Dear RBI Grade B Aspirants

Lots of Congratulations to those candidates who managed to clear RBI Grade B phase I and are now geared up for Phase II of the examination.

Continuing our series of articles on how to prepare for English Descriptive paper for RBI grade B Phase II, today we will see sample templates for Committee Reports and Draft Proposals for RBI Grade B Phase II.

Sample Template for Committee Report RBI Grade B Phase II

    1. Contents: A chapter wise index of topics and areas covered in the report
    2. Heading: The title of the report. This is followed by the name and designation of the person the report is addressed to and a salutation (Dear Sir/Madam)
    3. Submission of Committee Report with a brief summary of report and signatures of members submitting the report.
    4. List of Abbreviations (if any)
    5. Chapter I: Introduction
      This will cover the basics of the topic covered in the report along with the Composition of the Committee, Approach of the Committee, Structure of the Report and Acknowledgements.
    6. Chapter 2, Chapter 3  .. and so on: These chapters contains elaborate and extensive analysis of the topic addressed, supported by data and visualization like charts, graphs and calculations.
    7. Last Chapter: Summary of Recommendations This chapter will contain a summary of all recommendations as suggested by the committee.
    8. Annexes: These are used to support the points covered in chapters. Basically they contain detailed information which couldn’t be covered in the chapters above, but is necessary to support the claims made.

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Sample Template for Draft Proposals RBI Grade B Phase II

A draft proposal addresses the following areas:

  1. Indicative title – suggests area, and statement covered
  2. Objective: what you hope to accomplish by implementing the suggestions in this report
  3. Scope: what is included and what is excluded in the report
  4. Definitions to address gap in knowledge
  5. Goals
  6. Conclusions

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Did you find the sample templates useful? Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you have any additions in the above templates please suggest them below.


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