rrb ntpc general awareness quiz

RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz provided by MockBank covers all the relevant topics coming in General Awareness Section of RRB NTPC Exam. This is a must take quiz for any candidate trying to update his/ her General awareness and evaluating the preparation level for the RRB NTPC Exam.

The quiz comprises of questions as per the latest trend and analysis of the RRB NTPC Exam.


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  1. Hello dear…how is your prep going on…I did lot of hard work for finding this thread….was waiting for your mail…but thought u will be busy or something… So I thought I should ask u abt ur studies….
    OK dear ..study well….
    Take care ..have a good day…good luck for SSC

  2. Thank you very much sir …
    Really need your wishes …
    Cheers !! Thank you once again sir ..

  3. hi.. 95.. cool yea!
    thanks .
    . but not sure with rrb.. so i let this go.. i started prepration for ssc cgl from today .. can you please help..! please..! guide me.. and.. yeah.. text you where.. your mail id? how to start and gear up prepration for this time.. that will be last exam of me..!

  4. Hi dear..same pinch… As I gave exam too today in afternoon …I attempted 95 ( I have doubt in 4 – 5 questions in gk )…let’s see…u don’t have to thank me yar…I m just doing my job…u were in trouble and looking for help ..u would have Done the same thing if u were in my place….anyways.. Just keep preparing..if u need any help…just msg me..will be glad to help u …
    Take care …cheers !! U did well..as u tried ur level…that’s good……
    C ya…

  5. hi sameer, i am again here..today was my rrb exam in 2nd shift.. paper was damn easy..(p.s- toh 100 attempts krke aane the meko) 🙁

    i attempted 81 questions out of 100 and accuracy ..god knows… 🙁 but not satisfied.. saw reviews on ssc adda.. people are attempting 90+ questions.. omg !! how intelligent they are..
    and i was a hope for ibps clerk.. but not in..

    anyway, thanks for these short short tips. which you just told me above.. hich was helpful.. really..!wish you luck for your future..

  6. okay.. i will share my attempts after exam sameer.. and if not.. this will the only meaning that i am doomed.. wish me luck.. and wishing you luck..!!

  7. One more thing…don’t think u have to finish everything …just think that whatever u will read now ( at this stage ) will act as a bonus ….revise some formulas , do some reasoning practice and read gk points…its easy ..u can do it ..keep ur head up…..until u finish ur exam…try to do this …

  8. At this stage any good book would do…what u have to do …is take some topic ( like modern India ) …read related points …one By one …until u finishes it …( like INC FORMATION …MUSLIM LEAGUE FOTMATION …SURAT SPLIT…ETC )….keep doing like this for each end every topic ….try to read as much as. Possible… Reading at this stage ( be calm and composed while u r reading ) …will help u surely …and wouldn’t make any disturbance m…

  9. i am so depressed.. i have lots of stuff to read..pdfs, books.. but really dont know.. what to read.. 🙁 i am so screwed up..

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