SBI Clerk Exam Questions Asked 22 May

Questions Asked. SBI Clerk Prelims Exam was conducted on 22nd May 2016. Below we will provide Slot Wise Questions Asked in the exam.


SBI Clerk Exam Questions Asked 22 May

Following questions were asked in the SBI Clerk Exam:

Slot wise Cutoff for SBI Clerk Exam of 22nd May 2016

Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

English Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam 22 May

The Questions asked were:

R C Passage

Once upon a time, a foolish donkey used to live in a small town. There was a forest near the town where many wild animals lived. The king of the jungle—the lion also lived in the forest along with his minister, a cunning fox. Now it so happened, that a few days back, the lion had got into a fight with a wild elephant and was badly injured. The lion was weak and wounded and was unable to go and hunt for his prey himself. So, his minister, the fox was in charge of bringing food for the lion.

Like every day, the fox set out to hunt for prey, so that he could bring back food for his master. He had not gone far when he saw the donkey. The donkey was looking nervous, foolish and hungry. The fox walked up to him and said, “Hello! You seem to be new here. Where have you come from?” The donkey replied hesitantly, “Yes, I have come to the forest for the first time. I used to live in the nearby town. My master, the washer man, used to make me do a lot of work and gave me hardly anything to eat. So I have run away from his house in search of a better place.”

The fox realized that this was his chance. He said cheerfully, “You have come to the right place, friend! I am a minister of this kingdom. Our king is looking for a bodyguard for his palace. He wants to give the job to someone who has experienced town life. You will have a very comfortable life here, living in the palace and feeding on the fresh, soft grass that grows around the palace.”

The donkey was very happy on hearing this and he agreed to follow the fox back to the palace at once. When the lion saw the fox leading a donkey to the palace, he became very impatient with hunger. He pounced upon the donkey immediately and grabbed him. Due to his injuries and constant hunger, the lion had lost much of his strength and so he could not overpower the donkey. The donkey freed himself and ran as fast as he could. “My Lord,” the fox said to the lion, “You have scared away your prey. You should not have attacked him in such a hurry.” The lion was disappointed. “See if you can manage to bring him back,” he said to the fox.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam 22 May Slot 1

The Questions asked were:

Profit & Loss

  • Two products are purchased at the same price. One is sold at a profit of 20% while another is sold at a loss that was equal to half of the profit from first product. Find final profit in the deal.

Ratio and Proportion

  • Vishal invested (2/11)th part of his monthly income in stocks share and (¼)th part in mutual fund. He spent the remaining amount on domestic needs and apparel in the ratio 5:3 respectively. The expenditure on domestic needs was Rs.2100. What is his annual income?
  • Mother and son’s ages are in the ratio 7:8. Father and son’s ages are in ratio 8:5. Find ratio of ages of father and mother.

Mixtures & Alligations

  • In a mixture of milk and water 270 l, there is milk and water in ratio 7:5. How much water is added to get ratio 9:5 finally.

Time and Work

  • A is twice as efficient as B. B started the work and after 4 days A joins B and the total work was completed in 9 days. In how many days B can complete the work alone?

SI and CI:

  • The difference between compound interest on a certain sum for 5th year at the rate of 30% and 3rd year at the rate of 20% is INR 450. Calculate the principal amount.

Ratio and Proportion:

  • The ratio of the ages of X and Y is 3:7. The ratio of the ages of X and Z is 5:14. Find the ratio of the ages of Y and Z?

Mixture and Allegations:

There is 2,250 litres 8:7 mixture of milk and water. How much Milk should be added in the 1/3rd of the mixture to make the milk and water ratio 8:5?

Number System

  • If the difference between 33.75 and three-fifth of a number is 45% of the same number, what is the number?


  • In a class of 40 students, the number of girls is 16 more than that of boys. The average weight of the class is 47.7. If the average weight of the girls is 45, what is the average weight of the boys?

Odd Man Out

  • Find the odd man out:8, 4, 4, 6, 12

Number Series

  • 4, 3, 5, 14, 55, ?
  • 16, 13.9, 18.1, 11.8, ?
  • 2160, ?, 72, 18, 6, 3
  • 6, 3, 3, 4.5, 9, ?
  • 24, ?, 44, 80, 144, 244
  • 1440, ?. 48, 12, 4, 2
  • 22, 19.7, 24.3, 17.4, ?, 15.1
  • 5, 4, 7, 20, 79, ?
  • 32, ?, 52, 88, 152, 252

Friends, this is just an overview based on the feedback of candidates who attempted this exam. We will be uploading new articles after every slot to give you the Best Possible Update about the Exam.

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  1. This question comes with very time consuming calculations along with application of concept. If you really understand the concept of compound interest, you can calculate nth year compound interest either by Int1 (1+r/100)^n-1 where Int1 is the interest of the first year, or by P{((1+r/100)^n – (1+r/100)^n-1}. now assume principle as Rs. 100 by either of the above formulas 5th year interest will be 85.683 and 3rd year interest will be 28.8. Difference 56.883. Now apply unitary method 56.883 is the diff when principal is 100, 450 will be the difference when principal will be 791.
    This question proves that competition now a days require application of concept. Formula based questions are loosing their shine. Try to learn from some good you tube channels which are focused on conceptual learning. Just a suggestion try Roshan Institute of Self Empowerment videos on you tube……… All the best.

  2. sir I am a obc candidate. and i have taken exams from up sir please tell me about overall cut off

  3. Sir could you through some light upon UIICL AO exam. Like what may be the expected cutoffs? any preparation strategy etc….. Please

  4. If you remember the question and answer, you can post them here.
    We can tell you how much solved correctly

  5. Then what is the best way to check how many questions I have solved correctly.I had taken exam on 22nd (4th slot)

  6. Sir I am A General category and have taken exam from UP seat on 28th. I have done 20 in English 15 in reasoning and in quant 12. However all are correct. Is still there any chance?

  7. i have attempted 23-Eng, 24-Reas and Quants-11 only..but with 100% accuracy. Do I have any chances.. ? please reply…

  8. Sir I am from Bhubaneswar Odisha. General category. Will you please tell me what could be the expected sectional cutoff and the over all cutoff?

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