sbi clerk exam : all india rankers test

SBI Clerk All India Test

MockBank is conducting ALL INDIA RANKERS TEST for SBI Clerk Exam 2016.

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SBI Clerk All India Test Features

  • A real time simulation of actual examination
  • Help you formulate the most effective strategy
  • Best time management strategy
  • Strengthen the possibility of getting an excellent score
  • Test your preparation level
  • Provide you with an all India Rank

SBI Clerk All India Test: How do Toppers Benefit?

  • Top 25 students will get Mentorship call from MockBank, to help them improve their score

Why Should You Appear for SBI Clerk AIT ?sbi clerk all india rankers test (1)

  • The pattern followed in the test designed by us will be the exactly the same as the pattern of the actual SBI Clerk exam. The number of questions, the level of difficulty, and the marking scheme will be the same.
  • It is an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the examination pattern and perform brilliantly in the exam.
  • While appearing for an online exam , there are various factors that arise from continuously staring  at the computer screen like eye fatigue, body strain hampering the chances of clearing the exam. This test will give you ample time in front of the computer screen and will prepare your body and mind for the original SBI Clerk Exam.
  • This test will help you manage your time efficiently so as to benefit in the exam. You will get a fair idea about your speed and accuracy.
  • You will be provided a detailed report with the analysis of your performance. This includes the number of questions you answered across different sections and difficulty level, incorrect answers, solutions of all the questions, time taken per section and your performance graph throughout the exam.

Are there any hidden costs for SBI Clerk AIT?

The All India Rankers Test for SBI Clerk Exam is absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden costs. No payments required. Just register for the test, appear for it, analyse your performance, identify the problem areas and compare your scores against your real competitors.

Avail this opportunity and get featured among the best.

How to Appear for SBI Clerk All India Rankers test ?

We are glad to inform you that registrations for this test are on and you should register as soon as possible. Click here to get yourself registered and join millions of fellow SBI Clerk aspirants to take one of the biggest test in India. After you register for the test you will receive a confirmation email with the link for the test. You can appear for the test from either your laptop, PC or from a cyber cafe. We would recommend you check your internet connection and make sure it is running fine before attempting the test.

SBI Clerk All India Rankers Test will be live from 5pm today.

SBI Clerk AIT Important Dates

Dates of Test: Apr 26 , Apr 27, Apr 28 , Apr 29, Apr 30, May 1, May 2

Results : May 2, 2016 at 8 pm