SBI PO Exam Questions Asked 3rd July 2016

SBI PO Exam Questions Asked 3rd July 2016

SBI PO Prelims Exam was conducted on 3rd July 2016. Below we will provide Questions Asked in the exam.

SBI PO Exam Questions Asked on 3rd July 2016

Following questions were asked in the SBI PO Exam:

English Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims Exam 3rd July 2016

The Questions asked were:

Reading Comprehension

Entrepreneurship is crucial to economic development and to promoting social integration and reducing inequalities. OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance presents an original collection of indicators that measure the state of entrepreneurship, providing an important reference for policy insights and policy making.Perceived risks are higher for women. One important determinant of entrepreneurship relates to the relative risk involved, or rather assessment of risk. This is to a large extent determined by risk of failure but also reflects other factors, such as social security safety nets, access to finance, access to child-care, and indeed potential rewards; which helps to explain the significant differences across countries on how the entrepreneurial risk is perceived. One pattern, however, is remarkably consistent women, the world over, are less prone to taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Germany is no exception to this pattern with 42% of men but only 23% of women expressing a preference for starting their own business rather than working for someone else. These values are much lower than in the United States and Canada. Moreover, the gender gap in perception of risk is one of the highest in the OECD countries.Most countries in the OECD area exhibit a significant gender gap with regards to access to training to create and grow a start-up, a characteristic that is also true for Germany, with 54% of men and 38% of women declaring that they would have access to training to set up a business.
Similar gender gaps exist across the world regarding access to finance. Although the share of German women declaring that access to money is not a barrier to starting a business (32%) is above the OECD average (27%), it is well below the equivalent share for men (49%)Potential rewards are also an important determinant of risk assessment in most countries. Earnings from self-employment are typically lower for women then for men. In 2011-12, German women entrepreneurs earned 43% less than their male counterparts, while the OECD average was 33%. Between 2006-7 and more recent years the gender gap in self-employment earnings in Germany has increased by 1 percentage pointThese findings should not be understood as a general a version of women towards entrepreneurship. Indeed, as in many other OECD countries, in Germany, too, more women
than men see entrepreneurs as positive role models for the youth Self-employment rates are often used as an important indicator of entrepreneurialism. The shares of employed German women who are self-employed with employees (2.4%) or are own-account workers (4.6%) are respectively above and below the OECD average Differences across countries partly reflect ‘push’, notably limited paid employment opportunities, as well as ‘pull’ factors. However, in most OECD countries the gap between the proportions of male and female entrepreneurs with employees (3.5 percentage points on average) is similar to the gender gap between the shares of own-account workers (4.1 percentage points on average). German women entrepreneurs work predominantly in the services sector, as is also the case in most other OECD countries. In many countries, though, evidence for young female
entrepreneurs points to considerable diversity of the activity sector.

Cloze test 

Another session, the very same day, analyzed how exactly the opposite is true and how new technologies actually cause stress and suffering, because of a concept referred to as “Infobesity.” During this session, Delphine Remy-Boutang — the founder and CEO of The Social Bureau — and Christophe Aguiton — researcher at the Orange Labs — argued that due to the acceleration of our lives led by the acceleration of technology, we have changed the way we consume and generate information. People are trying to live 10 lives at once and a lot of stress and anxiety occurs from that. The two speakers even argue that we are suffering from digital bulimia, meaning that we take in a lot of information at once, without really processing it for ourselves, and in turn create a lot of new information. Thus, as Christophe Aguiton says, “We are at the same time creators and victims of information overload.”Thus, it is obvious that technological advancement has failed at its mission of making everybody’s life easier, as many people are reacting negatively to it. As Dolphine Remy-Boutant put it: “It is really a paradox: On the one hand, the technology we are surrounding ourselves with is designed to give us more time for ourselves — which is something we all want. However, today, while technology is as developed as ever before, we are living in a time with the biggest scarcity of time.”

Antonym & Synonym 

  • caters
  • faded
  • implausible
  • benign
  • stunts

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims Exam 2nd July 2016 

The Questions asked were:

  • 5 7 17 55 225 ?
  • 250 235 205 160 ?
  • 20 ? 29 40 58 85
  • 10 6 8 15 34 ?
  • Initial ratio of milk and water was given , then some mixture was taken out and replaced with water. Then initial quantity of mixture?
  • Red and green balls were given, and the probablity of atleast one ball to be red when 2 balls were picked was asked.
  • 12 red bals nd 4 green ball… 2 balls are drawn at random. Find the prob that atleast one green ball is drawn.
  • Aju is twice the age tan biju and three years elder tan chitu. Three years hence biju’s and chitu’ age ratio 5:3… find age aju three years hence.

Reasoning Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims Exam 3rd July 2016


No. Of projects fa PQRSTU

R is the third highest.

S is less than P and Q but higher than T.

T is not the lowest.

P is not the highest.

T has done 7 projects. And P has done 34 projects.


  • K is 40m to the east of J.L is 20 m to the south of J. J is 25m to the north of M. From M a girl walked 40m and take left and walk 35m and stops at S.

Blood Relation

  • P is the mother of J.J is the mother of T. T is the only daughter of J.K is the brother of T. N is the father of T. M is the brother of N. Q is the mother of M.


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Slot wise Exam Analysis for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

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