SBI PO vs IT Job

SBI PO vs IT Job : In This article, we will compare SBI PO with an Entry Level IT JOB on the following Six Parameters: Prestige, Job Security, Area of Interest, Salary and Perks,Growth Prospects and Work Life Balance.

SBI PO vs IT Job : Overview 

Dear MockBankers

Each and every one of us desire a job which not only is comfortable but keeps challenging us and hence give us growth. Moreover we aspire for a job which helps us utilize our skills to the max and give a sense of purpose. Life becomes an amazing journey in this case.

So what actually is a good career option. Well the question is debatable but the inference is, only that option, in which we see ourselves working hard and partying even harder, is where we see our holistic growth, both personally as well as professionally.

In the last decade, the IT industry has emerged as the preferred choice for youngsters of our generation, ‘dream job’ as we call it. If you are an engineer from a good college, you will definitely prefer getting a campus placement in top IT companies viz. TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro and the likes. We love these multinationals for their ‘culture’, ‘growth’, ‘perks’ and what not. But it is only after we start working for these behemoths that we realize that all that hungama about corporate life and work culture was a mere delusion, a smoke screen.

We write codes for 8-10 hours daily, 5-6 days a week and it becomes monotonous. We realize our growth has shunted and find ourselves in the middle of an ocean with no land in sight. Nothing is exciting, challenging anymore. Consequently there is no development and of course no growth. Life becomes an endless cycle of being slave to deadlines.

After months and months of sulking and endless deliberations, the reality hits and we pledge to ourselves ‘Not Anymore’, but then we are faced with another equally profound dilemma “If not IT, then WHAT?”

Well we feel we have cracked the answer to the ultimate question and it is: “SBI PO”

SBI PO is one of the most sought after job in India. It is a guarantee of a secure future coupled with the prestige of working with in the government sector.

We will compare SBI PO vs IT Job to see if it’s really the answer.

SBI PO vs IT Job #1: Prestige

Let’s face it, unlike the western world, in our country the respect we get from still others matters. Be it for shaadi or rishtedars or in laws of siblings.

IT industry was and is the dream sector for the Indian middle class. If you are working in a big shot IT firm, nobody will bother about your other credentials. ‘Yahan Naam mein sab rakha hai’.

An SBI PO, though less suave is considered equally good.

So we leave it upto you to decide this round. 

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SBI PO vs IT Job #2: Job Security

Well the stakes are equally set here, but only if you are living in the Pre-Recession era. IT companies were riding high on the Y2K growth and things were all rosy and good. Then came the 2008 Recession and mayhem spread.

IT employees got new words in their dictionaries ‘Pink Slips’, ‘Layoffs’, ‘Debt’. Though the present situation is better than 2008, nobody and we stress NOBODY can safely predict when the next recession might hit and sweep us with it. IT industry is prone to market forces and any day can very well be your last day at the firm. This coupled with the automation revolution has rendered thousands if not millions of IT industry stewards useless. To improve bottom lines, companies are reducing the flab and are going agile, making mass firings a norm.

Do not believe us check out the following article in prominent national daily talking about over 15000 recent job cuts in IT industry :

Enter the Public Sector Banking Industry. Though 2008 crisis was a result of bankers not being able to control their greed, it didn’t affect the jobs of people working in SBI. Even in the darkest times there hasn’t been even a single mass layoff in the history of SBI.

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It is true that SBI POs don’t get the lucrative ‘onsites’, but you are never left without a site. *winks.

SBI PO vs IT Job #3: Area of Interest

IT jobs have a requirement – You need to know how to code. If you are not from CS/IT engineering, you either slog endless hours to learn it or ‘Tata Bye Bye dream IT company mein job’. We see civil engineers writing long lines of codes and imagining ‘What wrong did I do with my life.’

On the contrary Bank PO doesn’t has any specific requirements. You can be completely yourself and you will be considered. Everything you learnn is on the job. The only requirement is to clear the SBI exam.

Again we leave it upto you to decide this round. 

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SBI PO vs IT Job #4: Salary and Perks

The main bone of contention among all the candidates – Salary.

A salary of an SBI PO is higher than that compared to other entry-level IT jobs. The CTC package of a  probationary officer in SBI is easily around ₹8-12 lakh per annum.

Click here to see SBI PO Salary and Allowances

SBI also gives you leased housing and allowances for things like newspapers, chai and even furniture. I mean WHAT!!

Almost 30-40% of the salary of an IT industry worker goes to pay his bills, rent and transportation. Compared to this, SBI POs are able to save more as their housing is taken care of.

This one goes to the SBI.

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SBI PO vs IT Job #5: Work Life balance

In an IT job, you have uncertain timings at work, working in nights ( so that you can manage your US client’s timing) and no holidays on many occasions.

But that’s not the case with SBI. Timings are fixed. You get more holidays than IT industry. This means you get to spend more time with your family and friends. You will never work on Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.

Hence, SBI job helps you to maintain an effective work-life balance.

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SBI PO vs IT Job #6: Growth Prospects

It takes around 10 years of blood and sweat to become a Mid level Manager in an IT firm. Even then there is always a sword of uncertainty hanging over your faith.

If you join as a probationary officers (PO) in SBI, you rise to become Branch Manager within 3-4 years and if you are fortunate enough, you can rise to the post of Chairman.

Click here to see SBI PO Growth Prospects and Career Progression

Remember Arundhati Bhattacharya, present Chairperson of SBI , also joined SBI in 1977 as a Probationary Officer.

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We have now compared SBI PO and IT Job on 6 parameters.

Which is better from your perspective? Well we are waiting for your answer.

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