As part of our Winner’s Curry Series, We will bring you 10 questions daily for RRB Specialist officers exam. Have a look at the questions, Check their solutions at the bottom and comment your queries below

Today’s Specialist topic : Agriculture

1. Which of the following is a Horticulture Crop?
A) Paddy
B) Wheat
C) Mango
D) Bajara
2. Water rises through the xylem mainly due to
A) imbibition
B) osmosis
C) transpiration
D) capillarity
3. Chromosome shape is usually observed during
A) prophase
B) anaphase
C) telophase
D) metaphase
4. Single super phosphate is
A) water soluble fertilizers
B) citrate soluble fertilizers
C) citrate insoluble fertilizers
D) insoluble fertilizers5. Which of the following crops is tolerant of soil on water salinity?
A) Date-palm
B) Cabbage
C) Orange
D) Grapes6. How many minimum tractor hours per year of 40 H.P. power should be used approximately for purely agricultural use and not for custom service unit at become viable unit?
A) 500 hrs.
B) 600 hrs.
C) 1000 hrs.
D) 1500 hrs.

7. A normative farm plan is one which the farmer
A) has already put into operation on his farm
B) should adopt during the current Five Year Plan period
C) had actually adopted in the earlier Five year Plan periods
D) should adopt

8. The percentage of Nitrogen (N) in DAP is………
A) 46
B) 26
C) 18
D) 80

9. Crop rotation is defined as a
A) system of growing different kinds of crop on the same land
B) system of growing different crops in succession on the same land
C) method of growing different crops
D) system of growing the same crop on different fields

10. Mauritius’, ‘Mozambique’ and ‘coromandel’ are the varieties of
A) chillies
B) mango
C) pineapple
D) groundnut

1: C
2: C
3: B
4: A
5: A
6: C
7: D
8: C
9: B
10: C
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