Civil Services Exam 2016

Civil Services Exam 2016

Join the prestigious services.

Civil Services Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the most prestigious exams of our country. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the exam. Best part is that the candidates sitting for the exam belong to diverse backgrounds. Right from a student to a working class individual, from a public sector employee to a corporate professional, from an unmarried grad to a married woman, everybody wants to join the prestigious career. Civil Services, they say is India’s national hobby.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to give Civil Services this year

1. SERVE YOUR NATION – It’s Payback time


As a bureaucrat , you have the authority to make and implement the developmental schemes for the growth of the nation. Your job is in the nature of social service. Many billionaires like Bill Gates, Azim Premji , Warren Buffet etc. spend billions from their own pocket to get the satisfaction of doing the social work. You have the opportunity to do so while in service and you are even paid for it decently. Nothing feels better than serving your nation. Your country made you what you are at present so repay by serving it with dignity and honour.

2. PRESTIGE – Remain a cut above the rest 

Civil Services Exam 2016

The prestige and glory associated with civil services matches no other. The society sees civil servants from a different perspective altogether. The repute of a bureaucrat is worthy of the position. It’s like the world looks up to you and why shouldn’t they? After all , making it to the top services of the nation is no joke. It requires rigorous hours of preparation, the correct strategy and the willingness to win.

3. POWER – Who doesn’t need a Lal batti

Civil Services Exam 2016

A bureaucrat is the epitome of state power. You are not just a government servant but the government itself. The laws may be passed by the Parliament, but are executed only through civil servants. Many times in your career depending on the service allotted to you,  you will sign  many documents on behalf of President of India. Please remember that you exercise the power of the Government in India pertaining to your department.

You have the authority to decide cases worth hundreds of crores and conduct search, seizure or arrest of the people who are breaking the law of the land. No wonder, the law breakers don’t want to mess with you and the law abiders look at you for taking on the law breakers. You have the original powers to implement the rule of law in this country.

4. EXCELLENT PERKS AND SALARY – Enjoy the Lifestyle

Civil Services Exam 2016

The salaries of the government officers have become very good in recent years.  With the 6th pay commission in place and with the 7th one approaching, the salaries of civil servants range anywhere between 37,400 t 80,000. This is the initial salary. With every promotion the salary will increase. In addition various allowances and perks are enjoyed by bureaucrats.

You also get free house, car, phone, medical, Leave Travel Concession, Children Education Allowance and pension. Most of the allowances are tax free. You require at least Rs 50 lakhs of CTC to enjoy the same lifestyle in corporate.  Sometime, the rental value of your government accommodation itself may be much more than the CTC of several big corporate CEOs. Who can afford to stay in Lutyens Delhi bungalows on rent?

5. JOB SECURITY – Kisi se darne ki zarorat nahi

Civil Services Exam 2016

If you are in a private sector job, you can be removed any time. You are always at the mercy of the company and its top bosses. However, the service conditions of civil servants are determined by the Parliament and cannot  be changed to a bureaucrat’s disadvantage. Their service is protected by Article 311 of the Indian Constitution according to which, they cannot be dismissed from service without an inquiry where they would be given opportunity to defend themselves.

They also have the option to approach the Courts, in case they have been treated unfairly. The promotion of a civil servant is not in the hands of politician, which is either time bound manner or based on seniority. The promotion committees are headed by UPSC Member/Chairman and hence you can expect utmost objectivity in promotion.  You don’t have to fear anyone, if you are on the right side of the law.

6. WORK LIFE BALANCE – Live at Peace

Civil Services Exam 2016

Contrary to the popular belief, a civil servant has a good work life balance with ample time for both work and family. On several occasions, civil servants request the government for peaceful assignments so as to able to spend quality time with family or to devote some time to their children.

A female government officer gets additional 2 years of fully paid Child Care Leave to take care of their children, in addition to the maternity leave. Each government officer is also entitled to up to 5 years of Extraordinary Leave (Unpaid) for taking care of personal needs in addition to the 20 days of Half Pay Leave and 30 days of Earned leave every year besides 5 day a week work-schedule and numerous gazetted holidays. You have lots of flexibility to choose the postings according to your needs and temperament.

7.  TRAVEL THE WORLD – Represent India Abroad

Civil Services Exam 2016

If selected in Indian Foreign Service (IFS), you can literally travel the world. With the Indian Embassies and Consulates present in most of the nations, an IFS Officer is posted therein. Not only do you get to work abroad but also learn several foreign languages and the adapt to the lifestyle abroad. Prestige, Power, Perks, Authority – they have the best. Even if you don’t choose IFS, you will still visit abroad at some point in your career be it for training or for a special task.

8. GET A PAID LEAVE TO STUDY – Pursue Government Sponsored  Education Abroad

Civil Services Exam 2016

A civil servant has the freedom to take 2 – 3 years of study leave in order to pursue higher studies like MBA, M.Phil PhD  etc.  One can also choose to study abroad in some of the top universities and the government will finance most of the expenses. Which other job will let you study abroad without quitting your job that too sponsored? The perks associated with civil services are just too many to count and all of them are well deserved.


Civil Services Exam 2016

Civil Services is one examination but the allotment of aspirants is done to a list of 25-26 services every year. The diversity of services is remarkable. If selected with a good rank, you have the option to choose your dream service. If you want to serve in India , choose Indian Administrative Services (IAS). If you want to represent India abroad, choose Indian Foreign Services (IFS). If you want to contribute in eradicating crime, choose Indian Police Service(IPS) so on and so forth.

10. FEELING OF WORTH – Remain confident every single day

Civil Services Exam 2016

The selection process of a civil servant has always been transparent and fair. UPSC has always been one of the best boards for selection of candidates for top services.  A PM of a country or CM of a state can make anyone a Cabinet Minister. Supreme Court Collegiate can make anyone a High Court or Supreme Court Judge and anyone can be made the CEO/CMD of a company but nobody can make you an IAS, IPS or IRS officer except your own hardwork and merit. Hence, people of India never doubt the ability of a civil servant. When you become part of any function of an organization, its prestige goes up and you become the central point of the function and get all the attention.

Prestige , Power, Charm , Glory – Civil Services has it all. So, what are you waiting for ? Fill the form, work hard and be a part of an impressive career.


Note: Friends this is just the beginning. This year be ready to crack the most sought after exam of the country.  We are going to be a regular companion in your preparation process and will be regularly publishing preparation tips, study plan and strategies for of the Exam. If you have any queries/questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.


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  3. There are 2 papers in prelims and both are objective type. One is General Studies and the other is CSAT (Aptitude). General Studies is vast covering history,geography,polity,economy,current affairs etc.

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