SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018 is conducted today. The overall level of the exam is difficult. SBI has given many surprises in English and Reasoning section. You can go through the detailed exam analysis of SBI PO Mains 2018 exam in this post. The paper was quite unpredictable this year and the many new questions were introduced. We hope you find our SBI PO Mains exam analysis useful and you derive full benefit out of it.

SBI PO Mains 2018 was complex, challenging and unpredictable. It is important to point out here that the paper was difficult for every candidate so do not panic. The cut off will be comparative to all. Focus on the next stages of PI and GD or for any other exams that you must have filled up.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018 – Overview

Mode Online
Papers 2 ( Objective + Descriptive)
Negative Marking In Objective Marks
Duration Objective (3 hours) + Descriptive (0.5 hours)
Objective Paper Level Difficult
Descriptive Paper Level Moderate


SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis: Complexity of Sections

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Difficult
Data Analysis and Interpretation Difficult
General Awareness Moderate
English Language Difficult
Descriptive Paper Moderate

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis: Safe Attempts

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 13-17
Data Analysis and Interpretation 18-22
General Awareness 23-27
English Language 16-19
Descriptive All

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude Details

  • No questions on computer aptitude were asked this time.
  • No questions on syllogism were asked this time.
  • Besides the old puzzles, a new type of puzzle was asked – Calculation based on shelf and frames.
  • The level of reasoning was difficult. Following were the questions of puzzles and seating arrangement:
    • Linear Double Line, 10 people seating
    • Circular Arrangement
    • Floors+Buildings based puzzle
    • Blood Relation+Age based puzzle
    • Random Arrangement -3 Variables, Names of persons, their posts and fruits were given
    • Linear Seating Arrangement- 3 Variable, the direction in which the persons were seated was not mentioned.

The questions were:

Topic No. of Questions Level
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles
Coding Decoding 5 Difficult
Passage Inference
Moderate- Difficult
Course of Action
Moderate- Difficult
Conclusion based Logical Questions
Moderate- Difficult
Decoding based Direction Sense

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Three sets of Data Interpretation were asked.
  • The type of DI asked was – Pie Chart, Missing DI and Line graph
  • Overall this section was quite calculative
The level of quantitative aptitude was moderate to difficult. There were  5 sets of DI. However, this section was relative of a do-able level when compared with the English and Reasoning Section. Following are the DI types asked in SBI PO Mains 2018:
  • Tabular Missing DI
  • Bar Graph – yearly expenditure of a person was given
  • Caselet – Time and Work
  • Caselet – Venn Diagram – Data related to an online store was given
  • Bar Graph – Data related to calls received and resolved was given in percentages
The questions were:
Topic No. of Questions Level
Quantity I, Quantity II 5 Moderate
Data Sufficiency 5 Moderate-Difficult
Data Interpretation 25 Moderate-Difficult
Total 35 Moderate-Difficult

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – English Language

  • The complexity level of English was more difficult than last year
  • The questions based on errors were based on old pattern as well as new pattern questions were introduced.
  • Jumbled sentences too showcased a new pattern in some questions
  • Two sets of Reading Comprehension were asked and new pattern questions were asked (at least 5)

This section packed in a punch for all the aspirants who appeared in this examination. There were many new types of questions. Two reading comprehensions were there in the English Language section among which one passage was of the conventional type, it was based on the theme of an economist’s view of differences between innovation and invention. 1 question was based on vocab.

The second reading comprehension was entirely based on a new pattern. 5-6 paragraphs were given marked as Statement A, Statement B  and so on. and below the statement marked as bold, its explanation was given. There were 9 questions in this passage set and those questions were based on identifying grammatically correct phrases, considered as phrase replacement.A new pattern of cloze test was introduced where a passage was given with 5 blanks and a phrase had to be filled in those blanks. In questions of that cloze test, a phrase was given and the candidate had to identify that the given phrase will belong to which blank 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 14 Difficult
Tripple Fillers 5 Moderate-Difficult
New pattern Cloze Test (Identify the correct phrases to be filled in the given blanks) 5 Difficult
Antonym and Synonym of FIT 1 Moderate
Sentence Completion 5 Moderate-Difficult
Sentence Improvement 5 Difficult
Total 35 Difficult
  • Reading Comprehension: In one RC, 15 questions were there, 5 – 6 paragraphs were given in a passage. Some sentences were bold and questions were based on those bold parts. The topic was Discussion and comparison between growth model and fixed interest model mindset. In other, 5 questions were there. its topic was Discussion about the different definition of innovation and invention. 1 question was from Vocab. In this word with meaning was given. You had to check whether it is correct meaning or not. It not, identify the correct meaning from the options.
  • Para Jumble: In this, d i.e, the fourth sentence was fixed. You have to arrange the other sentences. Topic was evolution of agriculture clearance techniques since Neolithic era.
  • Fillers: Tripple fillers was asked. Here 6 words was there and you have to answer like a-c, b-e and so on.
  • Sentence Connector: 2 connectors were given. You had to identify which connector is joining two given sentences. The connector was a single statement.
  • Sentence Completion: A sentence was divided into parts and one part was missing. You had to find the missing part.
  • Sentence correction: A sentence was given. You had to find the correct alternative of it.
  • Synonym & Antonym: Synonym and antonym of “FIT” was asked.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – General Awareness

General Awareness Section of today’s SBI PO Examination was Moderate – Hard and questions were from the topics Current Affairs, Static GK and Banking Awareness. The detailed Exam analysis of SBI PO Examination has updated here.

  • Level:  Moderate-Hard
  • Good Attempts: 22-27

In this section around 10 – 15 questions were from Banking & Financial Awareness, 5 – 8 questions were from Static GK and remaining 10 – 18 from Current Affairs.

  • General Awareness was the most doable of all sections of the paper.
  • The questions asked were mostly dynamic in nature and were in news of the last 6 months.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018: Descriptive Paper

Essay Writing

a) Write an essay on the Bitcoin.
b) Write an essay on Measures to be taken to avoid issues during monsoon.
c) Decreasing number of researches taken up by students.


Letter Writing

a) Write a letter to the concerned authority expressing your concern over usage of harmful pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

b) Write a letter to your branch manager as you were unable to transfer funds to your friend due to unavailability of UPI services
c) Write a letter to your manager to take subscription of some scholarly journals and magazines so that employees can update themselves about the latest technology.
d) Food stored for long period is sprayed with some chemicals which are generally carcinogenic in nature.
Write a letter to concerned authority to tell them this can be harmful to our health.

Final Word on SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018

The exam conducting officials at State Bank of India are challenging aspirants each year with new type of questions and a good level of unpredictability. Our suggestion to all future aspirants would be to start preparing for SBI PO Mains on the lines of CAT, GMAT and GRE. Don’t just buy fancy books for practice but build a strong foundation so far as your basics are concerned. Your strong foundation along with practicing different kind of questions across sections will help you go a long way in cracking the exam.

FAQ’s on SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018

Q1. What is the basis of Mockbank’s SBI PO Mains exam analysis 2018 ?

Ans 1. The basis of Mockbank’s SBI PO Mains exam analysis 2018 is the first hand input provided by candidates, across centers who appeared for the exam.

Q2. Does SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis help future aspirants ?

Ans 2. Yes the SBI PO mains exam analysis surely helps aspirants. It reveals the exact nature of questions being asked.

Q3. Will the cut off be less this year ?

Ans 3. A lot of candidates feel that a complex paper means a reduced cut off score. But that is not necessarily the case because the number of applicants increases immensely each year.

SBI PO Mains Question Asked 2018: General Awareness

There were total of 40 questions from the general awareness section, with a total time duration of 35 minutes. Following questions were asked in this section –

1. Indira Exercise 2018 – India & Russia

2. Which organization will conduct Global Mobility Summit 2018 on electrical vehicle job growth in September 2018 in New Delhi? – NITI Aayog

3. Who has been appointed the first-ever chief financial officer (CFO) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? Sudha Balakrishnan

4. In the Union Budget 2018-19, the ‘‘Operation Flood’’ replaced with a new Scheme ‘‘Operation Greens’’ was announced with an outlay of ____. Rs 500 Crore

5. Singapore-government owned investment firm, Temasek, has picked up 5 percent stake in the which small finance bank for Rs 1000 croreAU Small Finance Bank

6. Small Finance Banks (SFBs) will be required to extend 75% of their adjusted net bank credit (ANBC) for ____. Priority Sector Lending

7. Sunil Mehta committee recommended ‘Project Sashakt’, a five-prong strategy to deal with? Mounting non-performing assets

8.  What does ‘N’ stands in ‘NSFR’ guidelines issued by RBI? – Net (Net Stable Funding Ratio)

9. Yono app launched by which bank – SBI

10. Who was the winner of Kabaddi league which was held in Dubai in 2018? – India

11. Andres Iniesta (Football Player) who recently retired, belongs to which country? – Spain

12. The number of regional rural banks (RRBs) identified for listing on stock exchanges in line with the Union Budget 2018-19? – four

13. Which country has emerged as the Export destination of India? US

14. Where is Amangarh tiger reserve? Bijnore, UP

15. Asteroid Day – 30th June 2018

16. Numaligarh Refinery Plant- Assam

17. Noted artist Anjolie Ela Menon had received the National Kalidas Samman in Delhi for visual arts from which state government? Madhya Pradesh 

18. Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni who passed away in July 2018. He was? Indian Naval Chief

19. Swadhaar FinServe Pvt Ltd fully acquired by – RBL Bank

20. Social pay app launched by which bank? ICICI Bank

21. Which committee constituted to upgrade the norms for computation of economic data at states and districts level? Ravindra Dholakia committee

22. What does ‘H’ stands in HDI – Human (Human Development Index)

23. The cultural festival “Behdienkhlam 2018” was celebrated in? Meghalaya

24. How much amount does government approve for dedicated micro irrigation fund? Rs 5,000 crore

25. The World Bank South Asia Economic Focus report for Spring 2018 titled ‘Jobless Growth, India must grow at how much percent to ensure jobs? 18%

26. 5 options were given related to Payments Bank. You had to find which was not true? They can’t accept current deposit account

27. The RBI is set to roll out a coin of Rs 350 denomination to mark the 350th Birth Anniversary of? Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

28. The new telecom policy aims to attract ____investments in the digital communications sector by 2022.  $100 billion

29. The country’s first e-waste recycling unit will come up in __. Bengaluru

30. RRBs has to maintain the minimum prescribed Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR) of? 9 percent.

31. Commerce Min approves 15 projects for infrastructure under TIES. TIES is related to: export

32. The motif of Rs. 50 bank note: Hampi

33. Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana – Organic farming

34. According to the Socio-Economic Survey, what percent of Indian houses have mechanised tractors? 4%

35. Which bank received a licence from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to launch operations in India? – Bank of China

36. Under Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016, how many days of the deadline is given after completion of 180 days to a company? 90 days

37. Atal Pension Yojana has added over subscribers – 1.10 crore

38. Dynamic fuel pricing of petrol and diesel is done on- Daily Basis

39. Bharat Qr code: NPCI

40. According to the World Investment Report, 2018 by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), FDI into India decreased to ___ last year from USD 44 billion in 2016? USD 40 billion


SBI PO Cut Off for Mains Exam as Predicted by Experts

GENERAL 71.5-73.5
OBC 61.0-63.0
SC 59.5-61.5
ST 58.0-60.0

Final SBI PO Cut Off for Preliminary Exam

OBC 48.25
SC 43.25
ST 31.25

We will be writing exclusive posts on SBI PO Interview preparation and Group Discussion. Do read and benefit. Best wishes for all your forthcoming exams.