RRB NTPC Traffic Apprentice (TA) JOB PROFILE: Job Description, Salary, Vacancy, Promotion opportunities, Shifts, Educational Qualification

RRB NTPC Traffic Assistant Job Profile will cover Traffic Apprentice (TA) Job Description, Career Path,  Salary,  Vacancies, required qualification and stages of examination for Traffic Apprentice (TA).

RRB NTPC TA Post Job Profile – Traffic Apprentice Officer Salary Job Description

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RRB NTPC Job Profile – Traffic Apprentice (TA)

1. Job Description:  Traffic Apprentice (TA) has a really exciting work profile.

  • Traffic Apprentices are appointed as multi skilled supervisors in Transportation(Operations) branch.
  • As a TA you will first have to undergo two years training in various categories of working in Traffic – i.e. as Station Master, Guard, Section Controller, Yard Master and Traffic inspector.
  • You might have to work independently as Station Master, Yard Master and Guard during the training period.
  • After successful completion of two years training you will be posted as either of the following: Station Master or Section Controller.

2. Shift:
Yes. Depending upon in which designation you are posted. For example if you are posted as Guard, your work hours will be similar to a guard and if you are posted as Station Master, work hours of SM will be applicable.

3. Career path:

As an Traffic Apprentice (TA) you will have the following career path

  • Station Master followed by Station Superintendent  OR
  • Section Controller followed by Chief Controller OR
  • Assistant Operations Manager followed by Divisional  Operations Manager
  • You can also sit for various departmental exams for promotion to managerial posts (gazetted).

RRB NTPC Selection Procedure.

4. Salary and allowances

The salary and allowances for Traffic Apprentice (TA) are as follows:

Pay Scale
Grade Pay
Initial Pay
Total Pay (i) + (ii )

As an Traffic Apprentice (TA) you will be entitled to the following major allowances:

  1. DA on Total Pay above
  2. Transport Allowance
  3. House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters)
  4. Please note: Kilometreage Allowance (Running Allowance) will NOT be paid Traffic Apprentices who work independently as Guards as part of their training.
The above salary is subject to revision under 7th Pay commission.

5. Vacancies :

Vacancies for the post of Traffic Apprentice (TA) for respective RRBs are:

Name of RRB PU UR SC ST OBC Total
 Ahmedabad WR 30 9 4 6 49
Allahabad NCR 69 19 10 36 134
NR 54 11 8 23 96
Ajmer NWR 26 8 2 8 44
Bangalore SWR 66 20 7 28 121
Bhopal WCR 28 7 5 17 57
WR 6 89 47 145 6
Bhubaneswar ECoR 28 9 5 16 58
Bilaspur CR 3 1 0 2 6
SECR 3 1 3 12 4
Chandigarh NR 15 4 2 9 30
Chennai SR 69 21 9 28 127
Gorakhpur NER 30 6 6 10 52
Guwahati NFR 38 11 5 20 74
Jammu Srinagar NR 18 5 2 9 34
Kolkata ER 61 11 6 17 95
Mumbai CR 87 25 15 47 174
WR 20 6 3 10 39
Patna ECR 6 1 1 3 11
Ranchi ECR 15 5 2 6 28
Secunderabad SCR 95 27 14 43 179
ECoR 21 7 4 12 44
Siliguri NFR 47 15 7 25 94
Thiruvananthapuram SR 39 9 9 30 87
Total 874 238 126 405 1645

Total Vacancies for TA in all RRBs-  Gen- 874, SC- 238, ST-126 OBC-1645

Stages of Examination: Single Stage Computer Based Test, followed by Document Verification.

Qualification : Degree from recognized university or equivalent.

Traffic Apprentice (TA) post is ideal for those who desire to have multiple skills. The experience of working for various departments of Indian Railway Traffic division will come in handy at higher positions. The promotion opportunities are exceptional. In all TA should be on 2nd or 3rd order of preference in the form. It is ideal for female candidates as well.

The highest number of vacancies is in Allahabad, Bangalore, Mumbai , Secunderabad and Chennai. Thiruvananthapuram, Siliguri and Kolkata also has good number of vacancies, making TA a good preference for candidates across India.

Friends, this is it for Traffic Apprentice (TA). Click for all job profiles, preferences and eye sight queries.

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