705

    (v) SSC(ER), Kolkata – 09477461228, 09477461229

    (vi) SSC(MPR) Raipur – 09407921504, 09407921505

    (vii) SSC(KKR), Bangalore – 08025502520, 09483862020

    (viii) SSC(NWR), Chandigarh – 09915509204, 09915509331

    (ix) SSC(NER), Guwahati, ` – 09085073593, 09085015252

  44. R u sure… Bcz I dont have essential qualification of graduation but only desirable qualification of CA… ?

  45. dear amit sir,same question is with me..i have kept aao in 11 is it mandatory to give 4 th paper?and if i didnt clear..may i we be eligible for other posts?please reply

  46. The tentative vacancies have been announced,what is the expected cut off now for Income Tax Inspector ?

  47. I am a CA .. I possess desirable qualification but not essential qualification of graduation….am I eligible for the examination….however CA is listed in the end of the notification in the list of Essential qualifications Code…..please suggest the correct answer….SSC staff is not able to provide clarification

  48. Aditya
    In case paper 4 is not cleared, you will not get AAO , but you will be eligible for all other posts

  49. Sir, i m pursuing last year of BE can i apply for this job… My graduation will be completed on june 2016..

  50. Amit Sir, I have opted AAO as first preference. Please suggest if I am eligible to other posts in case paper 4 is not cleared ?

  51. AAO is fully touring duty, means you are always on moving. Only weekend with family that also depends on distance from home to auditing area. For these AAO’s they should pass the SAS exam Otherwise return to auditors. Family life disturbing job better go for tax assistant

  52. Sir if I place aao at 1st preferance and could not clear paper 4 will I be eligible for next preference
    Nd what is SAS exam ?
    Plz guide me

  53. Vivek
    Considering your age which is 28 years, you would be eligible for only a few posts.
    Out of that lot, AAO will be our pick for you.

  54. Vasim
    We are not sure about that..

    It is better you clarify it with SSC.

    You should contact SSC on their helpline numbers

    (i) SSC(NR), New Delhi-01164715222,01165021888, 01124363343,01124360840

    (ii) SSC(CR), Allahabad – 05322460511, 09452424060

    (iii) SSC(SR), Chennai – 09445195946, 04428251139

    (iv) SSC(WR), Mumbai – 09869730700, 07738422705

    (v) SSC(ER), Kolkata – 09477461228, 09477461229

    (vi) SSC(MPR) Raipur – 09407921504, 09407921505

    (vii) SSC(KKR), Bangalore – 08025502520, 09483862020

    (viii) SSC(NWR), Chandigarh – 09915509204, 09915509331

    (ix) SSC(NER), Guwahati, ` – 09085073593, 09085015252

  55. Sir I don’t have desirable qualification as mentioned in official notification of Cgl 2016 ..but I HV essential qualification as asked for the post of assistant audit officer ..with a non commerce background …so can I apply for this post ?

  56. I have not filled AAO in my post preferences list since I do not want to apply for it. But, by mistake, I have filled “No” in “Do you possess EQ for the post of AAO?” although I am a graduate(B tech) and I do possess the EQ required.

    Will this create any problem in the future?

    Should I apply again

    Thank u sir….
    For an AAO is there any influence or power??
    How frequent will the transfers be??
    What r the working hours?? Will there be time to pursue my interests like music,photography or some business after office??
    Is there education leave available to pursue higher studies for an year??
    How about asst enforcement officer job and si in CBI ?? Am not interested in money,high salary etc….
    I want to pursue my interests and want to be in a good job to get a good match for marriage…
    After that I may continue if Iam satisfied with the job else will go for some business…. I wanna gather knowledge to do business or international trade….
    I will be thankful if u kindly spend a few minutes to clear my stupid questions… My mind is not clear….
    Am working as a PO in rural bank….I can get home posting in few months…. But job is not at all interesting and lot of questions arise in me.. Am I confined to this bank and town?? In our bank we always have to do crop loans and self help groups…. A few other type of loans may be done…. Even my town is a hot place, presently 40 degrees temperature…. There is no scope other than my branch…. Commercial bank fellows consider us as inferior to them….
    I joined this just I can stay at home town… But there is no satisfaction…. Wanna work with large group of my age group to enjoy work…..
    Sir , I have lot of confusions in me… Kindly guide me

  58. Rahul
    The exam will be conducted in the Tier 2 of SSC CGL.The syllabus and other details we will share soon. Its a bit tough for a non commerce person but is worth it. So you should definitely give it a shot

  59. Please guide about aao p4 exam . when it will be conducted and what will be syllabus and level of examination. A person with with no commerce background should try for this post or will this be a waste of time because the in depth knowledge of economics will be required.?
    Please explain in a little derail.

  60. sir i did diploma with distinction and then so now i am eligible for STATISTICAL INVESTIGATOR…..?

  61. Vasim

    1.AAO: No maths is required, only graduation means you are eligible

    2.Statistical Investigator: 60 % in maths are required at 12th level,means you are eligible only if you scored 60% in 12th

    3. Compiler: Maths as an elective subject is required, means you are eligible

  62. Rahul
    SSC has not yet provided any such details.
    We will update you as soon as we get any intimation

  63. yes, infact there are huge vacancies in hyd & bangalore offices, in both these AG offices, my friends (batchmates) are posted. infact, if u are willing u would certainly get posting in hyd./bangalore.

    I cannot guide you regarding the direct recruitment, but if you get selected, you will be given training of around 7 to 8 months which will make you fit for auditing work. you will have to pass confirmaitory exam called SAS within probation period (two years) which is not that tough.

    during probation, you can have leave but not exorbitant. As i already mentioned, salarywise AAO should be your first option. But it has less promotions that customs examiner, income tax inspector.

  64. yes what you have heard is correct. Generally, AAO is posted at Headquarter and for field duty on rotation basis say, two years at headquarters with no roaming and next two years for field duty. In field duty, depending on the prescribed number of days for an auditee unit, you are sent for audit outside your headquarter for 10 days-30 days. After completion of this audit, you are given audit of such unit which is located at your headquarters station. With such methodology, you will have to remain out of hq station for 4-8 months in a year.

    After 7th pay commission, if you are sent outside your hq station, you would certainly save minimum 800 per day from TA/DA. This does not include any favour extended by the auditee unit where you do audit. If some favour is provided by them, it would be additional.

    As far as workload is concerned, you will have workload in hq posting. In field posting, it would be barest minimum depending upon you how much u want to have it otherwise in my opinion, field me workload Nil.

  65. Sir,
    I am planning to appear for SSC in 2016. I’ve work experience of 4 years after completing MBA and Engineering; blessed with good aptitude and can score among top 10 ranks. I’d like to know what would be the right post for me considering I’m 28 years old.

  66. @v@disqus_g78VJMjXL2:disqus Sir, will the postings of AAO be in state capitals only??can i be posted in hyd or bnglr???
    I have to give an extra paper…. can i crack it by studying a book in a month??kindly refer some books…
    if by chance i may get succeded in the exam, isnt it difficult to do the practical job as am not at all aware of audit,finance etc??? how will be the training??
    can i avail leaves for vacations in the probation period??
    every website has the same matter regarding job profiles in ssc cgl… i can apply for AAO,SI IN CBI,ASST ENFORCEMENT OFFCR,ASO IN CSS….i have to choose within these….. atleast iam able to i find who is an AAO… i couldnot find any person from cbi,enforcement to ask anything related to the job…..
    am still in confusion to make my job preference…..

  67. sir suna h AAO field me jate h for one month or more …matlab mahine bhar ghar se bahar rhte h….and approx 8-9 month in a year ghar se bahar rhte h……is it true.?? and field me workload kitna rhta h…..matlab kahi pe audit ka schedule suppose 5 days ka h to kya us audit ko 2 days me complete karke ghar aa skte h kya??? and field me jane ka TA DA kitna milta h abhi and what after 7th cpc..??? and UTM bhi hota h kya kuchh?? cag office is in my home town ………

  68. I Dont have much knowledge in finance and economics…. How will be paper iv?? Is basic knowledge on finance and economics enough to clear paper iv??

  69. 3 months is a very long time.
    In any post be it AAO or any other, It is very difficult to get such long leaves.

  70. i am aao in cag. it is very difficult to get this much leave before mains, i m a victim. however, the job is very good with good respect both with auditee units and society.

  71. Both are good jobs
    In CBI, you will mostly be dealing with full fledged criminal cases
    As AEO you will be dealing with economic crime related cases like money laundering.
    It is as per your choice, which you like

  72. Sir, is this AAO job transfferable and where one can expect posting ??
    My preference is to live with my family and hence had decided to give preference to MEA, AFHQ, CSS etc. please clarify.

  73. For AAO I have to give one more extra paper on financial which I Dont have enough knowledge…..
    How will be the work in CBI??
    I Dont have enough punctuality and am intense at work….
    Can u give a comparison bwn SI IN CBI and ASST ENFORCEMENT OFFICER

  74. Sravan
    In any case give First preference to AAO. This is the job you will be able to enjoy most of the things that you mention. And desirable qualifications are not mandatory. Its your performance in the exam that matters.
    then you can fill in the order below
    CBI SI
    NIA SI
    It is just a suggestion.
    Rest you decide as per your will. All the jobs are good.

  75. Bhumika
    You have to give an extra paper of General Studies(Finance and Economics) for AAO post specifically.
    This is paper no IV of tier 2

  76. Hello sir….
    I need a small info and suggestion regarding job preferences in ssc cgl 2016…..
    I am from general category and above 27…
    So I can apply only for si in CBI,asst enforcement officer, ASO in CSS, si in NIA, asst audit officer…..
    I have a bachelor’s degree…. I dont have desirable qualifications for Asst audit officer….
    I am not fond of money so I Dont run for the jobs where I can play my hand…..
    I have searched a lot but many sites have the same information pasted…..
    I read CBI is a work load and stressful job ….
    I want to do a job and I wanna learn guitar too like u….. I.e I want to have my passions and interests fulfilled along with my job…..
    I Dont have punctuality, but can do my tasks within the time…. So it shouldnot be like daily going office in time and coming out within time….
    My job should give ample time for vacations…
    I wanna work in andhrapradesh or major cities in south india….
    These r my constraints that r not primary, these r just to get suggestions for my preference order…
    Can u please throw me some light on this?

  77. Sir If I am not selected in the interview for this post then will they give job according to my preference or not ????

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