Sample Questions for IBPS
Specialist Agricultural Field Officer
: Professional Knowledge
Water rises through the xylem mainly due to
[A] Imbibition    
[B] Osmosis    
[C] Transpiration    
[D] Capillarity    
[E] Reverse osmosis   
 2. Chromosome shape is usually observed during
[A] Prophase    
[B] Anaphase    
[C] Telophase    
[D] Metaphase    
[E] None of these   
3. Single super phosphate is
[A] Water soluble fertilizers    
[B] Citrate soluble fertilizers    
[C] Citrate insoluble fertilizers    
[D] Insoluble fertilizers    
[E] None of the above   
4. Which of the following crops is tolerant of soil on water
[A] Date-palm    
[B] Cabbage    
[C] Orange    
[D] Grapes    
[E] Peas   
5. The percentage of Nitrogen (N) in DAP is………
[A]  46    
[B]  26   
[C]  18    
[D]  80    
[E]  30   
 6. Crop rotation is defined as a
[A] System of growing different kinds of crop on the same
[B] System of growing different crops in succession on the
same land    
[C] Method of growing different
[D] System of growing the same crop on different
[E] None of these   
7. ‘Mauritius’, ‘Mozambique’ and ‘coromandel’ are the varieties
[A] Chillies    
[B] Mango    
[C] Pineapple    
[D] Groundnut    
[E] None of these   
8. When irrigation water is available for two irrigations only,
the wheat crop should receive these at
[A] CRI and late tillering stages    
[B] CRI and boot stages    
[C] CRI and flowering stages    
[D] CRI and milk stages    
[E] None of these   
9. Dehaulming in potato is done to obtain
[A] Higher yield    
[B] Quality seed tuber    
[C] Higher starch content    
[D] Higher protein content    
[E] None of these   
10. Which one of the following system needs irrigation
throughout the year?
[A] Diara land cropping system    
[B] Inter-cropping system    
[C] Mixed cropping system    
[D] Multiple cropping systems    
[E] None of these   
1. (C) 2.
(B) 3. (A) 4. (A) 5. (C)
6. (B) 7.
(C) 8. (C) 9. (B) 10. (D)