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5 Free Mock Tests for SBI Clerk Exam 2018

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2018 : Official SBI Clerk Cutoff For Prelims And Mains (State-wise)

State Bank of India has been conducting SBI Clerk Exam every year. The number of aspirants applying for it are also increasing continuously.This year also it is expected that around 25-30 lakhs candidates have applied for it. Thus the level of competition is going to be very very tough.In this article we will analyse SBI Clerk Cutoff so that you can have an idea about how much to score in SBI Clerk 2016 Exam.

The analysis is based on previous year SBI Clerk Cutoffs as well as taking into consideration the new pattern.

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SBI Clerk Cutoff: Previous Year and Present Year

Let us see the previous year SBI Cutoffs in a sequential manner

SBI Clerk Previous year Cutoffs

Below is the list of all SBI Clerk Previous Year Cutoffs:

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2012 ( Statewise & Categorywise)

Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana 148 143 131 113
Kerala 124 124 110 91
Madhya Pradesh 147 139 131 105
Bihar 155 146 126 106
Delhi/Haryana 153 136 129 138
Rajasthan 155 140 123 108
Tamil Nadu 119 119 119 105
Gujarat 137 134 131 87
Karnataka 98 98 89 77
Maharashtra 132 111 120 70
Odisha 151 148 125 103
Uttar Pradesh 155 146 122 107
Uttarakhand 150 142 101 97

SBI Clerk Syllabus 2018 and Important Topics Section Wise

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2013

  • Exam was not Conducted in 2013

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2014

  • General: 140
  • OBC: 138
  • SC: 123
  • ST: 108

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2015

  • Exam was not Conducted in 2015

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Official Cut Off for SBI Clerk 2016 Prelims)

  • There will be both overall and sectional cut offs.
  • Pattern is widely different from all previous year Papers

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Prelims And Mains)

The top three factors that determine the SBI Clerk Cutoff are:

  • a) Total number of applicants for the exam
  • b) Total number of vacancies
  • c) The difficulty level of the exam

Best Books for SBI Clerk Preparation 2018

Section-wise SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Prelims)

Sections SBI Clerk Cutoff Marks
English Language Total Marks – 30Cutoff for General – 6.75

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 3.25

Numerical Ability Total Marks – 35Cutoff for General – 5.5

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 2

Reasoning Ability Total Marks – 35Cutoff for General – 7.75

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 3.25

SBI Clerk Previous Year Solved Question Paper Download

State-wise Overall SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Prelims)

States Overall SBI Clerk Cutoff Marks
Uttar Pradesh General – 59SC – 42.75

ST – 31.5

OBC – 56.25

Delhi General – 66.25SC – 56

ST – 10

OBC – 50.75

Bihar General – 51.5SC – 33.5

ST – 27.25

OBC – 51.5

Punjab General – 67.5SC – 45

ST – 45

OBC – 56.5

Tamil Nadu General – 21.25SC – 21.25

ST – 21

OBC – 21.25

Meghalaya General – 37.25SC – 30.75

ST – 31.5

OBC – 30.75

West Bengal General – 51.25SC – 37

ST – 20.75

OBC – 35.25

Madhya Pradesh General – 54.75SC – 36.5

ST – 9

OBC – 54.75

Andhra Pradesh General – 39.25SC – 39.25

ST – 10

OBC – 39.25

Himachal Pradesh General – 57.5SC – 42.75

ST – 48.25

OBC – 57

Uttarakhand General – 59.25SC – 37.5

ST – 45.25

OBC – 48.25

Chhattisgarh General – 22.5SC – 9.5

ST – 9.25

OBC – 22.5

Maharashtra General – 51.5SC – 51.5

ST – 24.5

OBC – 51.5

Gujarat General – 42SC – 42

ST – 28

OBC – 42

Rajasthan General – 64.5SC – 53.5

ST – 25.25

OBC – 64.5

Jharkhand General – 38.5SC – 31.25

ST – 29.25

OBC – 38.5

Haryana General – 60.75SC – 44.25

ST – 44.25

OBC – 55

Kerala General – 61.5SC – 48

ST – 28

OBC – 61.5

Orissa General – 52SC – 37.5

ST – 17

OBC – 52

Telangana General – 27SC – 27

ST – 27

OBC – 27

Assam General – 42.25SC – 48

ST – 48

OBC – 43.25

SBI clerk vs IBPS clerk -Salary, Promotion career growth prospects roles and responsibilites

SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Official Cut Off for SBI Clerk 2016 Mains)

  • There will be both overall and sectional cut offs.
  • Pattern is widely different from all previous year Papers

Section-wise SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Mains)

Sections SBI Clerk Cutoff Marks
General Awareness Total Marks – 50Cutoff for General – 13.50

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 9.50

General English Total Marks – 40Cutoff for General – 14.25

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 10.25

Quantitative Aptitude Total Marks – 50Cutoff for General – 14.50

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 11.25

Reasoning ability and Computer Aptitude Total Marks – 60Cutoff for General – 24

Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC – 19

State-wise Overall SBI Clerk Cutoff 2016 (Mains)

States Overall SBI Clerk Cutoff Marks
Telangana General – 123.25SC – 102

ST – 99.50

OBC – 119

Orissa General – 130.50SC – 103.50

ST – 80.75

OBC – 125.25

Uttar Pradesh General – 132.25SC – 103

ST – 81.50

OBC – 120.50

Kerala General – 135.75SC – 107

ST – 100.50

OBC – 130

Delhi General – 138SC – 118.25

ST – 76.25

OBC – 120.50

Haryana General – 137SC – 106.25

ST –

OBC – 119.50

Punjab General – 138.50SC – 104.75

ST –

OBC – 118.75

Andhra Pradesh General – 128.50SC – 110

ST – 85.25

OBC – 122.50

Tamil Nadu General – 120.25SC – 101.50

ST – 89

OBC – 117

Chhattisgarh General – 121.75SC – 90

ST – 72.25

OBC – 117.25

Uttarakhand General – 133.50SC – 102.25

ST – 105.50

OBC – 116.75

Madhya Pradesh General – 130.25SC – 100.75

ST – 76.25

OBC – 122.75

West Bengal General – 131SC – 105.50

ST – 86.75

OBC – 110.75

Rajasthan General – 136SC – 114.75

ST – 86.25

OBC – 132.50

Bihar General – 130.25SC – 98.25

ST – 80.50

OBC – 123

Maharashtra General – 123.50SC –

ST –


Nagaland General – 115.75SC –

ST –


Karnataka General – 117SC –

ST –


Assam General – 124.50SC –

ST –


Jharkhand General – 127SC –

ST –


The SBI Clerk cutoff for 2018 will vary a little from the cutoff of 2016, but this will give an idea about how much you need to score in order to qualify for the next round. It is also recommended that candidates score as high as possible because clearing the SBI Clerk cutoff will not guarantee your entry into SBI.

SBI Clerk 2014 Previous Year Solved Question Paper

How to Score Marks to clear SBI Clerk Cutoff

In Order to reach the marks specified above, you need to

  • Attempt at least 70 percent questions overall to clear the overall cutoff
  • A minimum of 50% question in each section to clear the sectional cutoff

Is Scoring Cutoff marks enough on SBI Clerk Exam??

In very simple language NO. You must score at least 10-15 marks more.

DO’s to Clear SBI Clerk Cutoff

Again in simple words, try to score at least 10-15 marks more than the expected cutoff. It means you will be having high chances to make it into the merit list and land your dream job.

DONT’s to Clear SBI Clerk Cutoff

Once again in simple words, Do not waste your time making Permutation and Combinations. Instead prepare harder and thus score more. Even the previous year cutoffs are to give an idea . Do not plan your number of questions to be attempted based on the cutoff.

SBI Clerk Career Growth and Job Profile 2018

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Well Enough said, Give last boost to your SBI Clerk Preparation Now!

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This is it for SBI Clerk cutoff. We will be sharing all updates related to SBI Clerk Cutoff and more. If you have any queries/questions regarding sbi clerk cutoff, feel free to post them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.


  1. i am harish attempted 133 questions in sbi clerk with 40 -reasoning,28-apt,33-english,32-gk and i belongs to general category what are my chances??????

  2. Hi Sir,
    Can you guide me about the exam pattern for RBI grade B officers. Will it be the same as SBI clerk exam phase I and all sections will be same and compulsory like SBI phase I ?? If yes then at least how much should I attend to pass the phase I?

    Eagerly awaiting for your quick response sir as the exam is going to be conducted on this Sunday i.e. 4th of September

  3. I attempt 142 from Karnataka (caste general)
    English -. 29 expecting 13++
    Reasoning -45 (100%)
    Quant – 29 may be 1 wrong
    Gk -39. Exactly 25 right
    Overall Expecting -114 to 118 marks
    chances to me tell me sir…….

  4. sir, iam applied for karntaka sc category, attempted total 110, reasoning 23 (100% accuracy) quant 23(100%) gk 44(5 wrong) eng 23( 12+marks) expecting total 90+, what r the chances to me sir

  5. Himachal Pardesh( OBC ) : Attempted 145..Maths 37, Reasoning 42, english 30, GA – 36..Expected Marks – 120 to 130 ..
    Prelims Score 83.75/100…chances sir ????

  6. Hi Sir, regards again

    I have applied for RBI grade B officer direct recruitment and upsc general works manager and senior scientific assistant ( computer science) can you suggest me book for these two exams??

  7. Uttarakhand GEN.. attempt : Eng 36 GA 45 Quant-36 Reas-45. Total 162 questions attempted, expecting 142+ marks. What are my chances ??

  8. Sir, Im from Tamilnadu, general category, attempted 134,

    GA- 35, 80% Acc
    English- 40, 90% Acc
    Maths- 26, 95% Acc
    Reasoning- 33, 95% Acc

    What is my chance?
    What’s the expected cutoff of my state?

  9. I have attempted gk-44(80% accuracy)
    English -40(85% accuracy)
    Reasoning-39(99% accuracy)
    Aptitude-25(70% accuracy).
    Overall-154/200 from Orissa. Is there any Chance to qualify

  10. sir i attempeted 94 from
    50(maths+reasoning)-100% accuracy
    25-GK-18-20 sahi h
    19(english)-above 10 is right..
    any chance from MP…452 post h
    and what about result sir..

  11. Attempted 126 from Telangana (general)
    Quantative – 38 (95% accuracy)
    Gk – 40 (95% accuracy)
    English – 31 (95% accuracy)
    Reasoning – 17 (95% accuracy)
    What are my chances Sir??

  12. just now i called to sbi careers they have very good service, and they said results will come in next month and no exam cancellation,i called again but they didn’t tell about interview , they said now we can’t say ….anyway thank you sbi..i like ur service .

  13. Attempted 139 from A.P -OBC
    REASONING 40 = 48marks (100% ACCURACY)
    MATHS 28 (100% ACCURACY)
    ENG 29 (99% ACCURACY)
    GK 42 (16 BITS WRONG)
    What’s my chances?
    Expecting 115+
    Prelims 73.25

  14. sir i have attempted

    total-131 expecting around 120-125
    From maharashtra General category is there any chance?

    Please reply sir !!!

  15. Reas 39
    Maths 34
    English 32
    Ga 40
    Total 145
    Expecting 115-120 marks
    Is there any chance from Maharashtra general category with 162 seats for general

  16. I attempted 108 in SBI CLERK MAINS…expecting around 90…SC category…any chance???…(WEST BENGAL STATE, 235 VACANCIES FOR SC)…pls reply…

  17. Sir i attempted 126
    Aptitude 38 (expected 30+)
    English 31 (95% accuracy)
    General awareness 40 (expected 32+)
    Reasoning only 17 (90% accuracy)
    Telangana General Category..
    Sir Please tell me my Chance of clearing the examination.. what would be the cutoff for telangana general category..

  18. Sir i have attempted 126 with 90% accuary..i belong to Telangana(General) there any chance to clear the examination??

  19. sir i have attempted 112 OBC category Telangana reasong-23 (95%), quant 24 (100%), eng-25 (90%), ga-40 (9 get wrong), what r my chances?

  20. sir i attempetd 109 .expectng 90 -100 marks .iam sc categry andhra pradesh .is there any chance for clrk mains

  21. Sir, attempted 114 with 85% accuracy in chhattisgarh in SBI Mains under Xsm category. is there chance that i qualify for the next phase of process???

  22. I ATTEMPT 139

    GA =44 (8 WRONG)
    MATHS =25 (99% ACCURACY)
    RESON =36 (99% ACCURACY)
    ENG =34 (95%ACCURACY)


  23. sir iam from karnataka category-gm
    i have attempted 138 questions
    apti-24 100% accuracy
    reasoning-30 100% accuracy
    english- 40 85% accuracy
    GK- 44 75-80% accuracy
    any chance sir

  24. Attempts :116
    Category : General
    Region: Tamilnadu
    Expected Marks: 100+
    What are my chances ?
    When is the result expected for SBI clerical mains ?

  25. Attempted reas-25 max 1-2 wrong. Math 23 max 2 wrong. Gk 39 (9 wrong). Eng 32 (20-22 right) . Sir what are my chances . Category exs from bihar

  26. Amit sir
    i have attempted 138 questions
    reasoning 34 not more than 3 wrong
    quant 25 1 or 2 wrong
    english 31 10 questions may be wrong
    ga 46 32 correct till now
    i am a sc candidate from mp
    expecting my score 100+
    can i clear mains exam

  27. mock bank responds well to the questions being asked. what will be the cutoff for Junior agricultural associates for Andhra under sc category

  28. Hello sir, I have attempted 155 ..general cat from up…90% accuracy in maths and reasoning..I did 32 in maths and 37 in reasoning..I did 40 in English and 46 in ga with 80% accuracy…what are my chances in sbi clerk mains…plz tell

  29. Sir i am from u.p
    I attempted 151 question
    General category.
    Expecting 125-130
    Any chances for me. .pls reply. ..thanks in advance. .

  30. Sir I attempted 110 questions with 95% accuracy …SC from West Bengal…. My prelim marks was 60.75..any chance?

  31. sir,my attempt gk 33,quant 17.reasoning 37,eng 32..expecting 100-105…is there any chance for me..i am from obc cat tamilnadu…

  32. bihar prelims cut of for general was 51.5 this time & vaccancy is 503 for general. plz someone expect what may be the cut off for JA as the exam was more tough than previous held

  33. dear sir, I attempt 123 question with 90% accuracy gk 33, maths 27 reasoning 33, maths 30 from chattisgarh general category.

  34. sir, i have attempted 150 questions with 90 percent accuracy,what are my chances of selection in obc category in delhi-ncr?

  35. I have two questions sir

    1.When is the mains exam results expected to come out?

    2.This time Tamil Nadu cut off was 21.75 for prelims and for states like Bengal and Kerala it was 62.50 and followed same sectional cut off for all states. Mains also sectional cut off will be same for all states?

  36. I understand that the statewise overall cut off varies from state to state. But is the sectional cut off the same across the states or does it vary? please clarify

    Rsng 39 = 42 mrks Min
    ENG 31 = 13 max
    quant 31 = 29 min
    GK 47(35R) = 31 confirmed
    = 115++ Min Any chances…?

  38. Sir I have attempted 122 questions aptitude 26(with 98% accuracy)and reasoning 29(with 95%accuracy) and English 28(with 90% accuracy) and GA 39(with 80% accuracy… I am from Andhra Pradesh… Is there any chances sir… Please reply me sir…

  39. sir my self prasanna from karnataka I attempted 115 with 100% accuracy of reasonig and maths
    and 95% accuracy of GK and 90% accuracy of english I am ST category what r my chances

  40. sir,I hv attempted 154.expecting 130 around…cat-gen..m from delhi…is there any chance to get selected coz pre cutoff was very high for delhi region.nd my pre score was 70.75.

  41. Sir can we expect himachal pradesh cutoff be around 100 marks for general category as in pre the cutoff of himachal is 57 marks which in comparision to delhi up and haryana very less.

      • Last time for IBPS clerk, the sectional cut offs for Reasoning were 28 and QA was 20,right? So in such case this time also as interviews wont be there, sectional cut offs are going to be high,right?

      • Sir my attempts-127 @ general category from state general vacancies state prelims cutoff-39.25..wat r my chances sir??

  42. 115 attempt. GA-30 Eng-30 Reasoning-26 Math-29. 90% accuracy. 26th june 2nd shift. SC category from West Bengal. any chance?

  43. sir attempted 153 43-quants 45-resoning 39-eng 26-ga sir obc category from up any chances sir i scored 94.75/100 in prelims

  44. Sir i attempt 155 questions in sbi mains , i am from himachal pradesh general category , maths 30 quest reas 35 both with 90-95% accuracy , english 40 and gs 50 attempts with 70% accuracy i think .
    What are my chances ,my expected marks 120+

  45. Dear sir I am from Tamil Nadu I attended G. K 44 maths 19 English 21 reasoning 21 overall 105 with 90% accuracy if I have a chance to select plz reply sir it’s my last chance

  46. Sir i attempted GK 47(35R) = 31 confirmed
    ENG 31(14) = 10-12 max(sentence arrangement cmplt wrong my badluk)
    Rsng 39(35++R) = 42 Min
    quant 31(29++R) = 29 min
    = 112++Min (OBC TELANGANA) what are my chances…?

  47. Can anyone explain? For resoning, there are 50 Question & 60 Marks.
    Extra 10 mark??
    Are there any 2 mark questions??

  48. hi,sir
    according to 25-06-2016 paper what will be the mains cutoff for andhrapradesh (obc).i attempted 133 ,did self check then i think i may got 110-115 marks.tell me my chances

  49. Hi, Is sectional cut off same across all the state and the different cut offs of states are only in the overall cut off?

  50. Sir..
    What will be the cutoff for sc category in paper for mains was quite difficult…
    I have attempted 112 questions with 90% accuracy…is der a chance of selection?

  51. Sir, how much can we expect for chattisgarh general category. This time pre was 22.5, so can we expect lower cutoffs for mains as well?

  52. sir,what will be the expected cutoff in sbi clerk mains for tamilnadu for obc category sir? and very weak in quants and genral awareness, what i have to do to clear the sectional cutoff sir , will u pls suggest me any simple way

  53. I want to understand concept of negative marking in competitive exams. If I attempted 20 marks out of 30 …and 4 questions were wrong then how much marks I will get out of 30.

    Kindly reply

  54. respected sir, i want to know what will be the general cut off for himachal pradesh state. i heard it is 100 marks out of 200 for general

  55. am from oc and i filled my applicatn as obc…. i qualifd my prelims…after whether i will be rejected r what should i do,…. gve me a solution plz sir

  56. sir iam form andhra pradesh . i attepmted 66 – quant 13 , eng- 24, rea- 29. i have reservation ie., SC wil i qualify ? and when do we get our results ?

  57. i have attended 66 questions. english-24(90%), reasoning -24(100%), quants -18 (2 or 3 will be wrong) (ie) around 15 is dame sure correct . is it possible for me to crack the exam happened in 1 slot of 28th may.. i am belongs to the obc(tamil nadu). please reply me as soon as possible.when the result will come???

  58. sir
    i was attending 88 qustns
    maths 30
    reason 30

    english 28 with 75% accuracy
    category OBC
    what about my expected result

  59. Sir I have attended 57 questions,
    With 90% accuracy and I belong to OBC category can I have a chance????
    And I am from,Tamil nadu

  60. I hv attempt 53que..20 english 15maths 18 reasoning….general category from mp.what are my chances for clearing sbi clerk pre?

  61. Sir, I have attempted a total of 57 questions.

    English – 19
    Reasoning- 23

    I belong to Gen category , Tamilnadu.

    sir, what are my chances?

  62. i have attempted 82(25 in English, 28 in quantitative and 27 in reasoning) question for agriculture associate with 90% accuracy

  63. I attempted 61. 24 in reasoning, 25 in English and 12 in maths. I belong to andhra Pradesh. I am 100 percent accurate in maths. What are my chances of clearing the exam?

  64. Sir I’ve attempted 41 E-16,R-13,M-12 with 100% accuracy and I belong to ST category from telangana will I get through prelims?

  65. Sir can I start to prepare for main exam because I am worried about can I clear the preliminary exam. I attempted 60 maths 14 reasoning 24 and English 22. Pls tell me sir. When will the result announced

  66. Hello sir, I have attempted 81, 29 eng, 29 reasoning and 24 maths…plz tell me my chances to clear the exam…I filled up from up nd general category…accuracy in maths nd reasoning is 90% nd English is 80 %.

  67. dearr sir i attempted 68 32 reasoning 20 quant and english 16 accuracy 90% what are my chances sir andhrapradesh?

  68. sir i had done 67 ques 15 in maths, 23 in reasoning, 29 in english……what r my chances , i m from madhya pradesh..

  69. sir i have attempted total 58 questions
    eng 23
    above 95% accuracy
    gen category tamilnadu….
    sir what are my chances of qualifying…..plse rply

  70. I have done 60 questions 25 English, 20 reasoning and 15 maths . And I applied from Uttar Pradesh . What are my chances to qualify ?? Actually I have doubt of my English attempts 5-6 questions might go wrong ..

  71. i attempted 76 questions {eng:24,reasoning:27,quants :25} sc from Tamil Nadu, with 90% accuracy .what are my chances ???

  72. How to prepare for General/ Financial Awareness for SBI Clerk mains?
    How many questions need to be correct for reaching cutoff marks for SC ?

  73. i attempted 58.. English 26 with 96% accuracy Reasoning 26 with 98% accuracy and Math 6 with 100 % accuracy.. Is there any hope of selection
    for mains exam???

  74. Sir,
    I have attempted 49 questions in total.
    English- 15 (may be 3-4 wrong)
    Reasoning- 23 (100% accuracy)
    QA- only 11 (100% accuracy)
    I belong to SC category and from Delhi.
    What are my chances? Please reply..

  75. Sir i have attempted… Eng 15 …. quant 26…reasoning 18 ..with 99% accuracy…what can I predict ???? Gen category

  76. Sir, I have attempted a total of 56 questions.
    English-28(95% accuracy)
    Reasoning-18(90% accuracy)
    Maths-10(100% accuracy)
    I belong to SC category sir, what are my chances? Thanks so much

  77. Does the wrong email id provided will create any problem in selection process?
    Other than any information which i can gather it from its website it won’t be creating any problem?

  78. Sir, I attempted 63 total – English 29, Reasoning 18, Maths 16. I am genral category from J&K. What are my chances?

  79. Sir i attempted 79 questions, english 25, quants 27, reasoning 27 with 90% accuracy. Is there any chance. I am from gen cat.

  80. attempted 58
    english 25 all correct
    reasoning 17 all correct
    math 16 all correct
    cat. gen.
    state Himachal Pradesh
    could i shortlisted for mains
    please reply about my chance sir

  81. rsng- 32(90% accuracy)
    math- 18(100%)
    eng- 16(75%)
    sir mera chance kitna hai….pre mai pass ho ne liye..westbengal

  82. My email id which i have provided while filling up the form was incorrect. What will be the consequences of this? Please help me out

  83. Sir, I have attempted 61 English 24 Rea.23 Apti. 14 and I’m belong Rajasthan region category SC plz tell me clear abi pre

  84. sir i attemp 65 questions………….16 in math and 27 in english and and 22 in reasoning is there any chance for me to clear my exam pre

  85. Hi Sir, sorry to inform you but I have lost to attempt quantitative section which was really my favourite section due to my unawareness at time. I have attempted 42 questions and I know many are correct. Please advice my about my chances to win this exam. Very much depressed…

  86. Well the paper was very easy, however most of the aspirants didn’t paid attention to time properly and ended up messing with overall paper, after reading all the comments I found out that most of the aspirants attended quants after finishing both reasoning and English….and ended up being worried about quants sectional cutoff… Friends distribution of time is as important as solving problems. According to my analysis from all the websites I visited and gathering second hand information,i could predict the cutoffs as follows
    Quantitative Aptitude : 9
    Reasoning Ability : 13
    Verbal Ability :12
    Overall :56(+/-1)

    Amit Upadhyaya

  87. Hello sir, today i wrote my clerk prelims exam. I have attended 55- eng -22, Quant’s -19, reasoning -14. Overall accuracy-98%. I belong to obc tamilnadu. Please let me know can i clear the prelims?

  88. Attemted 66… Maths 16, reasoning 28, eng 22…West bengal..general cat?
    What will be the expected cutoff for WB IBPS cwe clerk pre was the highest in west bengal

  89. I attempted 14 ques in apti out of which 1 is wrong do I have any chance to get selected from gen category … in R-30 and in E- 29 ..Pls do tell

  90. Sir I am from uttar Pradesh and have attempted 55.shall I start preparing for the mains.. Feeling tensed!!

  91. Sir, I attempted 15 in quant 25 in English nd 22 in reasoning with 95% accuracy and I’m belongs to general there any chance for me sir..please give reply.

  92. Sir I attempt 58 with 80% accuracy in sbi clerk prelim,belong to obc category,west bengal region,is there any chances to clear prelim

  93. Sir,
    I attended 17 questions in maths
    23 questions in English and
    21 questions in reasoning
    With 95% accuracy and my category is general.. Is there any chance for me to clear the preliminary examination?

  94. sir i am form andhra pradesh and belong to OBC .my total attempts were 48 with 100 % accuracy
    english 18
    quant 15
    res 15
    is there any chance for me to qualify this prelims?
    what would be the cutoff for andhra pradesh?
    please reply sir please

  95. I have attempted 92 questions, maths (29 out of 35) and reasoning (33 of 35) with 95% accuracy. I attempted all English questions with 85% accuracy.. I may get around 84 – 88 marks.. The reason being telling the marks is last year I scored only 59 in PO prelims but this time above 85.. I found the exam very easy.. I think the cutoff for General will be above 60 marks. I don’t know is it because of my preparation or the paper itself was very easy…. I belong to SC category but want to compete as a general student. So I am working hard…..

    I am waiting for my SSC CGL 2015 final result. When will it be released?

    • first of all great score. That score means your preparation is great
      Also SSC result may come any time soon.

  96. HI I have attempted 51 questions
    Reasning 11
    quants 19
    English 19
    General category Uttar pradesh
    Any chances for me to mains????

  97. Sir i`m from tamilnadu sc category
    i attempts only 12 quest in maths
    is there any chance for qualifying please reply

  98. Sir i am from tamilnadu and general category.
    My attempts
    Eng-30 (with 25 100% correct)
    Rea-35 ( with 34 100% correct)
    Apti-13( with 10 100% correct)

    Sir is there any chance for me. I am worried about quants section. Please reply sir

  99. Sir I attempted total 41 questions E-16,R-13,Q-12 I’m belong to ST category is there any chance of qualifying in main exams?

  100. sir I am from West Bengal attempted 55 question 0ver all with 98%accuracy.Math 19 reasoning 18 English 18. Is there any chance to crack prelim


  101. sir am new to bank exams … does static gk ( hist,geo,sci,… ) comes under general awarness or only current affairs wil come ??

  102. sir my bro dont know abt sectional cut off and he has attended all 30 and 35 in eng and reasoning but ly 6 in maths …. wil he clear sir ?

  103. please tell me. Reasoning and computer 50 Questions but 60 marks? how will they divide?? each question is of 1 mark right????????? please reply

  104. sir since there is no interview this time , how much should i score minimum in mains to be sure shot of getting the post… am from tamilnadu obc !!

  105. Sir I am belongs to tamilnadu..i ve attended eng 14 (95%)numerical 16 reasoning 27 is there any chances? I am general category

  106. Sir i belongs to ST category from uttarakhand. I have attempted total 47.. eng-13, quanta-12, reasoning-22 Any chance to clear the prelims..

  107. sir i did 47 questions reasoning-23,Quant-11,eng-13 from st category, uttarakhand Is there any chance to clear prelims?

  108. sir i did 58 questions reasoning-25,Quant-18, eng-15 from sc category, Uttar Pradesh Is thera any chance to clear prelims sir?

  109. sir I m of gen. cat. from himachal. I did 62 que. eng.20, reasoning-22, quant-20. I have doubt in 2 que. in english…. is there any chance of clear prelims….?

  110. sir i did 47 questions reasoninf-13,Quant-21,eng-13 from sc category, Andhra Pradesh Is thera any chance to clear prelims sir?

  111. Good morning Sir, I am from ANDHRA PRADESH belongs to GENERAL category. I have attempted total of 49. ENGLISH- 19 REASONING- 16 QUANT- 14 with 98 percent accuracy. Is there any chance to clear prelims?

  112. Sir i belongs to OBC category. I have attempted total 51 but only 10 in quant. Any chances to clear the prelims. Please reply

  113. Sir,
    I am from Madhya Pradesh and belongs to General Category. I attempted total 60 questions (Eng- 23, Reasoning-25, Maths-11) Is there any chance to clear Prelims??
    Plz reply..

  114. Sir
    I m an exserviceman. My attempt is 42 (Eng-18, NA-10 and Reasoning-14) and accuracy is 90%. Is there any chance to clear prelim. Please suggest.

  115. Dear Sir,
    I have attempt 47.Eng-19,Reasoning-16, there any possibility for me to get chances for mains..kindly say

  116. hello amit sir i gave clerk pre from himachal, attempted 59 over all 30 english, 16 reasoning, and 13 NA i m from OBC do i have any chance

  117. sir i have attempted 62 with 90% accuracy iam from oc can i reach to the cutooff?
    quant-18 in which 16 were correct
    reasoning -24 22 correct
    english -20 18 were correct

  118. sir i have attempted 49(100%accuracy)
    reasoning -9
    n am from SC category from telangana
    do i have any chance of getting qualified???

  119. sir ..i have attempted 57, Reas-14, Na-14, Eng-29, OBC category ….do i have any chance of clearing sbi prelims??

  120. sir..i have attempted 47
    Catagory-OBC Female
    Is there any chance to qualify for main?

  121. sir i attempt 55 question with 85% accuracy (eng-21) (reasoing 22) and (12 in qa)
    and iam from pwd category .from gujarat .what is the chance to clear preliminary.what is the sectional as well as over all cut off…. plz suggest

  122. Hi Sir,

    I am from Tamilnadu and belongs to General category.
    My attempt on SBI clerical 2016 follows :
    Reasoning : 26 (100 % accuracy)
    English : 27 (90 % accuracy)
    Quants : 12 (100 % accuracy)

    Attended 65/100. i am worried about quants. Do i have any chance ? pls suggest,

  123. i m from CG and belongs OBC i have attempted 60 question
    ENG-20 with 70% accuracy
    RES-27 with 100% accuracy
    NA- 13 with 100% accuracy
    I m worried about NA so please tell me what are the chance for me?

  124. Sir I M from Karnataka and belongs to SC category and my date of birth 02-06-83
    Sir wheater I am eligible for clerk exams which is going to conduct by ibps this year plz suggest me I very much worried about this

  125. hello sir my name is Akash and i am from Andhra my exam on june 5th and my Category is SC and what is the overall cutoff and sectional cutoff pls tell me sir

  126. Above mentioned cut off is for the qualification for the interview or for final selection? Since this year it is not clear that sbi call for interview or not.

  127. sir kindly will u post me a study plan for sbi clerk main exam sir for upcoming 4 weeks, and which material i want to prepare for general awareness,marketing and finance section sir will u pls suggest me

  128. HELLO SIR ,
    CAT. OBC
    QUANT-25(100 % ACC.)
    REAS-27(100 % ACC.)
    ENG-10(100 % ACC.)


    • Overall you have a great chance
      Sectional cutoff will be approx 10 and youb may be on margin,.
      Still Chances of clearing are far more. Best of luck

  129. Hello sir, Iam from andhra Pradesh.
    Cat: sc
    Attempted: 47 (100% accuracy)
    Rea: 22
    Qua: 15
    Eng: 10
    Will I qualified the exam?

  130. Hello sir, i attempted 79……reasoning -35,numerical abilitity-16 ,english-28……OBC category….will i get qualified for the sbi clerk mains exam ?

  131. sir,
    if cut off for main exam in uttar pardesh region is 155 i think but i think there is no interview this year so how much will be the cut off now ? ?

  132. sir 2mrw i’m having sbi clerk exam, today i wrote one online mock test but i got only 31.5 is this eligible to pass the prelim exam

      • for PO vacancy all over india 2000 then pre cutoff was 47.5… vacancy for clerk this time 18000+ so cutoff will be 47-48 for general


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