SBI Clerk Exam Analysis

SBI Clerk Exam Analysis: SBI will be conducting SBI Clerk 2019 Prelims Exam on 22nd & 23rd June 2019. Our exam analysts will visit several centres to get a first hand review of the exam. This article will help in understanding the pattern followed this year i.e. what kind of questions were asked, their difficulty level, etc. Also our expert give expected good attempt for SBI Clerk Prelims 2019.

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Overview | SBI Clerk 2019

Mode Online
Total Questions/Marks 100/100
Total Duration 60 minutes
Sections 3
Sectional Cut Off No
Sectional Time Yes
Negative Marking 0.25

SBI Clerk Exam Analysis 2019 Prelims All Days and Shifts

SBI Clerk 2019 exam going to conduct on 22nd & 23rd June 2019 in shifts. We will providing you with a detail exam analysis of all the shifts and also giving a sneak peak of questions asked. SBI Clerk Exam Analysis 2019 for Prelims will be base on the feedback we got from the aspirants who appeared for the exam.

SBI Clerk Exam Analysis | 22th June 2019

Subject No. of Qs Shift 1st Shift 2nd
Level Good Attempts Level Good Attempts
Reasoning 35 Easy to Moderate 25-27 Easy to Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude 35 Easy to Moderate 26-28 Easy to Moderate
English 30 Easy 22-24 Easy to Moderate
Overall 100 Easy to Moderate 70-72  Easy to Moderate  


SBI Clerk Exam Analysis Prelims 2019 – English

22nd June 2019 1st shift– English

Topic  Level of Qs Number of Qs
Reading Comprehension (Based on Internet use) Easy to Moderate 8
Error Detection (Subject verb agreement) Moderate 5
Fillers (Single) Easy 5
Spelling Mistake Easy to Moderate 5
ROS (Old Pattern-ABCDE type) Easy to Moderate 5

SBI Clerk Exam Analysis Prelims 2019 – Reasoning

22nd June 2019 1st shift– Reasoning

Topic  Level of Qs Number of Qs
Syllogs Easy to Moderate 5
Circle arrangement (8 Member inside and outside facing) Easy 5
Linear arrangement (uncertain number of perso North and South Facing) Easy to Moderate 5
Similar like Floor Based Puzzle Moderate 5
Inequality Easy to Moderate 5
Direction based Easy to Moderate 3
Alphabet and Number mix series Easy to Moderate 5

SBI Clerk Exam Analysis Prelims 2019 –Quantitative Aptitude

22nd June 2019 1st shift– Quantitative Aptitude

Topic  Level of Qs Number of Qs
Arithmetic Word Problem (Age,Train, Boat and steam, Partnership, CI & SI) Moderate 10
Simplification Easy 5
Approximation Easy 5
Quadratic Equations Easy 5
Missing Series Easy to Moderate 5
Bar Graph (book in year) Easy to Moderate 5


  1. HI sir I am from Tamilnadu a/c to me the expected cut off for the Sbi Clerk in Tamil Nadu will be in the range of 120- 125 for OBC

  2. Thanks for replying.
    I actually forgot to mention that reasoning was of 1.2 marks, so if that is considered then i m expecting around 120.
    Is there any information on when will the results be out?

  3. Sir I Attempted in SBI Clerk Mains
    35(ga – accuracy 85% accuracy)
    30(quants 90% accuracy)
    45(reasoning 90% accuracy)
    38(english 85% accuracy)
    expect 130-140

    general category
    state – kerala
    vacancy for general cat in kerala – 173
    Any chances ??

  4. Hi. Me too from Odisha. Almost same attempts as urs. Gen category. Any information about cut offs in odisha??

  5. Hello mockbank. I had attempted 141 in sbi clerk mains and from Odisha general category. I expect my score to be around 115. This time vacancies in odisha are quite better than previous year. Previous year it was 129(151 cut off) and this year 558. Do u think I have any chance of getting selected?

  6. i attmpd 112,
    95+ gettng wht r my chnces…
    i am frm ap, sc categy…
    i thg mostly no chances na….

  7. Sir, I am from Tamilnadu and i belong to SC category, my attempts are 23 Quants(All correct),22 Reas(All correct), 37 English( Expecting 30), 42 GA( 12 Wrong). Total attempts- 124,Expecting 105 because will get extra marks in reasoning since it is for 60 marks, what are my chances. What would be the expected cutoff for SC in Tamilnadu.



  10. Sir I am from andhra Pradesh..belongs to SC category… N I have attempted 129 questions…reasoning 36(2 ques may go wrong)
    Apptitude 32 (all correct)..English 32(accuracy 75%)..g.a 29(22+ will b correct)…is there any chance for me…

  11. From wb obc category attempted 140(expecting minimum 125 maximum 130),what r my chances?

  12. Me too 80 in preliminary but main paper was good not an ordinary clerk paper so I think cut off will be around 115 -125 for General category

  13. Sir i am from andhra pradesh general attempted 139. I think i may get 120+ what are my chances ?

  14. Sir there are 32 vacancies including 17 for generals..BT still prelim cutoff was only plz guess for me

  15. Yes I’m having data that sbi shortlisted 1:20 ratio for mains. No matter how many candidates wrote prelims but in mains it matters. If you want to see the data I’m having, then just download the official notification and read it carefully.

  16. Yes I’m having data that sbi shortlisted 1:20 ratio for mains. No matter how many candidates wrote prelims but in mains it matters. If you want to see the data I’m having, then just download the official notification and read it carefully.

  17. Well said Mr Rajaram, just tell me one thing how do u come to know that SBI has shortlisted 1:20 from prelims to mains, how r u expect SBI to shortlist 1 out of 20 for each vaccany from mains, do u have precise data like how many candidates appeared for prelims , how many of them are attend the mains by clearing prelims

  18. Tough Competition… Not sure that u will in (Cat on the Wall situation)… Hope for the best.. All the BEst

  19. I am from Telangana.I have attempted 135 questions with 90% accuracy. Hopefully expecting a score anywhere between 110-120. I fall under OBC category. would it be fine to keep some hope on the result ??

  20. 138 attempts
    score 95-100
    sc category from madhya pradesh
    Can i expect to clear SBI mains?
    because 2014 cut off was 131.

  21. For main exam 1:20 ratio candidates are shortlisted from prlms and you are saying that this main exam will be final selection process. So sbi has to shortlist only one member out of 20 for each vacancy. If cut off is that much low means a candidate who got lowest mark in prelms (ie 22/100) can get 50/200 in main so all the candiates will be above 50 marks. How could sbi shorlist.
    Your prediction is wrong.

  22. Am from meghalaya..its prelim cutoff was 37 for gen cat..I attempted 109 questions and expecting 95+..what are my chances?

  23. Yes of course this is not a normal clerk exam , but in prelims 21 is cut off for SBI clerk , I won’t be surprised if cut off goes down as b/w 40-50

  24. Yes u r right SBI talks about interview in their notification but subject to the approval of govt of India , so mostly interview won’t be there in SBI clerk , main exam will be the final process for sue

  25. But sbi has not announced that till now. Govt said that there wont be interview from January 01 and ibps clerk also cancelled the interview but still sbi talks about interview in their notification itself.
    Will main exam be the final process for selection ??

  26. well range could be anywhere between 90-110. It was not a normal clerk exam .However you can have this range.

  27. Gk=46(2 wrong)
    English=34(90% accurate0
    OBC,Odisha…what are my chances???(Sagar)

  28. attempts 150- Rea-49(all correct), Aptitute-22(all correct),Eng-32(5-7 may be wrong),GA-47(5-8 may be wrong) from tamil nadu(GENERAL).What are my chances..

  29. One factor you are forgetting is the number of vacancies. Plus we had 90 min for 100 questions of Reasoning and Quant. 60-70 questions in 90 min is a pretty good attempt. And I am talking of genuine attempts.

  30. but the paper was tough was like PO( I attended PO bfr ) .. in the given time attpting 35 in reasoning and 30 in quants is a big deal ..

  31. Even i gt 74.75 … the mains was tough .. anything around 100 woule be good score..

  32. anybody say my Attempts in sbi clrk mains is 104 obc TN 95% accuracy what is the possibility to me?

  33. i am from obc category,odisha ,i hv attempted ga-44(4-Wrong),eng-30,reas-26,quant-30.
    what are the chances of getting selected for interview,if it to be held.if it’s not to be held
    what are the chances,pl provide me chances in %.
    thanking you….

  34. Sir i have attempted 145 que n am expecting 130-135. GA-44(80% accuracy),Quant-26,reasoning-35,english-40..and iam from andhra pradesh OBC. Are there ang chances of getting selected even without interview(if not conducted)?

  35. because in ibps clerk there were 200 question in 120 minutes … here 190 question in 160 minutes …

  36. if there is interview you will surely get interview call … no interview and all will depend on your accuracy …

  37. sir i have attmpted 129

    ga 31(5-6 are wrong)
    eng 33
    maths 30
    reas 35
    koi chance hai kya..vry tensed because i m in general category..MADHYA PRADESH

  38. i have attempt only GK-34 (16 review) E-38 (2 review) Q-12 R-12 total 96 with 80% from Tamilnadu OBC
    i spent more time in puzzle and bar chart if any possibility

  39. Bad prediction. I got 75.75 in prelims, but my mains went just good. I attempted 132.
    I have done guess work in GA section. But I am pretty confident of other sections.
    I think that cutoff would be between 100-110 for Gen in UP. Or more between 105-110.

  40. Previously for ibps clerks we had a computer section which consists of 40 questions bt in sbi clerk we dont hv diz section..Nd it’s very difficult Nd lengthy too..den hw can you expect 140 cutoff

  41. according to the level of questions i think less than 120 will be cutoff for southern states

  42. sir, I have attempted 143 and i hope i am getting 125 to 130 and iam obc from Andhra Pradesh reasoning -48,arthmetic-25-30,English 25-30,ga-41 is there any chances for me

  43. Yes, i agree with you. According to me also it wont go beyond 125.Attempt is not the factor what matter is accuracy. Its sbi there always a Twist. Lots of people attempted 40+ in GA. But i dont think so they did with 100%… wasn’t easy question at all. And quant we know it…..and then comes to reasoning out of 4 puzzle 2 are kickass. And coding and decoding with binary questions, i didnt even read it, seems too long??. I dont know about otherS.

  44. Sir/Mam , i attempted 139 and after analysis i found that iam getting around 125 marks…iam in general category from UP…..plz tell what are my chances.

  45. “Ye kya chutiyapa hai” ye Jo Facebook pe page hai na wo aap jaiso ko dekh k hi banaya gaya hai .
    Are you out of ur mind.
    Limit hoti hai ek mahaan hone ki v 50 in reasoning is next to impossible.

  46. LOL……You must be a genius!! Do let us know how much you get and whether you clear!! 50/50 in reasoning is not a matter of joke in this type of question!! -_-

  47. From wb obc done ga(31-4went wrong),english(31-80%-85%accuracyminimum),reasoning(37-100%accuracy),quant(34-100%accuracy),is there any hope for me?

  48. Hello sir
    i have attempt only GK-34 (16 review) E-38 (2 review)
    Q-12 R-12 total 96 with 80% from Tamilnadu OBC
    i spent more time in puzzle and bar chart if any possibility

  49. sir i m from west bengal obc category ….attempted 130
    ga 40
    eng 31
    resng 31
    math 28
    is there any chance for me..what would be expected cut off..??

  50. Sir i attempted 124 questions..
    GA-29(90% accuracy)
    Eng-29(90% accuracy)
    ,Reasoning-40,(1-2 wrong)
    maths-26(1-2 wrong)
    I m from general category.state mp.any chances

  51. 145-155 not possible specialy frst day candidate does’nt hv idea abt this level nd every sites is lso not able to go on sbi clerk level ga was not easy nd reasoning was po level…. it would not go above 125 for gen….

  52. hi shweta, I also belong to SC category (ujjain) and i’ve also done 118 only.. do you see any chances ??

  53. it doesnt matter if the time was increased because we cannot use that time as we want. We dont need 35 mins for ga part.

  54. Sir my exam was 25 1st shift sc category from Bhopal i have only 117 attempt

    Quant=26 all correct
    Red=37all correct
    Is that any chance for me

  55. Sir i have attempted only 113 [GK 39, ENG 34, GI 25, MATHS 15] in SBI CLERK MAINS, expecting to get 100+ . Is there have any chance to get in? I’m from WB, Gen.Cat.

  56. Dear Amit Raphi..what may be the cutoff expecting frm tamilnadu region?? Eagerly waiting for ur reply.

  57. It was tougher than the regular clerk paper but not po level. If u think this is po level paper then u r in for a big surprise in sbi po.

  58. But people don’t need 35 min for GK and English bro. So no benefit of increasing the time. It is a bit disadvantageous also, because some people allot more time to reasoning or maths. But here time is fixed. Any ways cutoff won’t be more than 133 I think.

  59. But time was also more than sufficient for every section…it was not 120 min paper…
    I attempted 50 reas..42 apti…38 eng and 41 g.k
    Cut off will surely be touching 160 marks dear

  60. Read an english newspaper everyday. Listen All India Radio English NEWS or DD English NEWS.

  61. Are 145 nhi jaa skti paper k level to delho fir bolna….halwa nhi hai..po k level ka tha paper.

  62. how to improve english knowledge in “banking english”?and which part should be attempt in exam?how to get good score in english?which book follw??pls..reply

  63. Is SBI going to declare the score of SBI CLERK PRELIM after 7 days like before?? Plz reply sir how one can know the score whoever appeared

  64. Sir attempted 61 ques ..Eng 23 ..res 20 Quant 18 ….With 85% accuracy …what are the possibilities? UP region

  65. My attempt is eng 25 reasoning 25 n quantative 12 with 99.9% accuracy in ol m frm delhi obc category .will i have chance
    to clear ?

  66. Sir My attempt is 60. Q.A. 18 (100%), R 20 (95%), Eng. 22 (75%) .

    What are my chances of clearing the exam? General category of West Bengal.
    and What is the releasing date of the result ?

  67. Sir, my attempt is 72. 19 – QA.. 26 – R.. 27 – E.
    90% + acc in QA and R and 75% acc in english.
    General category from TN. Do I stand a chance??
    Regards in advance

  68. Sir I have attempted
    Math 19
    English 18
    Reasoning 21

    Reasoning and math mostly accurate
    Any chance in PWD category for maharashtra region…??

  69. i hv attempt 74 m24 R29 E21 M AND R 100% ACRCY….ANY CHANCE? CALL ME TO KNOW MORE ABOUT 7066386882

  70. I attempted 61. 24 in reasoning, 25 in English and 12 in maths. I belong to andhra Pradesh. I am 100 percent accurate in maths. What are my chances of clearing the exam? General category.

  71. attempted 77
    e 23
    r 27
    q 27
    how good a chance hav i got?
    when will the results be out?

  72. I attempted 60 questions. Maths-14 reasoning-24 eng-22. General category. I am from tamil nadu. I am so tensed. Is der any chance for me sir. Pls tell me

  73. sir i attend E – 18, Q – 12, R – 22 total 22 with 90% accuracy. i am OBC category, from Tamil Nadu any chance

  74. As reasoning and computer section are same so what could be the no. Of questions from computer? And how it carries 60 marks?

  75. Maths 23, reasoning 24 ,english 30 ,total 77 general category, what are the chances sir??(accuracy in eng 80% in other 100%)

  76. in your case, sectional cutoff in maths could create problem…otherwise you have very good chances to make through it..let us hope for the best..

  77. there would be a good chance if your accuracy is good. !!!! as the cutoff will be between 48 and 55 !

  78. sir i am little bit confused about the puzzle & seating arrangement.please provide me the puzzle question of 4th june 4th slot exam.

  79. sir i attempted 63 questions english-16,math -19 ,reasoning-28 ,is there any chance for me OBC category

  80. Sir
    My attempt was 63

    R 26
    E 24
    Q 13

    Enough to get selected for mains general catogry from Bihar

  81. sir i attempted 63 questions english-25,math -21 ,reasoning-17 ,is there any chance for me general category

  82. where can i find good lectures on DI..
    my attempts
    eng 30 90% accuracy
    reas 35 100% accuracy
    maths 22 (max 5 or 6 went wrong)

  83. I found that almost all the people have attempted very less in Aptitude. Friends you have too many resources now a days even on you tube. Try some good channels friends.. Takshzilla Shikshak, Roshan Institute of Self Empowerment, Anil nair classes etc.

  84. Sir I have attempted QA-23. English -23 & GI – 17. Out of 10 will wrong. Caste SC from West Bengal. May I have a chance to appear in Mains.

  85. my attempts
    eng – 30
    rea – 35
    maths – 13 (95% accuracy) overall -78
    state – tamilnadu
    category- general.
    is there any chance for me? please reply..

  86. Sir, I attempted 50 in total, Eng-22, Reasoning-15, Quantitative-13..(100% accuracy for all)i am from kerala. Any chance for me?

  87. for prelims, cutoff can’t be very high.
    You have a decent chance if your accuracy is good

  88. depends on your accuracy…you would clear it if you’d attempted with an accuracy of 85% or more..

  89. depends on paper..and state wise cutoff in clerks generaly 150 nearly as i saw last years..

  90. study from ga capsule provided by various sites..gradestack is the best for capsule they have more quality than quantity ..also read newspaper everyday

  91. how to study for banking gk. This is the first time i am giving this paper. have no knowlege abount banking sector. can anyone suggest me some books name. or any particular topics that would be asked in the paper.

  92. My attmpt math-20, reg-23 and english- 21 total-64.. Math n in reg I think all corrct but in English I m bit worry..due to time mismanagement I think I did some wrong Ans in English.most probably. In English I will get 9-13 marks..overall I will get at least 50+ marks..bas English me cutoff Ho exam 5 June 1st shift form Bihar general 🙁

  93. @ Amit sir what cn be the cutoff fr assam in sbi pre?? n whn cn we expct results of sbi pre?

  94. i also want to know about quants, but after reading everywhere about cutoffs quants will be 7-8 8 most probably

  95. sir
    my attempts
    eng 30 (90% accuracy)
    reas 35 (100% accuracy)
    maths 22 ( max 5 or 6 mistakes)
    gen cat …………will i make the cut off ……especially maths

  96. Sir my exam was 28 may from Bhopal sc category . I have attempt 60 questions
    Quant=20(100% accuracy)
    Reasoning=28(100% accuracy)
    Sir is that any chance for mains
    Sir plz tell me sectional cutoff also for sc category

  97. Hello sir i attempted 65 overall 30 in reasoning 18 in maths and 17 in english with 85% accuracy is there any chance for mains? i am gen category from bihar

  98. Hello sir i attempted 65 overall 30 in reasoning 18 in maths and 17 in english with 85% accuracy is there any chance for mains?

  99. Hello sir…I have attempted 63 overall
    Eng 23, quant 16 and reas 24
    General category from uttarakhand Delhi circle… What are my chances for mains??

  100. amit bhaiya i think u should not appear this time .u practice more first### u can…

  101. Sir I attempted quants 16(100% accuracy) English 30(80%accuracy) and reasoning33(90%accuracy) I have a chance to qualify sir?

  102. hi sir
    i attempted 54 total
    eng 17
    reasioning 22
    qa 15
    with 90 % accuracy
    belong from mp obc category
    any chance plz tell me

  103. Sir, I attempted 76 in total, Eng-22, Reasoning-30, Quantitative-24..i am from kerala.i dont know about my accuracy especially in English and reasoning. People were saying that kerala state cut off will be very high.and many have attempted 85+ it seems.does that means cut off will be very high? pls share your opinion on this.

  104. Attempted 76 ( UR cat- Delhi ncr zone) ; Eng-30, Res:30, and Quant only: 16. Is it enough, especially for Quant section?

  105. Attempted 78 delhi up zone category-gen
    Tensed for quant 🙁

  106. Hi sir..
    I attempted 73 in total
    26 reasoning
    25 english
    22 quant
    Delhi zone (general category)
    Do I have a chance to qualify?

  107. i have attempted total 58

    Reasoning- 21

    General Category

    Do I have any chance to qualify SBI-Pre.

  108. i am from C.G. category obc i have done 55 res -27,quant 13,and eng 15 can i prepare for main

  109. Sir attempted overall 54 including sectional cutoff.
    I belongs to OBC from Telangana.
    Can l qualify the preelims or not ..and can i prepare for mains?
    Wt is cutoff for OBC…..plz tl me sir

  110. Sir g. Eng 18(all correct)..reasoning 15(all correct) …..maths 9(2wrong) category-sc.. Any chance.. Exam date 4/6/16.time 11:30

  111. Hi Sir ,

    My total attempts are 51 and section wise

    English 19

    Reasning 11

    Quants 19

    Any chances for clearing pre?? Please suggest

  112. hello sir i attempt over all 57 reg 25 eng 15 math 17 have i any chances plz call me 9936783674

  113. Hi sir ive attempted 54 question maths 14 reasoning 19 nd english 21…general category zone patna…. Do I hav a chance

  114. Hi sir,i have attempted eng-12,QA-15 and reas-22(overall accuracy above 90%).
    obc category from maharashtra.
    what are my chances?

  115. Have applied for Arunachal Pradesh will it make any difference and will accuracy play any role in it

  116. I have attempted (NA-16, GI-17 & Eng-15) only 1 or 2 wrong in english total 48 attempted. Is there any chance. Has applied for Arunachal Pradesh.

  117. Sir

    I am an exserviceman and my attempt is 42 (Eng-18, Reasoning-14 and NA-10) with 90% accuracy from Maharashtra open category. Is there any to chance to qualify for sbi main exam. Sir, please share your comments.

  118. Sir my attempt total 58. English – 22 (90% accuracy), Reasoning – 20 (90% accuracy), Maths- 16 (11 qns 100% accuracy, 5 qns 50%). I belongs to OBC category from Kerala….Pls tell any chance????

  119. Sir ihad done Reasng -22 , Maths -17 eng -16 in U.P. zone SBI clerk exam som in total 55 done so should i clear exam .. Pllzzzz.. tell me..

  120. Hello sir i have attemepted 52 questions.
    Eng 16 (85%) accuracy
    Reasoning 17(95%)accuracy
    Quanti 19(100%)accuracy
    SC category… Mumbai.. 28 may 3rd slot.
    What are my chances

  121. reas 25

    eng 24

    quant 11 (quant -100% accuracy) overall 98% accuracy….general , kolkata ? chances?

  122. My Attempts were 29 in English (90% Accuracy), 32 in Reasoning (100% Accuracy), 15 in quants(100% accuracy) belongs to OBC from Tamil Nadu. What is the chance can anyone clarify me.

  123. Quant-18- All correct
    Reason-23- 1/2 wrong
    English-29-All correct

    Chances? GEN from Assam

  124. My attempt is:
    E-22 (85% accuracy)
    R-21(95% “””””””)
    Any chance i applied for U.P in SC category?

  125. Boss don’t misguide any one,
    Real answer is A=130/100B=>A=13/10B=>10A=13B
    HERE B(12)+A(30)=B(?)
    => SUBSTITUTE AND GET 12B+13/10B*30=B(?)
    SO 51=?

  126. Taking more time out for Quant section would do the trick in future (y) stay positive 🙂 and practice hard

  127. I’m really upset with my number of attempts. I couldn’t manage time. I’m worried what the outcome would be

  128. Hi, i have scored 19 english (80% accuracy), numerical 18 (95% accuracy), reasoning 22(100% accuracy), i am belongs to obc category, can i have chance

  129. hello team,
    i want tell one thing i have done my SBI pre exam on 28 may 2016 II sift i have done 54 question 97 % accurate right .i am not believe on guesses .my question is that can qualify that exam if i am blong SC category , plz team i want your answer …………14 qns in English, 20 qns in Math, 20 qns in reasoning .

  130. hii sir good mrngg…m kiran pandey….21 English Mei Ki..21 maths and reasoning Mei bs 13 hi Kr paayi..with 95%accuracy.m GENERAL se belong krti ho..west bengal tha region…sir kya m mains ki taiyari start kr doo

  131. if the speed of down stream is equal to 2 times that of upward stream then find the ratio b/n still water and boat speed in still water.

    Ans let upstream u-v=x
    then U+v=2x
    formula for still water is 1/2(x+2x)=3x/2
    formula for boat is 1/2(2x-x)=x/2
    now ratio is 3:1

  132. thanx mere pass bhi actual que nahi hai ek site pe yeh mila aur samajhme nahi ayya ishi liya post ki thi

  133. Dear sir..Am Raphi..comparitively what will be the overall cutoff marks in Tamilnadu region for OBC category? The vacancies are more there. Expecting your valuable feedback.

  134. Sir i have attemptd 17 in quant 30 in reasoning n 25 in english.. i think mi quant got very low ..but out of stock 17 attempted i m sure atleast 15 wud be ryt .. is there a chance i could get through the exam ?

  135. okk upper sucheta nee kuch aur question post kiya h of boat n stream in that aesa kuch nai h thats why i asked n r u sure aesa thaa question can u tell full question of boat stream if u remember

  136. sir i attempted 50 question 11 in quant all are correct…i am from andhra pradesh…is there any chance to clear the prelims…i belong to obc-orthopedically handicapped

  137. bhai didnt understand urr logic n solution can u solve n explain more clearly that be great

  138. Sir I have attempted 62 in SC category
    Math-23 (100% Accuracy)
    Reasoning- 24 (99.9% Accuracy)
    English- 15 (95% Accuracy)
    Can I clear cut off ???
    I’m from M.P.

  139. Let B is x (say efficiency of B), then A is 13/10x. Now Total work should be equal to 1. Hence X*12+ 13/10X* 30= 1 ; or X=1/51 which is the efficiency of B, i.e. work done by B in 1 day. So half work is completed by B is 20.5 days.

  140. if you belongs to any category only then !! with Gen category your chances are bleak because of quant cutoff.

  141. Ratio of speed of boat in still water to speed of boat downstream given.
    Distance covered given. Find ratio of speed of boat in still water to
    speed of boat upstream.

  142. A is 30% more efficient than B. B works for 12 days, and the remaining
    work is completed by A alone in 30 days. In how many days will B,
    working alone, complete half the total work?

  143. I have attempted 68-gen (Maharashtra)
    Eng-28; Reas-29; Quant-11
    Overall 90℅ accuracy
    Any chances?

  144. practice hard ,,, m tyra for arithmatic , improve calculation speed ,,, for di arihant ..

  145. Sir i have attempted 57 questions, 27 in English (almost 24-25 correct), 17 in reasoning (15-16 correct) and 13 in quantitative analysis (probably all are correct). what are my chances?

  146. i have attempt 78 question – genral
    34 reasoning (100% acc
    25 math (100 % acc)
    18 english (85% acc)

  147. Sir I attempt 81 question.reasoning 35 English 25 math 21 with 95 % and above accuracy. I belonged to gen caste of odisha region.can I clear the prelim cuttoff?

  148. I attempted 62 in total . English 30(90% accuracy),ra 18 (one wrong), qa 14(100% accuracy). I am expecting around 57 to 59. Can I clear the cutoffs? (General cat TN)

  149. SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

    Total Attempted : 62
    English : 23
    Reasoning : 27
    Quantitative Aptitude : 12 (All are correct)
    Category : OBC
    State : Andhra Pradesh

    I had verified my answers and I’m 100% sure that 60 Questions were correct in my 62 attempts.

    Doubt : How many marks may be required to clear the sectional cut-off (expected) in Quantitative Aptitude?

    According to the above information, is there any chance for me to clear the sectional cut-off in QA as well as overall cut-off?
    Please, answer me as soon as possible.

  150. I attempted : –
    English – 25 (100% accuracy)
    Reasoning – 20 (100% accuracy)
    Maths : 14 (100% accuracy)
    Overall : 59 (100% accuracy)

    Is there a chance for me to qualify the Prelims?

  151. attempted 83
    reasoning- 34
    is there any state wise cut off for general catogory

  152. Me also tamilnadu. I attend 59.
    English -7 (99%) Maths – 17(99%) Reasoning – 35. (100%). Please tell about which is the best book for English? I am weak in English.

  153. Attempted 57.. Eng- 21(1 may b wrong),quant-11(1 may b wrong), reasoning-25 (almost correct).. Is there any chance to clear for general people..eligible for main???

  154. 2) *2; *3; *4 and so on…. (thrs one correction in the series the last term is 2160 comma shudnt b thr)

    4)*0.5; *1; *1.5; *2 and so on….

    🙂 🙂

  155. 1) *1-1; *2-1; *3-1 and so on…
    3) -100; -64; -36 and so on…
    5) -2.1; +4.2; -6.3; +8.4 and so on…

  156. mere se 50 questions hi ho paaye. Almost all are correct
    Koi chance h kya 50 marks pe cutoff clear hone ka????
    Please bata do koi

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