SBI Clerk Mains Preparation Plan to help you crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam in 1 month.

SBI Clerk Mains Preparation Plan to help you crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam in 1 month.


SBI Clerk Mains Preparation Plan

SBI Clerk Prelims has finished, but not your preparation. The BIG DADDY ie SBI Clerk Mains is on its way. You are left with only a few days for the preparation of SBI Clerk Mains 2016. As per an estimate around 2,00,000 students have cleared the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam and will be appearing in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam.

Here, in this article we will discuss the strategy to crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam. You should follow this strategy if you want to clear the SBI Clerk Mains Exam.

How to Crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam :

First things first , have faith in yourself. The SBI Clerk Mains Exam is tough to crack, but definitely worth it.

Second Thing, SBI Clerk Prelims Exam was only Qualifying in Nature. In simple words, it means, Only the score of your SBI Clerk Mains Exam will be considered for selection in the Final Merit List.

SBI Clerk Mains Pattern:

The Pattern of SBI Clerk Mains Exam is as follows:

Section  No. of Questions Marks Duration
General/ Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
English 40 40 35 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
Reasoning & Computer 50 60 45 minutes
190 200 160 minutes

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan

have crossed the first step. Lets check the second.

  • The SBI Clerk mains Syllabus for Reasoning , Quants and English is the same as you studied for SBI Clerk prelims Exam.
  • Financial Awareness and Computer knowledge are two new Sections in SBI Clerk mains. Your focus should be more on them now.

Week 1: SBI Clerk Mains Exam Study Plan

  • Dedicate this week towards Financial awareness and Computer Knowledge.

Week 2: SBI Clerk Mains Exam Study Plan

  • Come back to Reasoning, Quants and English.
  • Give atleast one SBI Clerk mains Mock Test each Day

Week 3: SBI Clerk Mains Exam Study Plan

  • Work on your Weak areas.
  • Make handy notes that you can revise in the last few days.
  • Give atleast one SBI Clerk Mains Mock Test each Day

Final Week : SBI Clerk Mains Exam Study Plan

  • Don’t study anything new now.
  • Revise handy notes that you made the previous week.
  • Give atleast one SBI Clerk Mains Mock Test each Day.
  • Analyse the test and try to improve yor accuracy and speed.

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Friends this is it for SBI Clerk Mains Preparation Tips. If you have any queries regarding SBI Clerk Mains Exam Preparation Tips you can ask them in the comments section below.

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  1. Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
    Eight players—Sachin, Virender, Mahender, Suresh, Praveen, Rahul, Ravinder, and Dinesh are sitting in three lines L1, L2 and L3. And they are in three different categories, either batsman or bowler or all rounder. In each line at least two and at most three players are sitting there. And at least two players are in each category but not more than three.

    Virender and Mahender are in different lines but not in line L2, and both are in same categories. Dinesh and Ravinder are in same line and in same categories, but not all rounder. Suresh and Praveen are in different lines but not in line L1 and in different categories but not all rounder. Sachin is in line L2 and Suresh is not in same as in Sachin. Both players of line L2 are bowlers. Rahul is all rounder and not in line L1. From three all rounder two are line in L3. Rahul and Mahinder are in same line, and there are three batsmen.

  2. sir, i qualified prelims exam…marks we can expect for mains to get through in SC category and GENERAL too

  3. In SBI Cklerk Mains Exam, All types of Quantitative Aptitude Questions will be asked including DI.
    In SBI PO mains Exam, only DI questions will be asked.

    Hope you got the point

  4. For SBI Mains exam what would be the cutoff score for general awarness and the other sections .
    Thanks in advance .

  5. sir, for the sbi clerk mains exam , will there be only DI or all types of quantitative aptitude ….will be waiting for your reply

  6. sir i have attempted 45 questions with quant-16(98%acc.) rea-17(99%acc) eng-12(80%acc)
    im from TS and sc category…is there any chances
    pls rlpy me

  7. This article is so damn useless .please improve ! At least explain which topics are priority wise high and wish sections need to be focussed on more .I can write a much better article than this.

  8. Sir do we need to clear in Computer separately or clearing overall in Reasoning & Computer wll be enough?

  9. One thing you can do is to contact this email id to forward whatever info they get regarding your recruitment to your email id
    Also try to contact SBI, if they can do something on it.

  10. Ok, Revise regularly whatever you are being taught.
    make it a habit of revising whatever you have studied once every week

  11. Current affairs is also difficulty I am writing daily mains mock test but I am losing marks in awareness please suggest me

  12. Does it will create any problem in selection process?
    Other than any information which i can gather it from its website it won’t be creating any problem?

  13. thnku sir, and when will prelims results be out..and will it come before june 10th r after it..

  14. input output sections can be there too.
    Mostly questions will be from financial awareness, even the current affairs questions too.
    You can have approx 10-15 questions from current affairs

  15. sir will there be input output questions from reasoning in mains..? and what could be the weightage for financial awareness and current affairs in general awareness section? plz clarify these doubts..

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