RRB NTPC General Science

RRB NTPC Exam 2016 will test you on the three states of matter which includes solid, liquid and gaseous state.

RRB NTPC Exam 2016 #Daily Infographic on General Science (Chemistry)

RRB NTPC Exam :States of Matter


        Matter can be defined as everything around you. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. The 3 States of Matter are Solids, Liquids and Gases.

  • Solids, like your desk, your backpack and your clothes, are firm and stable. Their molecules are grouped together in organized patterns. The molecules might vibrate slightly, but they don’t move around.
  • Liquids, like water, oil and soda, shift to fit inside the container they’re in. If you look at them under a microscope, you’ll see that they have particles that are close together, but have no rhyme or reason. The molecules move around.
  • Gases, including air, steam and helium, are free-flowing. You can easily put your hand through them. Gases shift to fit their container and can even fill it. Their molecules are spaced far apart and wiggle and jiggle.

Besides the main three , there happen to be 2 more states of matter – Plasma and Bose-Einstein CondensatePlasma is not a common state of matter here on Earth, but may be the most common state of matter in the universe.  In 1995, technology enabled scientists to create a new state of matter, the Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC). A BoseEinstein condensate (BEC) is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons (tiny particles) cooled to temperatures very close to  −273.16 °C


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