RRB NTPC Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips

RRB NTPC Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips

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The RRB NTPC Exam Exam is just a day away and will be held from 28th March 2016 ONWARDS.  With hardly 24 hours left for the first shift of the exam to commence, you have no option except to put in every single minute of the remaining hours to prepare for this opportunity of joining the Railways.

RRB NTPC will be conducted from 28th March 2016 to 30th April 2016. We have already done a  series of articles on RRB NTPC preparation including the last week booster study plan (made by previous RRB toppers)

Last Minute Tips for Clearing RRB NTPC ExamRRB NTPC Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips


  • By now you must have all the study materials. All the books, previous year question papers, practice question papers, everything.
  • Go through all the previous year question papers and assess yourself where you stand.
  • Certain questions follow a certain path, a common trend, which is almost sure to appear in your paper. Some of them are Government relation with its neighbors, Government schemes, important awards winners etc. If you have gone through the previous year question papers, you can actually see what I’m trying to say here.
  • Mathematics is not at a very high level and at this point try your best to get all the relevant mathematical formulae at your fingertips..
  • Take practice/mock tests online.
  • Finally, Don’t hurry now to complete the uncovered portions. This is the time where you have to strengthen what you have already learnt. Brush up everything and you’re good to go.
  • Lastly, All the best. Do well.

RRB NTPC Exam Day:  During the Exam

  1. During the exam, don’t try to attempt anything which you haven’t come across before.
  2. First attempt only those  sections in which you are more confident.
  3. Score maximum marks in it.
  4. This would increase your performance and confidence.
  5. It will definitely help you in scoring in your weak areas as well.
  6. Make a timeline and stick to it.
  7. Don’t attempt a section for much time.
  8. First clear the sectional cutoff of all the sections.
  9. There are some questions that look complex but actually are very easy.
  10. This is how you you should attempt.
  11. First read the question in 5 seconds.
  12. Take a breath and try to remember if you have seen such questions while you were preparing.
  13. If you are able to figure out how to solve it quickly, then go for it. If you are unable to identify how to solve it in less than a minute, skip that question as of now.
  14. Remember you only get less than a minute to solve a question.
  15. So instead of wasting time do other simple questions first.
  16. Time is your most important commodity here, not your ego.You can solve those lengthy questions later
  17. Solving 70-80% questions with 100% accuracy is better than solving 100% questions with 70-80% accuracy.
  18. Not only solving more questions require more time it also effects your overall score due to negative marking.

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Friends this is it for RRB NTPC Last Minute Preparation Tips. If you have any queries you can ask them in the comments section below.



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