RBI Grade B Interview

RBI Grade B Interview Preparation 2017. The RBI Grade B exam is very crucial for students who have prepared for it even for an year or so. After clearing the phases I & II of the exam, the RBI Grade B interview remains the most crucial stage. One must not be nervous as it is meant for the personal assessment of the candidate. But just like an exam, the right amount of preparation is needed.

RBI Grade B Interview Preparation

First before appearing for the RBI Grade B Interview, candidates must know about –

Bio Data ( Updated With Personal Instinct )
RBI Organization and Function ( RBI Website and Source Material )
Current Affairs
Knowledge of Banking/ Basic Economics and Finance

RBI Grade B Interview: Top Tips to Follow

Here are some following tips that you can go through which will help you sit through the interview phase and also enable you to give your best :

Be Yourself Throughout the RBI Grade B Interview

One must try to over act or pretend to be someone else. These things are easily noticed and faking does not work. Being yourself however earns you extra points. One has to be honest and lying in an interview is also a big NO NO.

Prepare Well –  Banking in General and RBI Syllabus

The most important thing about an RBI interview is that you should be prepared about the source material of RBI. All the information about the Reserve Bank Of India must be learned on the tips. As even a few mistakes in these question can be a big blunder in the RBI Grade B interview.

Prepare On Frequently Asked Interview Questions

RBI Grade B Interview will asses your personality. One must be prepared for crucial personality assessing questions and answer them confidently. The candidate should cover major points regarding their background, mindset and general skills.

Prepare Your Bio – Data Well

A Bio Data is a very important element for RBI Grade B interview. It must contain all the points regarding strengths, weakness, general skills, hobbies, ethnicity, languages known and professional qualification. The real skill set of the person should match with what is present on the Resume/ Bio- Data.

Be Confident

One must display a general level of confidence in their body language and way of speech. Fidgeting and looking away during the interview must be avoided. One must look at the interviewer and display a sense of honesty. One must be clear and even admit their mistakes if that’s the case during some answering.

Prepare For Current Affairs In The Last Phase

One must be well updated with the news and current affairs on daily basis. General knowledge questions regarding the country politics,society, history etc must also be known by the candidate. Some notes can also be prepared before the interview for this.

Answer Testing Questions With Maturity

One must not treat it as a class test. Presence of mind is also needed to compete in these kind of interviews. Lying and bluffing must be avoided. One must handle open ended questions with maturity. A general sense of understanding must be displayed.

Reach Interview On Time

The last thing you want in an interview is giving out a wrong message by coming late. One must reach the RBI Grade B interview on time. One must be fully prepared with a CV and their other necessary documents. If you go there in advance, you should wait patiently to be called for the interview.

Make A Good First Impression

Sometimes, it can also be said that the first impression is the last impression. One must not say anything offensive during the interview. It is a crucial chance to prove oneself. One must be dressed well, be on time and have an honest RBI Grade B interview. One must also stay calm and avoid panicking.

Smile and Remain Positive

One must not take the RBI Grade B Interview like a punishment. Person must be positive and smile during an interview. It sends the right vibes to the interviewer. Positivity is a trait which is universally liked especially for jobs. One must also stay calm and avoid panic.

Expert Panel at RBI Grade B Interview

The expert panel at RBI Grade B Interview will consist of some of the finest banking intellectuals of India and Heads of A rated companies. They are knowledgeable and well exposed professionals. They understand the finance industry and the working banks much more than all of us do. That is why they are called experts.
Sometimes, the RBI Grade B Interview panel may also consist of a highly skilled professional from the field of psychology. His/her role in the interview will be to observe candidates and determine their underlying personality traits at the end.
You are not advised to make an effort to outsmart them or lie. Just be yourself and answer questions to the best of your ability. If you are unable to answer a question, be honest and politely reveal that you do do not know the answer for that question. They will ask you another one. If you try to fake answers, they will find out immediately and you will make a fool out of yourself.
RBI Grade B Interview isn’t only to test your knowledge but also the essential skills that make up your personality and honesty is an important trait expected to be inherent in you.

How to Approach the RBI Grade B Interview Panel ?

  • Be courteous and graceful in your conduct while greeting them.
  • Be extremely polite and soft spoken.
  • Cockiness and arrogance should be a total no-no.
  • Be decent enough and thank them when you’re appreciated for your achievements
  • Be apologetic if you spell out a wrong answer
  • Be truthful at all times. Being yourself is all that an interview is all about.

How to Dress up for RBI Grade B Interview ?

An individual’s wardrobe is reflective of one’s professionalism. So dress up decently. Do not wear any flashy clothes. Dress smartly and decently. Wear formals. No jeans, casual t-shirts. Women should be dressed up in either Indian or Western formals and men should dress up in a shirt (plain), tie and formal trousers. Make sure to smell good but do not apply excess perfume. That will put the interviewer off.  Lastly, well ironed clothes should be worn. No wrinkles or folds should be a part of your attire on the day of the Coal India Limited Interview. 

RBI Grade B Interview 2017 : Topics to Focus

GST Bill
Reserve Bank of India
State Bank of India Merger
Monetary Policy of India
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY)
Basel Norms
Union Budget
Fiscal Deficit
Non-Performing Assets (NPAs)
Repo Rate
Statutory liquidity ratio
Cash Reserve Ratio
Payments Bank
National Income
Stock Exchange
Regional Rural Bank
International Monetary Fund
World Economic Forum
United Nations
Ganga Swachhta Sankalp Divas
Digi Yatra
Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill
US Presidential Elections
Malware Attacks
Stock Exchange
Start Up India
Mudra Bank Yojana
Atal Pension Scheme
Udaan Project
Digital India
Skill India
Make in India
Swachh Bharat
Global Warming
Kyoto Protocol
Foreign Institutional Investors (FII)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Buddy App by SBI
BHIM App by Government of India
Bear market and Bull Market
Mutual Funds
Headquarters of Banks
Taglines of Banks


The RBI Grade B Interview carries crucial marks and are important to get the final placement. So the RBI Grade B Interview must be taken very seriously by the candidate. An honest and positive approach is needed to clear the interview round. Best wishes.

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