RRB NTPC Eye Vision

RRB NTPC Eye Vision: In this article, our MockBank expert will entail all Important Rules for Medical Standards (Eye Test, Visual Standards, Distance Vision). Visual Standard is one of the important criteria of medical fitness of railway staff Categories and Posts.

RRB NTPC Eye Vision Standards

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The RRB NTPC application forms are already available on the official website. However, many students are still confused about the medical standards of eligibility concerned with the RRB NTPC exam, especially when it comes to the eye standards for the RRB NTPC posts. The medical exam that includes the distance vision test will be conducted after the candidate has successfully cleared both the RRB NTPC test and aptitude test (if applicable). and it is clearly mentioned in RRB notification that ‘If you fail Medical test, you will not be considered for any other post’. Considering that, candidates will need to go through the article to check out all the details about the RRB Eye Vision Test here:

We would still recommend that you get them checked by an eye specialist for the certificate.

RRB NTPC Eye Vision Standards: Categories and Posts

Indian Railways maintains high criteria for medical especially eye standards. The posts in RRB NTPC have been divided into the following two categories based on eyesight and medical standards:

1. Category A-2: Physically fit in all respect. Visual Standards:

  1. Distance vision: 6/9, 6/9 without eyeglasses.
  2. Near Vision:Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without eyeglasses and must pass test for Colour, Binocular, Night Vision &  Field of Vision.

Posts in A-2 Category: If you pass the Visual standards for A-2 you will be eligible for all C-1 posts in addition to the following 3 posts: 

  • Traffic Apprentice.
  • Assistant Station Master.
  • Goods Guard.

2. Category C-1:  Physically fit in all respect. Visual Standards:

  1. Distance vision should be 6/12, 6/18 with OR without eyeglasses.
  2. Near Vision:Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without eyeglasses and must pass test for Colour, Binocular, Night Vision &  Field of Vision.

Posts in C-1 Category: If you pass the Visual standards for C-1 you will be eligible only for the following C-1 posts:

  • Commercial Apprentice.
  • Jr. Accounts Assistant Assistant Cum Typist.
  • Sr. Clerk cum Typist.
  • ECRC.
  • Traffic Assistant.
  • Senior Time Keeper.
Note: Candidates who have applied for ASM & TA posts are required to  submit a certificate issued by eye specialist for aptitude test.

RRB NTPC Eye Vision : How to check whether your eyesight is 6/6, 6/9 or 6/12, 6/18.

  1. The fractions 6/6, 6/9 or 6/12, 6/18.. are measurements of Visual Acuity(VA). 
  2. VA denotes the clarity and accuracy of your vision and is typically checked at a distance of 20 feet (6.1 m).
  3. The numerator in the fraction refers to a distance your eye can see as compared to the denominator, which refers to the distance at which a normal healthy eye can see.
  4. Your VA is then generated by comparing you to arbitary “normal” standard. The first number is the distance you were standing from the chart- say, 6 meters. The second number is a measure of how well you did in terms of reading the letters as compared to the “normal” person.
  5. For example, if you read just as well as a normal person, you’d get a 6 for your second number: you read the chart as well as a normal person would from 6 meters away. So your score would be 6/6: while standing 6 meters from the chart (first 6), you read as well as a normal person would standing 6 meters from the chart (second 6).
  6. But if you couldn’t read small letters accurately. Suppose you are standing 6 meters from the chart, but only read as well as “normal” person would when they were standing 9 meters away. Then your score would be a 6/9: while standing 6 meters from the chart, you read as well as a “normal” person would when standing 9 meters from the chart.
  7. It is really simple to check your visual acuity and find out if you are eligible for C-1 and/or    A-2.  All you need is an eye chart (known as Snellen Chart) as shown below. This is a smaller version, we have given the link to download the full A-4 size image below:
    RRB NTPC Eye Eligibility A-2, C-1 posts Snellen_chart Click here to download Snellen Chart pdf and printon A4 Paper
  8. The above chart has visual acuity represented in feet. For metric standards refer the image below:snellen_chart converted to metric

Question: I have -3.0 eye power. Do I satisfy the criteria of a 6/9 vision?

Spectacle lens (or eye) power and visual acuity (vision) are 2 different things.
-3.0 indicates the spectacle lens power for a particular person to get best (clearest) vision. 6/9 vision denotes being able to read a particular size of letters on a Snellen visual acuity chart.
If you had -3.0 of shortsightedness/myopia, you would not see 6/9 on the chart at 6 meters, without glasses.
If however, you wore -3.0 D glasses, your vision might even be better than 6/9, indeed it might be 6/6 at 6 meters while wearing those glasses.
Generally, most people with -1.00 D see 6/15-6/18, and those with -2.00 D see 6/24-6/36 without glasses. But this is only a rough rule of thumb.


So basically if you do not put glasses and your VA is 6/6, 6/9, you are into A-2 category.

If however, you have glasses but have 6/12,6/18 vision you are in C-2 category.

Click here to read more about Snellen Chart

RRB NTPC Official Notification Rules:

(i) Before indicating option(s) for categories in Online application, the applicants must ensure that he/she fulfills the prescribed medical standards for that category/post.

(ii) Candidates qualifying in examinations for these posts but failing in prescribed medical examination will not, under any circumstances, be considered for any alternative appointment.

(iii) Candidates who do not fill the prescribed medical standards need not apply

(iv) The above medical standards ( Criteria) are indicative and not exhaustive and apply to candidates in general

(v) For Ex-serviceman different standard apply.

We would recommend that you get them checked by an eye specialist for the certificate.

We hope the above article has helped you in clearing your doubts regarding Visual Standards for RRB NTPC examination.

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  1. Sir, my eye power is
    Right eye: sph: -4.00
    Left eye: -4.00
    Now for recent rail requirement they search medical standard of B1 type. That is-
    Distance Vision: 6/9, 6/12 with or without glasses (power of lenses not to
    exceed 4D) Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required.
    Am I eligible for this type medical fitness?
    Please reply briefly.

  2. No a government hospital/doctor is not necessary. A private doctor can also suffice the purpose, only he should have a legal registration number.

  3. Sir, Is it necessary to get the vision certificate approved from a Government Hospital??

  4. Sir my eye side is 6 by 6 but my one eye is small comperision to other..kya asm ke medical me koi problem to nhi hogi …..reply please

  5. Sir,
    I had qualified 1st stage examination of RRB NTPC from RRB Guwahati and also given the 2nd stage examination. My target was Enquiry cum-Reservation Clerk andsenior clerk cum typist whose medical standard is C-1. Since the vacancy got reduced now for these posts which is 1 and 1 respectively, can I choose ASM and Good Gaurd and Traffic Apprentice because I have -1.0 eye power? Do I satisfy the criteria for ASM and Traffic Apprentice??
    Please help me.

  6. sir would u pls tell me about cutoff of RRB mumbai.
    and what do u think about result ??
    when it could be declared???

  7. Hi sir… My first preference is TA then CA and come the rest.. During medical examination if I fall under C1 category, would I be given CA? Thank you

  8. sir i faced laser treatment 8 years back.So, am i eligible for this railway job or not.Pls replay me quickly

  9. one eye 6/6 other eye nil vision can i apply for sbipo ,ibps po… whether i am eligible for ssc cgl or je

  10. Dear sir meri eye sight 6/9 aa rahi hai, kya mai alp ki liye laser operation krwa sakta hu, aur kya laser pakada jata hai kya

  11. Hi sir

    I done my Lasik surgery a year back

    Now i have vision (R) 6/12 and (L) 6/9 can this qualifying
    SBI PO exam

    If not then for which exam i will apply.

  12. Sir, a recent infection has increased my shortsightedness. My first preference is asm.If I qualify CBT for asm and skip the aptitude test,would I be considered for my 2nd preference whose demands my eyesight fulfills?

  13. Well as we have said above, if you are -0.5 then without specs you won’t be 6/6. But you might be 6/9, which satisfies the eligibility criteria for A-2 posts. Get your visual acuity checked.

  14. Sir my one eye have -0.50 and other eye have 0.75 sir, can I fit for asm,comm.apprentice and goods guard pls reply,

  15. if you have power (eye numebr) and if you applied for ASM GG or TA you will be DQed in Medical. If you have put preference asm and GG in the last you will be considered for the first preference which do not have eye requirement and you shall be selected.

  16. sir my eye power -2 but i apply goods gurds,asm post sir any probleam in online written exam,i prefarance asm & goods gurds 9 &10 sir pls repaly me

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