RRB NTPC Goods Guard JOB PROFILE: Job Description, Salary, Vacancy,

RRB NTPC Goods Guard Job Profile will cover Goods Guard Job Description, Career Path, Salary, Vacancies,  required qualification and stages of examination for  Goods Guard.

RRB NTPC Job Profiles – Goods Guard

RRB NTPC Job Profile – Goods Guard

1. Job Description:  Among all the posts mentioned, Goods Guard has the best defined work description.

Just like a guard is responsible for managing a running train, similarly as a goods guard you will be responsible for  managing a running goods train. The job description includes

  • Vehicle Guidance (VG) – This is a written document incorporating information about number of wagons, their tare weight, load tonnage of individual wagons and total tonnage. The VG is given by Station /Yard Master.
  • To conduct checks on entire train for any loose ends that might endanger its smooth running.
  • Verify that all doors of wagons are closed.
  • Ensure brake continuity with the Loco Pilot.
  • Ensuring that the train has sufficient brake power and signing the Brake Power certificate(BPC).
  • Monitoring the formation while it is in motion for any abnormalities.
  • Curate various train report. viz., Combined Train Reports, Late Arrival Reports
  • Along with Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot identify and address minor troubles experienced while the train is moving.

If selected you will have to undergo 45 days training in respective Zonal training institutes. Training module will consist of General Rules, Goods ,Coaching theory and Railway Commercial rules.

2. Shift: Yes. You will never have a fixed time of work. You will always be on the run. Seems boring wait till you see the special allowance under salary section.

3. Career path: As an Goods Guard you will have the following career path

  • Passenger Guard
  • Express Guard.
  • Passenger Guard
  • Section Controller
  • Chief Controller.
  • As a Guard you can also attempt LDCE exam for Group B Gazetted post of Assistant Operations Manager(AOM).

4. Salary and allowances

Since the job is highly extraneous in nature, with no fixed timings, you will be given an additional ‘RUNNING ALLOWANCE’ as additional compensation . The salary and allowances are as follows:

Pay Scale
5200 – 20200
Grade Pay
Initial Pay
Total Pay (i) + (ii )

As an Goods Guard you will be entitled to the following major allowances:

  1. DA on Total Pay above plus the running Allowance
  2. RUNNING ALLOWANCE: This allowance is paid on the basis of monthly kilometers on the run.
  3. Transport Allowance
  4. House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters)
The above salary is subject to revision under 7th Pay commission.

5. Vacancies : Vacancies for the post of Goods Guard for respective RRBs are:

Name of RRB PU UR SC ST OBC Total
 Ahmedabad WR 191 74 35 92 392
Allahabad NCR 744 214 103 289 1350
NR 81 22 49 32 184
Ajmer NWR 107 27 16 49 199
WCR 168 50 25 90 333
Bangalore SWR 82 41 19 38 184
Bhopal WR 84 16 14 53 167
WCR 304 89 47 145 585
Bhubaneswar ECoR 288 83 38 100 509
Bilaspur SECR 3 1 0 1 5
CR 71 7 3 12 44
Chandigarh NR 71 7 15 30 123
Chennai SR 116 32 22 12 182
Gorakhpur NER 29 8 4 18 59
Guwahati NFR 59 17 8 29 113
Jammu Srinagar NR 27 7 4 14 52
Kolkata ER 202 60 30 108 400
Malda SER 48 14 10 25 97
Mumbai CR 112 33 25 64 234
WR 28 21 9 6 64
SCR 2 1 0 1 4
Muzaffarpur ECR 170 50 25 90 335
Patna ECR 293 88 42 156 579
Ranchi ECR 197 101 55 36 389
Secunderabad SCR 181 58 23 95 357
ECoR 254 90 36 95 475
Siliguri NFR 36 11 5 20 72
Thiruvananthapuram SR 65 7 3 21 96
Total 3964 1229 665 1721 7591

Gen- 3964, SC- 1229, ST-665 OBC-1721

Stages of Examination:
Single Stage Computer Based Test, followed by Document Verification.

Qualification : Degree from recognized university or equivalent.

Goods Guard post is ideal for those who love travelling and exploring new places. If as a kid you saw all the goods train and wondered how enjoyable it must be to travel, this is the post for you. You have to remember that as a Goods Guard you will travel in the Brake Van(the last wagon) and sometimes wait alone for hours in way side stations for crossing/precedence of Express trains. The best part ofcourse is the running allowance paid to compensate the nature of work which means higher salary.

The highest number of vacancies is in Allahabad. Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Muzaffarpur, Patna, Ranchi and Secunderabad also have a fair number of vacancies, making it ideal for candidates in North and Central India.

Friends, this is it for Goods Guard (CA).

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