RRB NTPC Questions Asked

RRB NTPC Questions Asked : CBT Stage 2

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RRB NTPC Questions Asked

Exam Dates January 17th, 18th, 19th
Shifts per day 3
Total Vacancies 18252


RRB NTPC Questions Asked : Shift 3, Day 3 (19th Jan)

Q. Who appoints the Chairman of UPSC ?

Q. The red panda is a native of which Indian state ?

Q. What are the ‘Roaring Forties?’

RRB NTPC Questions Asked : Shift 2, Day 3 (19th Jan)

Q. Minamata disease is caused by which element ?

Q. Tripoli is the capital of which country ?

Q. Airlander 10, largest hybrid airship is manufactured by which country?

Q. What is the minimum age for voting in India?

Q. Linux is an?

Q. World Lion Day is celebrated on?

Q. Name the national Aquatic animal of India ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked : Shift 1, Day 3 (19th Jan)

Q. What does IBRD stand for ?

Q. Where is Asia’s largest man made Jungle Safari ?

Q. Who is the author of Midnight Children ?

Q. What is the currency of Ghana ?

Q. Read the information and answer the subsequent questions –

(i) L, M, N, O, P, Q and R are playing cards sitting around a circular table

(ii) O is not neighbour of N or P.

(iii)L is neighbour of M and N.

(iv) R, who is second to the left of O, is the neighbour of P and Q.

Q. To complete a piece of work Riya and Rita take 8 days, Rita and Sunita 12 days. Riya, Rita and Sunita take 6 days. Riya  and Sunita will take how many days ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked : Shift 3, Day 2 (18th Jan)

Q. Where is the World’s highest building ?

Q.  What is the full form of MRI ?

Q. Bihu is the folk dance of which Indian state ?

Q. Who is the creator of Pokemon Go ?

Q. Which is the hottest planet of the Solar System ?

Q. A man is facing East. He turns 90 degrees in the clockwise direction and then another 90 degrees in the same direction and then 45 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Find which direction he is facing now ?

Q.  In a mixture 110 litres, the ratio of milk and water 5 : 4. If this ratio is to be 1 : 2, then the quantity of water to be further added ?

Q.  Two students appeared at an examination. One of them secured 12 marks more than the other and his marks was 48% of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by them are ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked: Shift 2, Day 2 (18th Jan)


Q. Two water pipes can fill a large open bucket in 8 minutes 4 seconds respectively. If both are kept open for 4 minutes and the first is turned off, in how many minutes will the bucket be filled ?

Q. Ramesh invests an amount of 6450 at a rate of 8% for 2 years. What CI will he receive at the end of 2.5 years ?

Q. Infertility is caused due to the deficiency of which Vitamin ?

Q. Who is the President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?

Q. What percentage of the land on the Earth do the Amazon rain forests cover ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked: Shift 1, Day 2 (18th Jan)

Q. A boat takes 32 hours for travelling downstream from point C to point D and coming back to point E midway between C and D. If the velocity of the stream is 8km/hr and the speed of the boat in still water is 16 km/hr, what is the distance between C and D?

Q. What number will come in place of the question mark :10, 22, 42, 78, ?

Q. Araksh  does 95% of a work in 25 days. He then calls in Gomita and they together finish the remaining work in 5 days. How long Gomita alone would take to do the whole work?

Q. Who is the Chairman of ISRO ?

Q. Himawari 9 is a weather satellite of which country ?

Q. Who is the author of ‘One Hundred Years in Solitude?’

Q. Which blood group is traditionally considered the Universal donor ?

Q. How many Indian States have a coastline ?

Q. Where is the largest fresh water lake in Asia ?

Q. In which part is Hypothalamus located?

We will keep updating the RRB NTPC Questions with the inputs of aspirants.

RRB NTPC Questions Asked: Shift 3, Day 1 (17th Jan)

Q. Where are the headquarters of IAEA ?

Q. What is Aqua Regia ?

Q. Who discovered the Electron ?

Q. Where is India’s only active volcano ?

Q.  An error 4% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is ?

Q. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘Insinuation’ be arranged so that the vowels always come together ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked: Shift 2, Day 1 (17th Jan)

Q. China being a landlocked country shares it border with how many countries ?

Q. Where is the Tehri Dam situated ?

Q. Scurvey is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin ?

Q. The Iron Pillar Delhi was constructed under which ruler ?

Q.  B can lay railway track between two given stations in 16 days and F can do the same job in 12 days. With help of C, they did the job in 4 days only. Then, C alone can do the job in how many days ?

Q. F and G invest in a business in the ratio 5 : 2. If 6% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs. 968, how much is the total profit ?

RRB NTPC Questions Asked: Shift 1, Day 1 (17th Jan)

Q.Where is Mahabodhi Temple located?

Q. Gandhara Art is developed in which era ?

Q. At what place was the 8th BRICS Summit held ?

Q. How many states and UTs in India have a coastline ?

Q. Who is the current head of Niti Aayog ?

Q. With which game is Bombela Devi Associated ?

Q. At what place are Ajanta Caves situated

Q. UN Day is celebrated on ________

Q. Beri Beri is caused by deficiency of which Vitamin ?

Q. Who can remove the President of India ?

Q. What kind of bill is the GST ?

Q. One afternoon Rajat and Shina were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Shina’s shadow was exactly to the left of Rajat  which direction was Shina facing?

Q. If C is the brother of D; D is the sister of E ; E is the father of F, how F and C are related ?

Q.  36, 34, 30, 28, 24, ?

Q. A tradesman defrauds 10% in buying goods and also defrauds 10% in selling. His gain percentage is?

Q. Given the radius as 6cm, find the surface area for a sphere.

We will keep updating the RRB NTPC Questions with the inputs of aspirants. Meanwhile Get Yourself ready for the Next Round Containing Skill Tests. The reason you have to start preparing for them now is that you will not be getting sufficient time for it later.

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RRB NTPC Questions Asked : Compilation

  • Our experts visit several exam centres and take direct feedback from the aspirants of the exam.
  • Our experts make sure to take in genuine feedback from aspirants who appear for the RRB NTPC exam and then publish RRB  Questions asked across shifts.
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RRB NTPC Exam Analysis : Mains Examination

As per the feedback received by candidates for our RRB NTPC Exam Analysis, the overall level of the exam was MODERATE.The exam did not have any clearly defined sections. Instead, there was a mixture of questions spread across the following topics –

  • Numerical Aptitude
  • General Awareness
  • General intelligence and Reasoning


RRB NTPC Exam Analysis: Good Attempts

Attempts Condition
85 Up Excellent
60-84 Good
Below 60 Poor


You can view the detailed RRB NTPC Exam Analysis here

RRB NTPC Official Statistics

Total Vacancies to be Filled 18252
Total Candidates who attempted CBT Stage 1 Exam 50 Lakh plus
Total Candidates Who’ll Qualify CBT Stage 1 Exam 3 Lakh plus
Total Candidates Who’ll be Called for Skill Test 20,000
Total Candidates Who’ll be Called for Aptitude Test 50,000

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