For the benefit of students appearing in RPSC RAS Mains exams to be conducted in February 2015, MockBank is providing Model question paper.


All the best for the exams


Part A

Note: Attempt all fifteen questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Answer should not exceed 15 words.

Explain the following questions

  1. Near field communication
  2. Collegium system
  3. Ajit Doval
  4. What is the function of rectifier
  5. Carbon credit
  6. Li-fi
  7. Gorge
  8. Mesabi range
  9. Green Bond
  10. Plastic currency
  11. List of monetary tools to combat inflation
  12. NABARD
  13. Llanos forest
  14. Who is the founder of Young India
  15. Who proposed three tier model for Panchayti Raj

Part B

Note: Attempt all ten questions. Each question carries 4 marks. Answer should not exceed 50 words.

  1. Chenab bridge
  2. Discuss about various power related schemes govern by Rajasthan government.
  3. Resurgent Rajasthan
  4. What do you understand by sister state agreement
  5. Vexation litigation prevention bill, 2015
  6. What do you understand by cloning? What are its uses
  7. What is the significance of Mangalyan over Indian economy
  8. Write a short note on Rhine riverWhich tribe of Rajasthan state was the original inhabitant of the Indus Valley civilization and what are their characteristics
  9. Discuss the role of inland waterways in exports from India.

Part C:

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 6 marks. Answer should not exceed 200 words.

  1. What is the difference between the presidential election and prime ministerial elections
  2. What are the various works performed by human blood? What are the essential nutrients that should be in human blood
  3. What do you understand by the term pollution remediation and how it is related to white biotechnology? Discuss the various tasks performed in field of white biotechnology by Anand Mohan Chakrabarty.
  4. How el-nino is related to Humboldt current? Discuss the significance of southern oscillations on el-nino. How el-nino related to Indian monsoon?
  5. What are the provisions for Juvenile justice in India? What are the amendment made in the Juvenile justice bill after Nirbhaya Case?
  6. Discuss the role of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Indian Freedom Struggle and partition of India.
  7. Role of Rajasthani leaders in Indian freedom struggle.