Shocking News for Banking Aspirants

Shocking News for Banking Aspirants

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Shocking News for Banking Aspirants

If you are a Banking Job Aspirant, then this news might be a great shocker to you. As per the Recent Reports,the Public sector banks in India are facing a huge crisis due to the substantial increase in their non performing assets (NPA). This in turn is leading to the banks undergoing huge financial losses.

The Banking Sector Creates thousands of Jobs every Year, but there may not be the same scenario from now onwards.

Even RBI has also pushed itself into the matter and ordering them not to hold further recruitment if their financial position is not stable,

IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts Exam for all the Public Sector banks. The CWE PO / MT Exam 2015 had around 40000 vacancies, but this number may decrease substantially for CWE PO / MT Exam 2016.

Status So Far?

  • Indian Overseas Bank have already confirmed the news. It didn’t even recruit any candidate the previous year.
  • The reason accounted was the rise in their gross NPAs (Around 20 of their Total adavances amounting to a whooping 30000 Crores).
  • This resulted in a huge loss of around 1500 crores.
  • Taking this in regard, RBI imposed PCA ( Prompt Corrective Actionon them).
  • As the loss is too big, it is debarred from recruitment unless the loss comes within the permissible limit.
  • Even in 2014, the action was taken against United bank of India.

What is Expected in Future?

Not only this, this year it is expected that more than 4 banks will also face the corrective action. If we take the numbers, the gross NPA of all public banks stands at a whooping Rs.5,90,772 crore, a 67% increase compared to previous year.

Shocking News for Banking Aspirants

The banks which are already on the verge of getting actions are

  • UCO Bank
  • United Bank of India
  • Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank

The list may even increase in the next review by RBI, which is proposed in a few weeks. If it happens all these banks have to stop their recruitment process until they bounce back.In simple words.The Merger of SBI with its associate banks is also being considered as a face saving step by SBI.


The information shared above is based on the inputs from Financial Express Newspaper along a few other independent sources. The official notification on this is yet to come by IBPS/ RBI.

Friends, what do you think will be the impact on job aspirants, if this happens. Share your views in the comments Section.


  • Shreyashi Chatterjee

    its a dream breaker news for banking aspirants

    • aspirant

      no..its rumour i think..dnt be depressed

  • aspirant

    sachme mujhe sock lag gya dekh k..khayal aya last year ka post h..aise post na kijiyega plz

  • show me some enthusiasm…..


  • Eminem the gr8

    Are ayengi sir is saal vacancy kyu dara rhe ho bachoo ko bevajah…….padhai kro sub log

  • Amol

    PBSs need fresh workforce in order to generate more clean business to cross counter pending NPA issue. Half the workforce in PSBs are near to retiring and are actually proving NPAs to the Banks. taking the e.g. If one PSB recruits 5000 clerks per year x 4L their annual package which turn out to be around 200 Crores, which is not much compared to fresh business they will generate for the Bank.

  • Navita Bagri

    i think this is the right kind of news.Because i heard that RBI is going to merge the PSB’s in 5 or 6 Banks.

  • lalu

    They don’t know anything.. In2015 the po vacancies are only 8000 all India..and they listing 20000. Even in uttarpradesh clerk vacancy is less than 3000. They are liar they don’t know anything… max vacancy for po is 15000 in 2014 exam that was max…

  • Karthik M

    mockbank is ready for posting these type of unnecessary articles even though they are not yet confirmed.You are doing worst things and killing hopes nd confidence of many aspirants and affecting our preparation.plz mockbank think twice or thrice bfore posting and plz post nly important which are useful for bank aspirants. U guys dont worry there wont be anything lyk dis and keep on preparing..ATB..

    • Micheal Jordan

      Kartik its not only Mock Bank which has posted i have read in newspaper this article few days ago. If u through light on current banking industry this situation is bound to occur,

      • Karthik M

        yeah it may be right…but keeping students mind in point of view one shud not post these type of article which impacts on their preparation. Also, is it necessary that a bank aspirant must know this information and get awared? and do we get any questions from this in upcoming exams? no use at all rather it disturbs our mind and gives way to

        unnecessary panic thoughts.,nd famous site BankersAdda is der..does it posted any article abt dis? No, bcz they know what will happen and reactions of students,…k michal jordan sry for lengthy i got angered over dis article i cudnt stop commenting..thknu.. 🙂


    please dont post like this type of information because it will impact on our current preparation please


    Yaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ye to panga ho gya ………………………………………
    This year is my last attempt in clerk exam……………… Hope so, every news will be in positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Protyush Das

    WTF ….The worst thing you are doing Mockbank.Why you are posting this.Is it very happy news if it is true., who says this..Do you have any sense what is the effect of such post on aspirants?At least wait naa…until the official notice comes…though is a big ?????????

  • Himanshu

    Don’t work as a rumor mongers until official notification is released.

  • D G@me Ch@nger….Girl

    And what about the people who are going to retire in coming years …
    dont they (banks) need new employees ???
    Dont get demotivated guys….keep studying !!

  • target SBI clerk ;-)

    its all a bullshit nothing like this will going to happen …and how it is possible tht thr r 40000 openings in PO .. last yr it only have 16000 seats in which only 12000 were filled by the IBPS…

  • Vedu – :))

    Really bad news if it is true

  • Pallavi Chandrashekar

    In The financial express newspaper thy just spreading abt NPA and crisis thy have Not mentioned anything abt recruitment n there is one more article abt SBI have a look

  • koster_6

    these websites want’s to create sensational news out of nothing.this is nothing but a click bait article

  • Abhay

    Guyz please don’t get demotivated. You all have a great chance of selection this year. I am not rejecting this news but there will be CWE 6 this sure for that and prepare hard. You all will be bankers next year..all the best

  • Abhay

    Let me correct above given information..CWE 5 PO/MT had just 13000 vacancies. Please don’t give wrong numbers.

  • Venkat(Bad Enough 2 HURT U:P)

    thokkemanna kaadu,,,,,

    40k vaccancies ki pettaraa 2015 PO,,pichakodakallaraa,,,,sollu aapi yemaina panikochedi pettandi,,,
    (i cn’t express anger in alien language)

    • Kalhanika


      • Venkat(Bad Enough 2 HURT U:P)


    • koster_6

      well said bro these websites want’s to create sensational news out of nothing.this is nothing but a click bait article

      • Arvind Patil

        Friends Dont get Demotivated and Keep Preparing hard as this is all Publicity News ok and also Friends in case they cancel the Notiifcation then Aspirants across all the parts of our country irrespective of Gender,Language and Financial Status should get United and fight for the Justice on the Lines of the UPSC Aspirants who fought for Age Relaxation 2 Years BAck as Already Unemployment is rising in our Country.. We Aspirants have to suffer because of these rich industrialists like Vijay Malya and others as they have caused huge loss to Banking Public Sector. So All the Freinds get Ready for a Fight if need be and Create a FaceBook Group for the Same…

  • sruthi gupta

    This is really a bad news… So. Will there be recruitment this year??..ibps has already notified the dates for the exam..

  • ash

    We are putting our sake, our life.. Our hope..and this stupid people are playing with all of that ..This is India .The enjoyment of bigger ones have to have to bear by the lower ones. Government already know that people who are preparing either belong to lower middle class or low class.. The conclusion of this story that we are still slave of these people. Stop playing with us… Otherwise there will be rage and Chas among the common people like us.

    • totechan

      the banks are in great loss….this was to come….they cant keep recruiting

  • souvik

    abhi yeh sunna hi baki reh gaya tha… aur complicated karo sab kuch.

  • sri sri Banker


  • The Undertaker

    Winter is coming…..and….finally….winter has come…..the great war is on…!

  • Amit Singh

    This is Really Bad News But hope…is alive….be Positive

  • Ck

    So will the recruitment be stopped by this itself or next year…..I’m worried now….this was my last attempt as per age limit..

  • Biplab Roy

    modi is of no use only big election diagloues



    • chenab07

      Bill pass karne wale…khud pata nahin kitne npa ke karan hogey….it is always common masses..who bear….abii dekhna taxes b bada denge…ye log

      • MAANYATA


  • Cuty Pie Sia

    .BAs unemployment aur badegi India Mai. . . Aage he peeche h India . Abb aur Ho jayega. . .iss year exam lelo. .plzzzzz ?

    • Rishant Bhatt

      Hoga ish year jarur

  • Arun Kumar V H

    but banks are recruiting people through some other ways such as Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance Course. Why ?????

    • enakshi

      only into sales channel

    • chenab07

      Temporary….hai….as and when need arises…


      it has a bond of 5-6 years that POs do not leave job and go for some other opportunities this is the only reason and they will get more knowdllege from pgdbf

      • Manya

        will we have ibps this year or not

        • INFLATION

          yes 100%

          • Manya

            thank you you lifted my hopes

          • INFLATION

            if banks will do this they will isuue a notification regarding this….

          • Manya

            ok I am panicked looking at this news

          • INFLATION

            this type of news is circulated by these types of websites to increase page views

          • Manya

            yes you are right playing with human emotions

          • Manya

            but what about this news

          • INFLATION

            any news which is not official can not be treated as legitimate

          • pankaj

            The banks which have NPA above a threshold level might not participate in recruitment process by IBPS, but the exam will be held for sure. The vacancies could be anywhere between 8K-10K. So guys, prepare hard and smart . All the Best

  • James Wangru

    There was not 40000 vacancies in PO 2015. There was only 12615 vacancies.

  • b!ll!!????


  • arc

    very true

  • Jayoo Shah

    Actually this news are given by newspapers, so its just a possibility , not final verdict.Please refer the ibps frequently or confirmed news.

  • mOtU pO SBI wALe

    Bad Luck

  • Padmaraj Shetty

    Its not at all a shocking news, by the way..
    It was bound to happen!!!

  • DON

    ab yeh kya naya natak ……. pehle pichle saal vacancy decrese ki thi in logo ne po ke liye
    sala tum logo se paisa vasula nahi jata to batate kyun ho aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    us vijay maaallya se paise vasulo wo saaala aish karta he tum logo ke paise parr tum logo usaki vaaat lagane ki bajay hamari maaar raho what the f…………….

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    Not surprised