RRB NTPC All Information

RRB NTPC: Last Date to apply, Post Preference, Vision Standards, Syllabus & Books to Refer,  Mock Tests and Preparation Material, Posts and their Job Profiles.

RRB NTPC All information and Preparation Tips

Indian Railways is hot among job aspirants for the year 2016. With over 18000 vacancies, 9 posts in multiple RRBs all over India it is a bonanza for Sarkari Naukri  aspirants. We have published many posts on RRB NTPC recruitment exams ranging from eligibility, syllabus, books to read, how to fill post preference, eye eligibility and so on. For your reference we have put all the information on one page.

RRB NTPC Results Cutoffs Update

Click here to see all Updates regarding RRB NTPC Results and Cutoffs

RRB NTPC Selection Procedure

RRB NTPC Selection Procedure.

RRB NTPC FREE Preparation Study Plan

This study plan is created by experts for boosting your RRB NTPC preparation.

Click here to receive your own FREE RRB NTPC Preparation Study Plan. 

RRB NTPC Syllabus and Books to Refer

For ideal start to the preparation, see the exact syllabus , pattern and books to refer to ace the RRB NTPC examination.

RRB NTPC Syllabus, Pattern and Books to read.

RRB NTPC Preparation Tips

RRB NTPC Previous Year Papers

  1. RRB NTPC Previous Year Paper 1.
  2. RRB NTPC Previous Year Paper 2.
  3. RRB NTPC Previous Year Paper 3.
  4. RRB NTPC Previous Year Paper 4.

RRB NTPC Daily Quiz

  1. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 1
  2. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 2
  3. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 3
  4. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 4
  5. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 5
  6. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 6
  7. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 7
  8. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 8
  9. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 9 
  10. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 10 
  11. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 11 
  12. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 12 
  13. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 13 
  14. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 14 
  15. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 15 
  16. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 16
  17. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 17
  18. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 18
  19. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 19
  20. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 20
  21. RRB GNTPC Daily Quiz 21
  22. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 22
  23. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 23
  24. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 24
  25. RRB NTPC Daily Quiz 25

RRB NTPC Mock Tests

Get the best mock tests to boost your preparation for RRB NTPC examination. Pattern and papers prepared by subject experts, one on one mentorship sessions with the Expert, Study plan and much more.

Click here to take RRB NTPC Mock Test Preparation Material in English.

RRB NTPC: Posts and their Job Profiles

Many candidates are getting doubts regarding which post is best for them, which post will give maximum salary, which post is suitable for women etc. Check the job profiles of all posts available in Railway Recruitment Process 2016 below:

  1. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Assistant Station Master (ASM).

2. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Commercial Apprentice (CA).

3. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Goods Guard.

4. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Traffic Apprentice (TA). 

5. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Junior Clerk cum Accountant(JAA).

6. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Senior Clerk cum Typist.

7. RRB NTPC Job Profile:  Traffic Assistant.

8. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk

9. RRB NTPC Job Profile: Senior Time Keeper.

RRB NTPC All Information

RRB NTPC: Post Preference.

Majority of us got confused with Post preference. What to fill, How to fill, which RRB to choose etc. See the link below to get the best formulae for filling out post preferences for RRB NTPC examination

Click Here to know How to Fill Post Preferences in Railway Exam 2016

RRB NTPC: Eye Vision Standards

Clear all your doubts regarding eye vision criteria and standards. Check whether you are 6/6/, 6/9, 6/12 yourself.

RRB NTPC: Eye-Vision standards. How to check 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Explained

Friends, if you have any query regarding RRB NTPC exam, please ask them in the comments section below.

RRB NTPC: Comparison with other Government jobs



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