SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 has been compiled by us by taking into accounts the first hand inputs of aspirants across exam centres in Delhi and Bengaluru. The paper was quite unpredictable this year and the many new questions were introduced. We hope you find our SBI PO Mains exam analysis  useful and you derive full benefit out of it.

SBI PO Mains 2017 was complex, challenging and unpredictable. It is important to point out here that the paper was difficult for every candidate so do not panic. The cut off will be comparative to all. Focus on the next stages of PI and GD or for any other exams that you must have filled up.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 – Overview

Mode Online
Papers 2 ( Objective + Descriptive)
Negative Marking In Objective Marks
Duration Objective (3 hours) + Descriptive (0.5 hours)
Objective Paper Level Difficult
Descriptive Paper Level Moderate


SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis: Complexity of Sections

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Difficult
Data Analysis and Interpretation Difficult
General Awareness Moderate
English Language Difficult
Descriptive Paper Moderate


SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis: Safe Attempts

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 18-20
Data Analysis and Interpretation 9-11
General Awareness 27-29
English Language 16-19
Descriptive All

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude Details

  • No questions on computer aptitude were asked this time.
  • No questions on syllogism were asked this time.
  • Besides the old puzzles, a new type of puzzle was asked – Calculation based on shelf and frames.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – Data Analysis and Interpretation

  •  Three sets of Data Interpretation were asked.
  • The type of DI asked was – Pie Chart, Missing DI and Line graph
  • Overall this section was quite calculative

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – English Language

  • The complexity level of English was more difficult than last year
  • The questions based on errors were based on old pattern as well as new pattern questions were introduced.
  • Jumbled sentences too showcased a new pattern in some questions
  • Two sets of Reading Comprehension were asked and new pattern questions were asked (at least 5)

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis Section Wise – General Awareness

  •  General Awareness was the most doable of all sections of the paper.
  • The questions asked were mostly dynamic in nature and were in news of the last 6 months.


SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 : Topic Wise Distribution – Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude

Logical Reasoning 8
Data Sufficiency 2
Puzzles and Sitting Arrangement 23
New pattern symbol based questions 4
Input Output 5
Alphabet (Puzzle Based ) 3

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 : Topic Wise Distribution – Data Analysis and Interpretation

Data Sufficiency 4
Data Interpretation 15
New pattern based questions 5
Probability 5
Miscellaneous 6

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 : Topic Wise Distribution – English Language

Reading Comprehension 10
Correct Paragraph 4
Error Detection 10
Jumbled Paragraph 2
Phrase Replacement 5
Double Fillers 4

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017 : Topic Wise Distribution – General Awareness

Banking Awareness 31
Finance 2
Economy 3
Insurance 2
Static GK 2

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017: Descriptive Paper

Essay Writing

a) Write an essay on the positive and negative impact of technology.
b) Write an essay on effect of social media and its consequences on our population.
c) Travelling better than watching movies


Letter Writing

a) Write a letter to your branch manager as you’ve deposited some amount but it is still not credited into your account
b) Write a letter to editor expressing your concern over impact of irrelevant news through socia media
c) Write a letter to your sibling giving them advise related to stress and anxiety.
d) Write to an author thanking for authoring a book on ‘fighting depression’.


Final Word on SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017

The exam conducting officials at State Bank of India are challenging aspirants each year with new type of questions and a good level of unpredictability. Our suggestion to all future aspirants would be to start preparing for SBI PO Mains on the lines of CAT, GMAT and GRE. Don’t just buy fancy books for practice but build a strong foundation so far as your basics are concerned. Your strong foundation along with practicing different kind of questions across sections will help you go a long way in cracking the exam.

FAQ’s on SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017

Q1. What is the basis of Mockbank’s SBI PO Mains exam analysis 2017 ?

Ans 1. The basis of Mockbank’s SBI PO Mains exam analysis 2017 is the first hand input provided by candidates , across centres who appeared for the exam.

Q2. Does SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis help future aspirants ?

Ans 2. Yes the SBI PO mains exam analysis surely helps aspirants. It reveals the exact nature of questions being asked.

Q3. Will the cut off be less this year ?

Ans 3. A lot of candidates feel that a complex paper means a reduced cut off score. But that is not necessarily the case because the number of applicants increase immensely each year.

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 2017: General Awareness Questions Asked

  • Q.  What is the meaning of “C” in PCA?
  • Q.  National Financial Switch (NFS) is run by ___ ?
  • Q. Fiscal deficit target for 2017-18 pegged at __________ of GDP?
  • Q. What is the meaning of “P” in APBS?
  • Q. Risk of collapse of entire financial system on entire market is called ___ ?Government of India has changed CII base year from 1981 to ________ ?

SBI PO Cut Off for Mains Exam as Predicted by Experts



GENERAL 71.5-73.5
OBC 61.0-63.0
SC 59.5-61.5
ST 58.0-60.0

Final SBI PO Cut Off for Preliminary Exam

OBC 48.25
SC 43.25
ST 31.25


We will be writing exclusive posts on SBI PO Interview preparation and Group Discussion. Do read and benefit. Best wishes for all your forthcoming exams.


  1. Within a year.. Lol.. Sorry, saying this out of frustration.. Should be out this week..

  2. @disqus_t9wrkiMb8J:disqus : Hi Rahul, the level of the questions are being upgraded everyday specially in reasoning section .
    If possible please guide me for reasoning section. From what sources you had prepared? and it’ll be great if you mention any test series/Books/StudyMat which you think that it was helpful during your preparation.?

  3. Thanks for the wishes,my pt of the number of applicants attempting d xam being irrelavant was for d mains exam.Obviously d no of applicants matters while predicting d cutoff for prelims xam,but in mains SBI takes only abt 20 times d vacancies.Since d vacancies last year and this year are similar so the number of ppl who appear in mains will also be similar,dat’s why the number of ppl who applied for d xam shud be immaterial at d mains stage.Anyway let’s see

  4. Hi Manan,

    First thing, Rahul is fine.. No sir, please!


    Objective English by S. P. Bakshi


    Objective Mathematics by Rajesh Verma

    Reasoning: A new approach to reasoning by B. S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali


  5. Winu,

    Provide me with your email address, I will forward you a couple of PDFs for banking awareness.


  6. Bro I started to prepare Banking awareness from Affaircloud that 50 pages capsule. Will that be enough for KVB PO, because last time in KVB Clerk they asked nearly 25 questions from banking awareness only:(:(

  7. Bro I started to prepare Banking awareness from Affaircloud that 50 pages capsule. Will that be enough for KVB PO, because last time in KVB Clerk they asked nearly 25 questions from banking awareness only:(:(

  8. Thanks Akriti,

    Hope you had a great weekend.. I will keep you posted once SBI announces the result.


  9. I’ll be writing about it. I insist you read the post because I’ll pen down all the points that will prove useful. The post will be published on June 14th.

    All the best.

  10. It was quite doable. Try staying updated with all the events and a good part of static GK as well. For any doubts, feel free to ask here.

  11. Hi Rahul, apologies for the late reply. I’m getting back here after a long weekend.

    Coming to your question that you have so methodically explained –

    Keeping in mind your sectional inputs, you should be in.

    Best wishes.

  12. You’re welcome, Winu..

    I read monthly current affairs from the affairs cloud PDF (Feb to May).. I referred Tornado from Gradeup for a final revision.. Also, you can refer to the multi-choice questions published on a monthly basis on Study IQ. For financial awareness, there are multiple capsules available online and referring to any one of those would suffice!

    Let me know if you’ve any questions!


  13. Thank you Bro….Could you please suggest which banking awareness material is best tell me the website name plsss and material for computer too???

  14. Hi,

    General awareness section was moderate. Almost 80% questions were from the capsules provided by BA or GS or Study IQ. Furthermore, there wasn’t even a single question from static GK. Hence, I would recommend that studying any capsule for the current affairs (past 4 months) plus any basic banking awareness capsule would be enough to score decent marks in this section.


  15. Hi Rahul could u pls tell me how was the General awareness section… Is it enough if we prepare from capsules??? What about the banking terms???

  16. Hi…Could anyone suggest me ideas for General awareness preparation…I’m preparing for KVB PO exam and I hope the pattern will be similar to SBI???

  17. Objective! Cut-offs published on any website are normally out of 200. If you are a general candidate, the cut-off would falls anywhere between 68-73 out of 200.

    Hope that helps!

  18. Hi Akriti,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I’m an OBC candidate and below are my attempts.

    Reasoning -> Expecting 25
    GA -> 20 (This is accurate)
    English -> Attempted 27 (80% or more)
    DI -> Don’t remember attempts but 10 minimum

    Considering my attempts above, for an OBC candidate, what do you think of my chances to make it to the interview?

    Further, I agree to your point of cut-offs not dipping drastically. Even I feel that the cut-offs would be more or less the same as last year (Max. Variation -> -3).

    Thanks much,
    Rahul Agrawal

  19. With all due respect to your stance Varun, I beg to disagree.

    My point of a three fold increase is not irrelevant because first of all that is not a personally quoted figure. It is the official statistic and secondly the complexity you’re talking about is subjective in nature. The officials at SBI have an entirely different pov on this. As per them no matter how hard the exam, there will always be aspirants who stand out and perform better than everyone else. Personally, I agree because I have cracked UPSC in the year 2015 and know the competitiveness of a national level exam and how cut offs work. Complexity is a secondary factor. The number of aspirants is primary.

    So even though at this stage , maximum aspirants feel that the cut off will not only reduce but be less by 10 marks, that will not be the case. The whole idea of an organization setting a tough and unpredictable exam is based on the notion of filtering the aspirants and getting the best ones through. SBI has nailed it this time in setting a different exam (most aspirants say it was very difficult, I say it was average but unpredictable. Hence the complexity). Even if some how I have to arrive at a gap difference, I just cannot move it beyond 5 marks. 10 marks or more doesn’t seem convincing at all. But lets see how SBI looks at it.

    I would want that the most sincere aspirants get through. Also, the fact that I do not represent SBI officially makes it likely that I might be wrong. Sure I can. But as per me, I don’t see the cut off reducing by 10 marks. If that happens that will be one heck of a shocker for me especially after standing correct on cutoffs across exams.

    Anyways, all the very best for your result. May the most dedicated aspirants make it through.

  20. Manan, SBI is making papers unpredictable each year. Personally, I think it’s a good thing because now only the best aspirants will make it. My only suggestion to you would be to start practicing and exposing yourselves to questions beyond the traditional banking books. CAT and GMAT books would be a good start.

  21. Exam diya bhi hai and bhaut baar clear bhi kiya hai. Aur sirf SBI hi nahi bhaut sare exams. Random guesswork es portal pe chalta nahi. That is why all of us here at the portal are successful aspirants of various exams ourselves (from General category).

    I respect your stance as a SBI aspirant because you deserve to know correct information pertaining to any respective exam. But we don’t randomly write analysis and cutoffs here. There is a whole team that is responsible for it (2 of which are former SBI POs themselves – Batch 2014 – from General category).

    We respect our users and their point of view. But judgement based on assumptions is not a good thing because it sends a sense of misinformation across aspirants.

    Anyways, best wishes for your result.

  22. Hi Abhishek, I’ve uploaded a few questions from the GS study. I’ll be posting more across sections in the next 3 days.

  23. Can u plz let me know which centres are being fixed IN MUMBAI for rbi grade b exam which is on 17th??
    And which centres are always fixed IN MUMBAI irespective of the exam???
    I want their names.
    One I know that is ION DIGITAL which is at Powai..

  24. Hi Mam,
    Reasoning – 15 questions 20 marks
    Di- 9 questions 14 marks
    GK – 28 … 23 are correct
    English – 19 questions 24 marks
    85 percent accuracy..
    Any chance of clearing mains ?

  25. i think cutoff will be within 60. In this exam sectional cutoff will be a big factor like previous year

  26. Irrespective of the number of candidates who applied for SBI PO in the beginning,d number of ppl selected for mains is proportional to the vacancies.So ur pt of three fold increase in the number of test takers is irrelevant at the mains stage.This paper is in no way comparable to d last year’s paper and the cutoff wud reduce by more than 10 marks for sure

  27. Rahul, I’ve received some but I am not sure whether they are the correct questions. Let me confirm them 100% and then I’ll post them surely.

  28. It doesn’t depend on the number of vacancies Lalita. It depends on the prestigious job profile of a SBI PO that aspirants are crazy for and rightfully so. Each aspirant wants to crack the exam and be a part of the distinguished banking institution.

    I hope I am wrong and the cut off drops but as of now, doesn’t seem likely. I would insist you as well as the other candidates to not worry about the cut off. Rather invest that time preparing for the PI as well as any of the other forthcoming exams. SEBI, RBI and Federal Bank would be held this month itself.

    All the best.

  29. GoodMorning Mam,
    I have attempted
    is there any chance?
    General Category

  30. sir i attempted 130 bits with 70% accuracy i am an sc candidate do i have an chance

  31. Ma’am how has the number of aspirants increased three folds…the general candidate vacancy is less as compared to last year and overall vacancy is also more or less the same as last year

  32. Could you please post the questions that were asked in the exam from Quant, Reasoning and English sections.TIA

  33. I am sure a lot of aspirants feel that the cut off will drop this year. But I don’t feel the same way. The number of aspirants who appeared for this year’s exam have increased three fold from last year. So even though the paper was more complex than last year, the cut off being reduced by 10-15 marks doesn’t seem likely. Let us assume for a moment that I am wrong and the cut off dips, even in that case, it won’t be more than 2.5 – 3 marks. But lets see what SBI has in mind.

    I insist don’t worry too much about the cut off. Not worth it. Start preparing for the next stages. Best wishes.

  34. I am sure cutoff won’t cross that 70 mark…it will dip by atleast 10-15 marks short of the last year cutoff as paper was difficult with brainstorming maths and unpredictable reasoning.

  35. 2 hours ?? The objective paper was of 180 minutes and the descriptive 30 mins. I’m assuming you must have seen the earlier version of the article. There were some typos.

    Anyways, how was your exam and how much did you attempt ?

  36. ibps has fb account??
    ibps page pe FAQ pe cgrs ka jo link hai, will it be ok as personal details are asked???

  37. Chandan here’s what you need to do –

    You can send the exam conducting officials an email about the issues you faced. But that will take a long time in so far as their response is concerned.

    A better option would be to contact them immediately on Twitter and Facebook. They will respond faster there. Mention your exam centre, city and shift.

  38. Yes a few of the other aspirants have complained the same. There were some time lag issues and technical anomalies as well.

  39. WHere to put complaint will be a proper option???
    Any email id or phone no or else???

  40. Is there any way to put complaint against facilities of the centre? And if they ask our roll no. and ph no. will it be safe to disclose our details while complaining??
    As u must have seen some of the poor management cases which took place yesterday in many centres during sbi po mains, some faced health issues coupled with technical issues also.

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