SBI PO DFD Questions

SBI PO DFD Questions have been introduced only recently. Hence there is a lot of apprehension as to how to solve them. In the current post, we will help you with the methodology of attempting and solving SBI PO DFD questions. Even though a lot of candidates consider them as flow chart questions, officially , the term used for such questions is DFD – Data Flow Diagram questions. Last year, in the SBI PO Mains exam, questions of this type were asked and that left aspirants perplexed. This year be prepared in advance and then go for SBI PO DFD  questions.

SBI PO DFD Questions

Official term for such questions DFD (Data Flow Diagram)
Meaning of DFD DFD represents a situation in the form of a flow chart (pictorial representation). A sequence of movements or actions of people or things involved in a complex system or activity will be indicated by a DFD.

How to Solve SBI PO DFD  Questions ?


View the DFD carefully and understand what it is implying. You should be 100% clear about the idea conveyed.


Now find for any secret or hidden information from the DFD.


Use logical ability to come to a reasonable conclusion.


Make sure that the conclusion you draw has been deciphered on the basis of the DFD only. Your own thoughts, ideas or perception are not to be taken in to consideration.


Write the answer to the SBI PO DFD Questions.


SBI PO DFD Questions: Significance of Shapes Used

Shapes have a significance in a DFD. SBI PO Mains might not use several shapes but of at all they do, you should understand the meaning very clearly.

 SBI PO DFD Questions Rectangles signify specific instructions or actions.
 SBI PO DFD questions Diamonds signify where decisions need to be made.
 SBI PO DFD Questions Elongated circles signify the beginning or ending of a process.
 SBI PO Flowchart DFD Questions

Parallelograms signify input and output. This can include materials, services or people.

Understanding SBI PO DFD Questions with Examples

 SBI PO DFD Questions
After careful analysis of the above DFD , the following information is being indicated –

  • The system has sent out an invoice data flow, a delivery note data flow and goods (‘goods’ is not information. It is shown as a double-headed arrow because it is a physical or resource data flow).
  • Payment comes in – i.e a payment data flow is received, and a receipt data flow goes out to the customer.
  • Catalogue goes out to the customer – this is also a physical data flow.

Now based on this information, you can solve the SBI PO DFD Questions in the exam. Analyzing and deciphering the information/data is utmost important while solving these type of questions.

SB PO DFD Questions that were asked last year ?

 In 2016, the SBI PO DFD Questions were based on the following diagram –

SBI PO DFD Questions

The subsequent SBI PO DFD Questions were asked in the paper in 2016.

Q1. After /Before which step Builder should have taken legal permission from concerned authority for renovation work?

(a) After hiring required architects.

(b) Before asking people of society to vacate their house.

(c) After taking permission from people of society.

(d) After asking people of society to vacate their house.

(e) cannot be determined.

Q2. Which condition is sufficient to make sure that renovation work will be completed in 6 months?

(a) Concerned authority are regularly visiting to renovation site for cross check of work.

(b) Builders are planning to make renovation make valid for 15 years.

(c) Data insufficient.

(d) People of society have given ultimatum to builders to complete renovation in six months otherwise they will go on hunger strike.

(e) None of these.

Q3. Which step of renovation is logically missing in Data flow diagram?

(a) If only 30% people gets agree for renovation then Builders should again try to convince people.

(b) Builders should take legal permission from concerned authority for renovation.

(c) To complete renovation Builder should take 3-4 time duration slot.

(d) Before vacating house people should take suggestions from their relatives.

(e) None of these

Answers to SBI PO DFD Questions asked in 2016

 Q1.   c
 Q2  c
 Q3.  b

Essential Differences between a Flow Chart and a DFD 

Flow charts indicate the flow of control whereas DFD shows flows of data.
Flow chart presents steps to complete a process where as a DFD presents the flow of data.