This article will give you an insight into the majority of questions asked in the SBI Systems Interview, along with tips and tricks to make sure your interview is perfect.

SBI Specialist System Officer: Important Interview Questions & Tips

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Interviews have never been a cakewalk. Especially when you are being interviewed for any technical position like SBI Specialist System Officer, your knowledge about the technical part becomes even more important.

After a lot of research and talking to many successful successful SBI Systems Officers, we have penned down the technical questions which would be asked in the SBI Specialist System Officer Exam.

SBI Specialist Systems Interview: General Introductory Questions:

  1. What you are doing ?
  2. Why you want to leave your IT job and want to join bank?
  3. Have you worked on database?
  4. What were your favourite subjects in B.Tech?
  5. Tell me about your final year Project?

SBI Specialist Systems Interview: Definition Type Questions:

  1. What do you means by open source software?
  2. What is an OTP?
  3. what is SSL?
  4. What is oracle
  5. What is AI?
  6. What is ERP?
  7. What is unicast and Broadcast?
  8. What is a network?
  9. What is a software program?
  10. What is human Computer Interface?

SBI Specialist Systems Interview: Difference Based Questions:

  1. What is difference b/w MySQL and SQL.
  2. What is the difference between a router and a switch?
  3. What is the difference between Windows and UNIX?
  4. What is diff b/w DDL and DML?
  5. What is the difference between a Robot And a Toy?

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SBI Specialist Systems Interview: Data Based Questions:

  1. What are features of GUI?
  2. What are default icons present on desktop?
  3. Have you seen in which section of our site , tenders are listed?
  4. So you worked in XYZ IT Company. Did you know that it provides which banking s/w?
  5. What security feature you use while developing s/w?

SBI Specialist Systems Interview: Opinion Based Question:

  1. What are the things needed for data center facility setup?
  2. Any one can steal information from server so how to secure that?
  3. How can we make debit/credit card 100% secure?
  4. What security feature do you think should be there?
  5. What is the significance of Techno Commercial Bidding?

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SBI Specialist Systems Interview: Tips and Tricks

1. SBI Specialist Systems Interview Tip# 1 : The power of body language.

Body language matters a lot while speaking. Our body language exhibits far more information about how we feel than it is possible to articulate verbally. All of the physical gestures we make are subconsciously interpreted by others. This can work for or against us depending on the kind of body language we use.

  • Demonstrating a positive body language is important as interviewers pay attention to the slightest details of your postures and gestures during the interview.
  • Experts advise that you must know how to use your body to effectively enhance your verbal message. Leaning forward slightly towards the interviewer during the Personal Interview would go on to show that you are interested in what they are saying.
  • Giving listening cues such as nodding whenever a interviewer makes an important point shows your engagement in the process.
  • On the other hand, gestures such as scratching your head, repeatedly crossing and uncrossing the legs or touching your face are all instances of a nervous body language.
  • These actions must be avoided by the candidates to be able to make a positive impact on the panel members.

SBI Specialist Systems Interview body-language-dos-donts body-language-dos-donts (1)

2. SBI Specialist Systems Interview Tip# 2 Eye Contact:

  • Maintaining eye contact is very important. Speaking by making eye contact shows your confidence level, it also involves the interviewer.
  • Looking towards ceiling or floor shows lack of interest or confidence.

3. SBI Specialist Systems Interview Tip# 3: Don’t be Aggressive:

  • Many a times the interviewer will put you in position where you get angry, aggressive.
  • This is done to check how you handle emotions.
  • In situations like these avoid getting angry, maintain your composure and answer after taking a deep breath.

4. SBI Specialist Systems Interview Tip# 4: Avoid Signs of Distraction:

  • You should not engage your hands in inapt activities such as scratching, pricking, rubbing, playing with pens and key chains, fiddling with rings, grooming hair etc.
  • These activities are annoying and shows you are not serious about the interview.

5. SBI Specialist Systems Interview Tip#5:Sitting Posture:

  • You should sit properly in interview.
  • Sit straight, don’t lean over your chair as if you are very tired and sleeping.
  • Don’t slouch or bend forward.
  • At the same time, you should not be absolutely stiff remain in a comfortable posture.

You are at one of the final stages to get into your dream job i.e. SBI Systems Officer. Prepare well and do loads of mock interview.

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Friends, This was all about the technical questions likely to be asked in the SBI Specialist System Officer Interview. We hope that these questions will help you help you to perform better in your interviews. If you have any other doubts and suggestions, feel free write them in the comment section given below. We will post SBI Law Officer Interview questions soon.