SSC CGL 2015 Interview- My SSC CGL Interview experience Himanshu Chaudhary

My SSC CGL Interview experience Himanshu chaudhary.

Name: Himanshu Chaudhary
Exam: SSC CGL 2015

Place: Lucknow
Date : 04 March 2016

So, the day was there. My interview was in the morning slot and I was asked to be there at 9 o’clock. I live in Ghaziabad, So I reached Lucknow, by train a day before ie on 3rd March 2016.The air was quite cool. The next morning, I got up early, did a bit of walk and then got ready for the interview.

I reached the venue at around 8:45. Only 2-3 guys were present. I sat down in the waiting hall and more candidates arrived in meantime. At around 9:15, we all started with document verification. It took them 2 hours to verify the documents of about 20 candidates (2 candidates were verified separately at a time). I wondered with the range of paper work they do in any government institution. I somehow feel that SSC should also start following the Digital India Mission, to have our documents in a cloud which can be assessed directly and hassle free. It will be more eco-friendly than the no. of pages we use and Photostat.

Around 11:00, the panel arrived with 4 members (3 men and 1 woman, all senior or former bureaucrats). We were SSC CGL 2015 Interview- My SSC CGL Interview experience Himanshu Chaudharyasked to get ready for the interview. I was on the third number and was asked to wait outside.

My number came at 11:40 and interview went till 12:00 (around 20 minutes). I was mainly based on my graduation (Electronics Engineering) , what I mentioned in my Bio-data form as well as my work experience. Here I am putting my interview experience. I opened the door.

Me –  May I Come in Sir. (Yes, Please). Good morning to all of you Mam and Sirs (With a broad smile.)

M1 : Ah, Good morning Sahil. Take your seat.

Me : Thank You Sir. (Meanwhile he scanned through my form with curiosity).

M1 : So what are ultrasonic waves?
Me : couldn’t answer completely but tried little bit.

M1 : Can we hear these waves ?
Me :  Answered

M1 : What is theory of everything ?
Me : Answered

M1 : What is big bang theory ?
Me : Told

M1 : What is doppler effect in sound and light ?
Me : Told about sound after listening my answer he himself explained about the light one .

M1 : What is SONAR and what are its uses?
Me : Told

M1 : How bats find their way around obstacles ?
Me : Answered (they have natural receptors that works similarly as the sonar concept )

M1 told M2 to ask questions.M2 basically asked about technical knowledge of my graduation subjects

M2  What is two basic process in a communication ?
Me : told

M2 : What is Antenna ?
Me : told

M2 : What is modulation and its uses ?
Me : told

M2 : types of modulation ?
Me : told

M2 : Types of antenna ?
Me : Two types couldn’ t recall the name of one.  He seemed satisfied

He asked 2-3 more technical questions that i am not able to recall. Then he asked F1 to ask questions.

F1 : Asked questions about my hobby of writing blogs
Me : told

F1 : Why was word emoji in news ?
Me : i told madam it was recently added to oxford dictionary as an english word.

F1 : Who was the sponsor of recent FIFA world cup nike or Adidas ?
Me : i said i am not sure but i think it was adidas.  She said yes it was adidas.

F1: Adidas is of which country ?
Me : i think italy. she said i was wrong i accepted politely.

Then she asked M3 to ask.

M3 : So what is special about NOIDA ?
Me : told that it was specially administered zone not a district

M3 : what does  NOIDA mean ?
Me : i told its full form.

M3 : when was NOIDA created ?
Me : i don’t know .

He asked me to try; I guessed 1990’s; he said ok but i later found it was 1976.

M3: Why have you left a great job with a famous MNC for a SSC job ?
Me : Tried to cite reasons such as job stability and social respect , but he wasn’t convinced.

Then they thanked me and i thanked them and came out.

P.S.: The interview in indicative and only a personal experience. There may be a few questions that are not mentioned here. Thank you.


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